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i' »«IiSl 








"^ome things are Ipery important and some things are Ipery unimportant 
7^0 ^oyp the difference is yphat Vpe are gh>en life to find out " 

—'Tennessee Williams 

Model T 
Ford went 
on market 


OC 1st OC 1st Black 

The Titanic President Traffiic President 

sank James Beardsley light J.L. Moran 

1912 1917 1923 1932 


World War II President 
Began Frank Peterson 
1939 1945 

1905 1909 1914 1922 1929 1936 

Printing OC First World War I OC 2nd Stock Market Jesse Owens 

Press graduating Began President Crash "Fastest man 

class Joseph Tucker on earth" 

1941 1947 

Bombing Jackie Robinson 
of Pearl 1 st Black Major League 
Harbor Baseball Player 


Jesse Owens won four gold medals in 

track and field in Germany. 

Roosevelt Towns and Bootjack McDaniels 

were blowtorched due to false murder 


GeiTnany bombed Poland, signaling 

the beginning of WWII in Europe. 

Here a young girl, searching for 

potatoes, was killed. 



1928 1924 

Gandhi preached nonviolence to gain civil Emperor, Son of Heaven, was 

rights in India. He sei-ved as a model for those to exiled from his own palace, 
follow, such as MLK, Jr. 


J.L. Moran became the first Black 

President of Oakwood College. 

Korean War Began 

Malcom X 

assainated/ Thurgood Marshall 
U.S. Airlines Addison Pinkney/ U.S. started 1st Black 

Bus Boycott began Jet Kennedy assainated/ air campaign Supreme Court 

in Montgomery Passenger service March on Washington North Vietnam Justice 
1955 1958 1963 1965 1967 








Dr. M.L.King Jr. 

Civil Rights 



1st Satellite 

addressed OC 

Bill passed 


Garland Millet 

in Space 

Frank Hale Jr. 


In Little Rock, AK , Elizabeth Eckford 

tried to enter the high school as an 

angry crowd roared behind her. The 

National Guard didn't allow her in. 

Black youth in Birmingham, AL, were 
hosed down as they demonstrated. 

The National Guard fired at Kent State 

students as they held a rally protesting 

the Vietnam War. 


by Shantil Turnce and 
Tera Cannen 









Tennessee William* 




Huni^viic. \L 35896 





( jimm mrm>f^l 



Acorn 2000 
Volume 45 


7000 Adventist Blvd. 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Edited by 
Lavinia Baxter 

Tennessee Williams 



, / 





Student Life 

These Indies of Cunningham Hall are 
showing that work and play do go to- 
gether. Nozu more than ever, student 
life encompasses the pln/sical, social, and 
spiritual facets of the Oakwood experi- 



Oberserve the uniforms of tliese former Wliether in the fields of science, business, 

Oakwoodities. Though the dress and faces or the arts; Oakwood always strives for 

have changed over the years, the students excellence in education while preparing 

of Oakwood are still a unified student students for eternity . 

2 Table of Contents 




Colossial Moments 

These ladies of Oakivood are geared up for With organizations like SIFE, Science Inside is a glance of Oakwood through the 

a rousing game of volleyball. With activi- Club, the Pre-law Club, and the vast num- years. These pages will shozo that although 

ties such as flag football basketball soft- ber of choirs on campus, students are given the times have changed, some things will 

ball, and soccer, Oakwood students never the opportunity to unite under common remmn the same, 

run out of ways to release some energy. interests and skills. 

Table of Contents 3 


Welcome to Acorn 2000, the special millennial edition of the Oakwood College yearbook. 

As we are on the verge of a new milleniumy so we are also on the verge of becoming a new 
Oakwood. This is the time of: 

-Dynamic, talented, ethnically diverse students from all over the world. 

-Strategic goals motivating us to prepare for the future and for the coming of the Lord. 

-Refocusing of programs and courses to equip students for new challenges. 

-Adapting the campus to more fully utilize technology as a means to facilitate learning. 

-Integration of faith and learning in the classroom to create leaders for now and for 


-Positioning Oakwood as a center of 
research and training. 

-Moving toward university status 
All this and more are creating a 
new spirit and a new beginning at 
Oakwood. From the new Adventist 
Blvd. a visitor can look out and see 
the many directions Oakwood is 
planning to grow-the much- needed 
Business and Technology Complex 
and the anticipated Health and 
Wellness Center. 
For those of us who study here, 
live here, and love Oakwood, we 
can see much more. We can see 
Oakwood living up to the ideal of 
God's plan for this institution. 
We can see what we have done, 
but also what needs to be done. We 
are committed to providing the best 
of scholarship, teaching, and sup- 

Undergirding every aspect of the 
Oakwood program is a firm belief in God's guidance in the past and His sure providence 
for the future. God has led and will continue to lead this great institution. And all of us— 
students, faculty, and administrators— have the privilege of being a part of this powerful 
circle of Providence. 

Join with us in developing an Oakwood that reaches the lofty vision established by 
our pioneers, and especially the motivating force in our founding, Fllen G. White. The 
vision was simple that Oakwood would be a Spirit-led educational institution for the 
training of Black people to take their place in a new society. 

We continue this tradition of excellence. We continue this tradition of great vision. 
We continue this tradition of spiritual leadership as we invite you to join us-students, 
graduates, friends— in reaching new heights of service in learning until we have the privi- 
lege of meeting Christ at His promised coming. 

Delbert W. Baker, Ph. D. 

4 Opening 



God truly revealed Himself as a friend to me this year. Before stepping into this 
office y I acknowledged my Saviour as a considerate provider, but I didn't truly 
believe that He loved me. I had not yet encountered His true nature. He was per- 
sistent, though. He wanted me. He pursued me with sweet promises. He sang 
hymns to me. He rehearsed His past works for me. He showed kindness to me. At 
the end of it all, I was left totally wooed by my sweet Jesus! He left me breathing 
the following prayer: 

""Would that my life be as a rose. 

Spreading its fragrance afar; 

Leading one's thoughts from 
things of this earth, to 

beauty of gates ajar. 

Where Jesus the Rose of 
Sharon, is waiting in 

Heaven above. 

To welcome His earthly chil- 

Into His arms of love. '' 

Enough about me . . . 

""Make it happen!'' This was 
the phrase coined as our motiva- 
tional theme this year. Just as 
God worked in my life. He was 
given the opportunity to work on 
every student present. I was 
blessed with a dynamic Executive 
Committee and a wonderful body 
of Senators. It is because of them 
that I can look back and say, ""Mis- 
sion accomplished!" 

Our goal was to create a focus on service and sacrifice in hopes of fostering a 
oneness in the student body and a desire to make this year on earth our best! 

I sincerely appreciate the support that our sponsors have provided. Kesslyn 
Brade, Dr. Newborn, and Dr. Mckenzie were Godsends. They stood by us and 
counseled us when our vision was slightly blurred. 

It has been a blessing to serve you. It has been a privilege to be used. I look for- 
ward to looking into your eyes in the kingdom . . . I long for Jesus to come. 

In anticipation, 

Cynthia Gordon 
USM President 

Opening 5 







As the twenty-first century ap- 
proaches, student life becomes 
more and more important than 
ever before. Whether it he singing 
praises in AYS, playing flag foot- 
hall on the fiela during 
intramurals, studying in the 
dorm or library, or just relaxing 
with friends, these elements en- 
hance student life. 

While reflecting on this school 
year, we realize the importance of 
making the most of our time like 
never before, because these mo- 
ments come only once and never 




Freshmen Orientation 

Freshemen Orientation is where fresmen and new students get together bejroe registration 
to get to know more about the campus. All who participatedhad a good time as they en- 
gaged in activities which allowed them to laugh together and to gain friends whom they will 
have forever! 

We are just one big, happy family! 

Yeah! We made it throush Orientation. Now we are full- 

fledged "Oakwoodites" ! 

Go on, girl ! You can do it! 

10 Student Life 

Freshmen Orientation 

"Right, left . . . Sound off! One, two, 
three, four . . . Let's go!" 

Look at these smihng faces. 

Student Life 1 1 


Every fall Oakwood College hosts its annual College Days. This year College Days was held on October 
10-12. High school seniors from many Adventist academy s and various schools converge d on the cam- 
pus. Never before have there been so many possible "Oakwoodites" here to check out the well-known 
''Oakwood experience. " The visitors stayed in the residence halls. During these three days they learned more 
about what Oakwood has to offer in terms of academic and spiritual growth. Monday night a concert 
took place at the Oakwood College church. Dynamic Praise, Voices of Triumph, and various groups and 
soloists participated in this concert. On Tuesday there there was a basketball game held in the Ashby 
Auditorium. That afternoon all of the guests began their journeys back home with the thought that never 
again this century will there be another College Days like this. 

Mmm ... a meal from the cafeteria. 

"Oooh! Look! Goodies!" 

12 Student Life 


College Days guests came to 
get their praise on. 

Pine Forge says, "Let the praises 

Student Life 13 


On September 4, 1999, the first Carrihean Fest at Oakwood College was sponsered by 
the United Student Movement. On that nhht, the amphitheater was inaugurated 
with a soulful celebration. Some of the hi^hli§3ts for the night included a steel band 
from Miami that provided Calypso music. Whether it be hoola hooping or bending 
low under the limbo stick, eating, or just chatting with friends, everyone had a good 
flj^^ f Kemi Sobomehin 

Above: Amma shows what modehng 
is really all about. 

Below: How low can she go? 

Above: Daye Ramphal strikes a 

pose h)r the women as he gets 

down with the lively Calypso 


Right: Let's eat some rice and 
peas, mon! 


14 Student Life 


Charmaine, Ayinde, and friend sure 
are looking fine for this event. 

The steel band enticed us with their 
beautiful sounds of the Carribean. 

Yanise is feeling hot, hot, hot! 

Student Life 1 5 



Wade Hall- 199 1, currently a dormitory for upperclass women. 

When we leave our homes and head to college, the first place that most of us end up is in the 
freshmen dormitories. Like never before, we are %n our own. '" Whether it he Carter Hall {doe 
most popular hangout place for the young and old men ofOakwood College) or Peterson Hall 
(a popular hangout place for freshmen women), these become our homes away from home. 

When we become upperclass women, we move into Wade Hall. This is where brilliant, 
success- seeking young women reside. The upperclass men move into Edwards Hall; They 
gain the status of suave and debonaire gentlemen, and the responsibility of having their own 
private bathrooms. 

Dorm life is one of the most exciting aspects of a college student's life. Living in the dorms is 
truly what we make it. We make friends. We become a family. We grow together and laugh 
together. Never before have the dorms been filled to capacity, as they are this year. All of the 
dorms have a few simple rules, such as 10:30 p.m. curfew and attending worship. Sharing, 
socializing, roommates, wing activities, and NOISE, also surround dorm life. 

Every dormitory has facilities to make life easier for the students. There are laundry 
rooms, which are sometimes called racetracks; if you do not get to the washers and dryers first 
you lose. In the women s dorms there are beauty parlors. These parlors are also known as the 
chat rooms because this is where you can receive the up-to-date campus news for the past 
week. The mens dormitories have barber shops. Each dorm has a chapel where daily worship 
takes place. 

The century is ending, Never again will we experience the joy of living in the Oakwood 
College dormitories this century. Dorm life is a significant part of the well-known "Oakwood 

experience. '' 

Kemi Sobomehin, Wunmi Sobomehin, and Tridana Loftman 

Student Life 17 




Carter Hall 

Tm youth , I'm joy, I'm a little bird that has broken out the egg. 

James Barrie 

Carter Hall, is the home of the 
young and innocent. Living in 
Carter Hall, you become friends 
with just about every person in the 
dormitory. You learn the true 
meaning of home a way from 
home. Next to home this has to be 
the best place to be; eleven o'clock 
curfew, wing worship, the late 
night rendezvous' with the vending 
machines fully stocked with your 
favorite treats, the community bath- 
rooms (unless you are on the new 
wing), disturbing your R.A. in the 
middle of the night with small prob- 

Student Center? or C.H. Lobby 

hanging out with friends having 
girl talk sessions, but best of all 
who can forget the late night phone 
calls from the dean Farmer or Dean 
Barton asking to sign in even 
though you were in your room long 
before room check. Oh what fun. 
These beautiful ladies of Carter Hall 
tend to attract a larger crowd than 
the Student Center. 

You don't have to pretend 
for the camera. You know 
you can't ! 



18 Student Life 



Proud C.H. residents 

Above: I'm a freshmen 
and life is great. 

Laundry room Madness! 

Beauty secrets 

Girl, thank you for loosen- 
ing my weave! How can I 
ever repay you? 

The hang out spot! 

Give it up gentlemen these 
ladies are not interested. 

Help! Where does the soap go? Where do we put 
the coins? Where do the cloths go? 


student Life 19 



Peterson Hall 


May I eat in peace please .' 

Most students would agree that 
attending a school like Oakwood 
College is challenging enough. With 
keeping abreast with classes, study- 
ing, being involved with campus 
organization and attempting to main- 
tain a social life. The typical col- 
lege experience is busy enough for 
anyone. Fortunately the freshmen 
men of Oakwood College can come 
home to a dormitroy which is full 
of friends that are dedicated to one 
another. Peterson men (a.k.a. 
MOP) are not only good examples 
for freshmen but for all men of 
Oakwood College. 

Living in Peterson Hall you learn 
the basic rules about living on your 
own. Though every student feels 
pressured to do well in school and 
to make a future for themselves, 
thereis a comfort and joy for these 
young men to know that there jour- 
ney starts at PertersonHall. "All for 
one and one for all "is definitely an 
appropriate saying for these men. 

Men of Peterson Hall 

Studying can be so 

stressful!. How about a 



20 Student Life i 




Did I get any? 

Far Left: Please let me have some mail ! 

It's time to go! 

Yes ! We are out of here. 

Who needs a barber shop? 

Profile of Peterson Hall 

Below: George shows off his spa- 

Below: Oh no! We have been 
cousht red handed! 

Below: Are you getting it yet': 



Student Life 21 



Wade Hall 

''Beauty and wisdom are seldom found together." 

Life in Wade Hall is full of energy, excitment, and noise. 
Life in WadeHall is also about mature women. Living in this 
dormitory, the women learn a few lesson about sharing space, 
telephones, bathrooms, and clothes. This invaluable experi- 
ence of having suitemates is one of the positive aspects of 
living in Wade Hall. 

The mature women of Wade Hall enjoy the responsibility 
of having a longer curfew than that of the female freshmen 
dormitory. Carter Hall. 

The studious women of Wade Hall may be found in every 
corner of the dormitory, and at any time of the day or night. 
Whether they are cramming or trying to stay ahead in their 
studies, it is easy to miss the hours that the cafeteria is open. 
Fortunately, delicious Parker burgers and rice are sold nightly, 
or even better, some generous friends may offer some Ramen 
noodles, which they will most likey always have. 

Wade Hall Front Desk 

Raquel Browne always 
does her job sooooo well! 


22 Student Life 


Above: Out for a late-night snack! 

Don't you know it is cheaper to hang your clothes by tlie window? 

Beauty Secrets of Wade Hall 

Donna is always looking her best 


■U i^ 

A Room in Wade Hall 

Mellonie Barnes is ralaxing after a 
long day of classes. 

A Room in Wade Hall 

Abigail and Meridetli chillin" 
in their room. I hope you 
have finished studying. 


T student Life 23 


iijMii II ijiiiiiiiiiiiwiiaiiii 


Edwards Hall 

"Succes is knowing what your values are and living in a way consistent with 
your values." Danny Cox 

Image was everything, or so it seemed. of course, the men enjoy that 
The mancho men of Oakwood College The everday events at Edwards Hal 
adjust from the freshmen dormitory to include chapel and occassional dor 
Edwards Hall with ease. This dormitory mitory activities. The most popu 
provides greater independence and com- 
^ !^^^ ^ t fort than that of Peterson Hall. Because 

m ^^^^^H>' '^^ °^ ^^^^^ maturity, the men of Edwards 
M ^^^^^^K .. ^^ot!^.. Hall enjoy a later curfew and more le- 

m^^^^^B\ *"'*" nientRA's. 

m ,,^^^ Edwards is relatively far from the rest 

' of the campus, but near to the upper- 

classmen ladies' dormitory, Wade Hall; 

lar activity that takes place ever^ 

year is the waterfight in the court- 

Edwards Hall front desk 

That's right! This domi is in 
my hands. Any questions? 


24 Student Life 



Dormitory Room 

Far left: Preach, my brother, preach! 


Uh-oh, caught in the act! 

Edwards Hall Laundry Room 

How many times did you wear this shirt 
before you decided to wash it? One, two, 
three. . .10 times? 


Below: These guys of Edwards Hall are 
showing us what they are really about. 


' Student Life 25 


Cunningham Hall 

Favor is deceitful, and beauty vain: but a 
woman that ffeareeth the Lord, she shall be 
praised." Prov. 31:30" 

The ladies of Cunningham Hall are tmely la- 
dies of beauty and charm. They enjoy the 
closesness and fellowship that is definatley unique 
and special. Yes, the rooms are small, but the there 
is much love. The women enjoy the laid back times 
of Carter combined with the studious sophistica- 
tion of Wade. They are ladies from different coun- 
tries and states, they have different goals, and as- 
pirations; however, they share one common bond- 
they are Ladies of Cunningham. 

Elegant Ladies of C.H. 

Ladies of C.H. striking a 
pose for the camera. 

26 student Life 


Cunningham Daily Life 

Diva's Pauline and Olivia 
showcase their wall of art. 

Cunningham Daily Life 

above: The serenity and 
peacefullness of having her 
own room allows Demisha to 
write her famous poerty. 

Cunningham Daily Life 

Doin' it up. Olivia shows off her hair braiding abilities 

Cunningham Daily Life 

Maxin and relaxin in the new 
improved Cunningham 

Cunningham Daily Life 

Yasmin tackels a task 
common to all domis- 
washing clothes. 

Student Life 27 


"The tough thing about learnhig self-dicipline is 
that we need set-discipline in order to learn it." 
Glenn Van Ekeren 

"Yes! I'm almost on my own/ 
men and women of the annex. 

shouted the 

Living in the annex requires self -discipline be- 
cause supervison has been decreased to a mini- 
mum. By living in the annex you truly learn 
about cooperation. You are forced to share a 
house with up to six other students. This means 
you must share one phone, one washer and diyer. 
a small number of bathrooms and best of all 
you share the experience of almost living off 

above left: Lloyd and Tyron this is 
not a Bermudian soccer field. This is 
your home guys. 

above right: Tamari working it out 
on a friend's head. 

left: Jessica and Tyron studying hard 
or hardly studying? 

28 Student Life 


left: Nicole you look comfortable. 

above: Mark and Vinson chatting 
about the new technology supplied 
by the O.C. for the annex? 

Tosin did we embarrass you? 

Student Life 29 

(Wllffilllll-hfiTIMlilli IMlB 

Off campus... 

Bonnell Drive is where the major- 
ity of the Oakwood 'ofF campus' stu- 
dents reside. AKA: The off campus 

"Who has lost his freedom has noth- 
ing else to lose." German proverb. 


Fm on my own now and loving it. Off campus 
students enjoy the freedom of no curfews, no 
RA's, no signing in at the front desk, no mid- 
night room checks, no emergency fire drills and 
best of all no NOISE! Although the off cam- 
pus students are free of the "perks" of living 
in the dormitory, they are focused, responsible, 
mature, adult students. 

above: Delores always smiling. 

Kevin Cameron chillin on the phone. 
Hopes that your girl! 

30 Student Life 

..Off campus 

Student Life 




Love begins when a person feels another person's need to be as important as 

his own. 
Harry Stack SuUivan 

It is this intangible thing love, love in many forms, which enters into every 

therapeutic relationship. It is an element of which the physician may be the 

carrier, the vessel. And it is an element which finds and heals, which comforts 

and restores, which works what we have to call, for now, miracles. 

Dr. Karl Menninger 

Cari and Daraion 

"Love is only for the young, the middle- 
aged, and the old." Anonymous 

Andre and Tiffany 

"Love is a fruit in season at all times, and 

within the reach of every hand." Mother 


\ #• 

Alethia and Alex 

"You can give without loving, but you 

cannot love without giving." Amy 


Amy and Melbourne 
"Love cures people-both the ones who 
give it and the ones who receive it." 
Dr. Karl Menninger 


DJ and Katari 
"Love must be learned again 
and again; there is no end to it." 
Katharine Anne Porter 

Samuel and Nataki 
"The roots of the deepest love die 
in the heart if not tenderly cherished.' 
Von Herder 

StacyAnn and Wesley 

"There is no fear in love; but perfect 

love casteth out fear." 1 John 4; 18 

Lisa and Hans 

"The greatest happiness of life is the 
conviction that we are loved, loved for 
ourselves, or rather loved in spite of 
ourselves." Victor Hugo 

Donald and Nicole 

•'We are shaped and fashioned by what we 

love." Goethe 

Ryan and Sheri 
"Tis better to have loved and 
lost than to not have loved at all. 
Alfred, Lord Tennyson 

Ferron and Tcnera 

"Life's greatest happiness is to be 

convinced we are loved." Victor Hugo 

Courtney and .hilicnc 
"Love is the basic need of human nature 
for without il. life is disrupted emotion- 
ally, menially, spiritually, and physically. 
Dr. Karl Mcnniger 

Student Life 


Shacy and Janelk 
"Love has been described as a 
three-ring circus: First comes tlie 
engagement ring, then the wedding 
ring, and after that the suffering," 
Bob Philips 

Sarah and Haven 
"Love is a smoke raised 
with the fume of sighs." 
William Shakespeare 

Mamell and Dean 

"Love is like a game of chess. 

One false move and you're mated." 


Ehzabeth and Granville 

"All deep relationships must be based on 

absolute openness and honesty." 

Dr. H. Norman Wright 

Amber and Racheem 

"Love is blind, and lovers cannot see the 

pretty follies that themselves commit." 

William Shakespeare 

Daniel and Jeana 
"Love, you know, seeks to make 
happy rather than to be happy." 
Ralph Conner 


Yannique and Anthony 

"Success in life is more than 

finding the right person. Being the 

right person is even more important." 


Demarest and Jamar 

"Love is like the measles— all the 

worse when it comes late in life." 

D. W. Jerrold 


34 Student Life 


Rhianna and Nige 

"Love maketh a wit of a fool 


James and Erica 
"Habit causes love." 
Latin proverb 

Kareem and Sharhanda 

■'Love never dies of starvation, 

but often of indigestion." 

French proverb 

Jamie and Brad 

"The magic of first love is our 

ignorance that it can ever end." 

Benjamin Disraeli 

Fred and Nadia 

"Sudden love takes the 

longest time to be cured." 

Jean de La Bruyere 

Craig and Rashida 
"To love is to chose.' 
French proverb 

Byron and Ssanyu 
"They do not love that do 
not show their love," 

"To love is to suffer, to be 

loved is [o cause sufi'ering." 

Comtcssc Diane 

Student Life 







R * I * E * N 


"We take care of our health, we 
lay up money, we make our room 
tight, and our clothing sufficient; but 
who provides wisely that he shall 
not be wanting in the best property 
of all-friends? 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Regina, Perry, Charmaine, Kyrida, Lisa, Daliah 
"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out.' 
Walter Winchell 

Kemi and Wunmi 

"Friendship is like money, easier made than 

kept." Samuel Butler 

Damian and Lloyd 

"A good friend is like toothpaste. He comes through in a tight 

squeeze." Anonymous 

36 Student Life 








George and Wesley 

"A true friend," a sage once said, "is the person 

who steps in when the whole world steps out." 


Tiffany, James, and Ellen 
"If I don't have friends, then 
I ain't got nothing." 
Billie Holiday 


"The only way to have a friend is to be a friend." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Taneya, Sevonne, Tionne 
"I am wealthy in my friends." 
William Shakespeare 

Kathy and Esther 

"I find as I grow older that I love those most 
whom I loved first." Thomas Jefferson 





Graylan and Andell 
"Friendship demands the 
ability to do without." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Tia, Tranteegus, Myesha 
"Radiate friendship and it 
will be returned tenfold." 
Henry R Davidson 

Charmaine and Natasha 

"True friendship is a plant of slow growth.' 

George Washington 

Student Life 







I * E 




Sam. Andell, Akem, Sean, Demck, and Daniel 
"Friendship bridges the gap between what 
things are and what they could be." 
Roger Holmes 

BT, Sean, Joesph, Able, and Hans 

"My friends are few, but altogether sufficient.' 

Sir Winston Churchill 

Louisa and Christina 

"A man dies as often as he loses his friends. 

Francis Bacon 

Angela and Raye 

"Quarrel with a friend--and you are both wrong. 



•iiirt" iif' / 

William, Tabitha, Candance, and Jason 
"Recipe for having friends: Be one." 
Elbert Hubbard 

Amnia and Tasha 

"Friendship is a horizon which expands whenever we 

approach it." E. R. Hazlip 

Tiffany and Narise 

"What is a friend? A single soul which dwells 

in two bodies." Aristotle 

Nataki and Melissa 

"Love without friendship is like a shadow 

without the sun." Japanese proverb 

38 Student Life 





Yannique, Latoya, and Alysande 
"An enemy should be hated only as much as 
one may be hated who could one day be a 
friend." Sophocles 

Melissa and Lisa 

"It is better to have your friends leara of your 

faults than your enemies." Persius 







Holly and Allison 

"Friendship is a union of sprits." 

William Penn 

Elizabeth and Shelly-Ann 

"A friend in need is a friend to be avoided." 

Sunday Telegraph 





"Life is nothing without friendship." Cicero 

"One close fiiend is worth more than a thou- 
sand acquaintances." Anonymous 

Myesha, Tranteegus. Tia and .Tohnny 
"A friend is a present you give yourself. 
Robert Louis Stevenson 

"Imitating Christ is opening the door to friend- 
ship." Billy Graham 

Student Life 39 

''Eat breakfast like a 
king, lunch like a 
prince, and dinner like a 


"A full belly is the 
money of all evil." 


Is the cafeteria food gourmet, 

or what? 

The cafeteria at Oakwood College 
is best known as for being a social 
gathering place. The food in the caf- 
eteria is catered by Marriot Corpora- 
tion. Marriot provides food service 
to many colleges and universities in 
Huntsville, but at Oakwood College 
the menu is unique in that it is all 
vegetarian. The cafe has a friendly 
staff, sublime hospitality, and best of 
all, gourmet meals. Oakwood Col- 
lege students always enjoy visiting 
the cafeteria. 

When you enter the cafeteria, the 
first person to greet you will be Mrs. 
Shand, aka Mama Shand.Mama 
Shand, a well-loved living legend of 

the cafeteria, brightens the place 
with her cheerful attitude. 

As you proceed you will imme- 
diately recognize the "rowdy side" 
and the "not so rowdy side" of the 

This "social gathering place" is 
where you can receive 
annoucements, share study notes, 
join in on singalongs, send joy notes, 
update your gossip, check out what's 
hot and what's not, and of course, 
indulge in the delicious, scrumptious, 
delightful, dainty, tasty, tempt- 

ing, flavorable (need I go on?) gour- 
met dishes. 

Above: The cafeteria! I love this place. 

Right: Look! 1 just put hot sauce in her 

40 Student Life 

student Life 41 



What's there to do on those lonely Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday nights? I know, skat- 
ing! Whether it be here at Oakwood, or at the Ice Plex Ice Skating Rink, we all enjoy 
synchronizing our body movements to the sounds of contemporary gospel music. As we 
glide along the rink we might stumble or miss a step and accidentlly fall, but skating 
wouldn't be skating if someone didn't end up on the ground. No skating session is ever 
compelete without our male students embracing those ladies and leading them around the 
rink to show off their skills. Let's not forget those "wannabe" skaters who come to the rink 
just to laugh at others. Don't pay them any attention, because they want to do what you are 

Everyone is having a good time. 

Don't be afraid, Amma! You are in good hands! 

Getting ready to show the school what they can do! 


Above: Valencia, you're loving this, 
aren't you? 

Below: Blind leading the blind 

Above: Go ahead and get 
your boogie on, Reggie. 

Above: Orlando, what did you do to Sarah? 

Below: Sonita saying hello 
to Oakwood 


"Moderation is an osten- 
tatious proof of our 
strength of character " 
La Rochefoucauld 



h ' 

The United Stu- 
dent Movement 
hosted its annual 
Valentine's Banquet 
at the Von Braun 
Center North Hall. 
The Banquet took 
place on February 
21, 1999. Students, 
faculty, staff, and 
members of the 
community at- 
tended this extrava- 

The entertain- 
ment was dynamic. 
It included a live 
band provided by 
-Oakwood College 
along with special 
performing artist 
Ben Tankard and 
the Tribe of Ben- 

Ben Tankard 
provided us with 
jazz music for the 
evening. The facil- 
ity was decorated 
with stunning ice 

Triciana, Olawunmi, Judith 

sculptures which 
complimented the 
"Winter Wonder- 
land" theme. There 
was also a special 

performance by 
M i s s O a k w o o d 
1999, Camille War- 
ren and the first 
runner-up in the 
1999 Miss 

Oakwood Pageant, 
Andrea Waters. 

This time of yean 
brings out the best 
in everyone. Ladies 
put on their besti 
gowns, and men put 
on their best suits « 
and tuxedos. This 
was an unforget- 
table evening of el- 
egance, style, and 

44 _, Student Life 

I»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» ^ »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»^^^»^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^* 

Brenee McDole and Mian Hill 
pose modestly for the camera. 

Below: Aretha Ergus and CraigWright 
are having a great time, looking like a 
million bucks. 

Look a( Mary showing her stuff! 

student Life 45 



••-■ Ol 

f . ^'■■ 

'( .-\ 

All smiles for Kyria and Joesph. 

0\dkeva\ smiles for the camera. 

These lovely ladies left their dates to pose for the camera. 
46 Student Life 


These ladies are beautifully dressed for the evening! 


Stacy Hall stops to show us what a 
real smile is all about. 


Wlial :i lovely couple! 


Doniiy and Renee embrace to show their 
ove for each other. 


Brandon Boo/cr and Charles Hewed, 


Student Life 47 


Spiritual Life 

"The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good 
tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim Uberty to the 
captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound." Isaiah 6 1 : L 

_«.. jfc . - 

For many, spiritual life begins here at Oakwood College. Since its, establishment in 
1896, Oakwood's has been to ''develop the total person, so that he or she might under- 
stand the true values of life and one's proper relationship and duty toward God and 
one's fellows humans. 

Sun-ounded in an atmosphere that is peaceful, pleasant, and prosperous, many college 
students gain a heightened sense of fulfillment like never before... 

This year Oakwood introduced a brand new flourishing of fellowship, determina- 
tion, and inspiration that will undoubtedly strengthen the spiritual experience for years 
to come. 

4S Student Life 


Prayer/B aptisms 

The Spirit of the Lord filled Oakwood College this 
year. Every rehearsal, prayer meeting, concert and gath- 
ering was indeed visited by His presence. Souls gave 
there hearts to God this year in record number leaving 
the devil a defeated foe. Over and over again the preached 
Word went to with power and conviction lifting the sin 
sick from the pit of despair. There is no other place like 
this place. 

Oakwood College is blessed to have speakers such 
as Charles Tapp, James Doggette, Mason West, T. 
Marshall Kelley, John Nixon, Ken Burton, Lance Shand, 
and a host of other preacher men and women that are 
God's modern day messengers . Praise Him never again. 

Left: These candidates anxiously await baptism. 

It I 




Above: It is now time to be cleansed. 

Rieh: A silent moment with the Lord. 


lit I 
ii'' I 

Jesus always answers prayers 

Bell Tower/Dorm 

The Bell Tower is located in the center of the campus. Everyday at 12:00 
p.m. students get together here to have midday worship. They begin their worship 
with song service and end it with closing prayer. 

When asked how does Bell Tower worship impact your life, a student said, "The 
Bell Tower worship experience is like no other becau,se it allows me pause in the middle of 
the day to spend time with God. When it is over I feel refreshed as if the day just began." 

Dorm Worship takes place throughout the day. Each dormitory has a different 
time that they worship. 

The grand old bell tower at the center of 
OC's campus. 


We've got to pray just to make it through the day. 

This is caption copy for this page. We 
enima dinimum veniami qis nostrud 
exectiaiton We enima dinimum veniami qis 
nostrud exectiaiton ullam coipr susipili. We 
enima dinimum veniami qis nostrud 
exectiaiton ullam coipi susipili 

50 Student Life 



■■l")iirnig ihc next lew years while you are here are Oakwood College our 
mission is lo aim lor eduealion eternity and exeellenee," he said as he delivered the first 
speeeh of the weekly ehapel assembly, and somehow I knew it was not just another sehool 
year I would have lo try to get through. 1 was the beginning of the most amazing 
intelleetual. spiritual, and a life, ehanging journey that I would remember for the rest of 
my life. What I learned from ehapel during that first semester has definitely change my 
life for good. Chapel takes place at 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday at he Oakwood College 
Church. This is a time for the students of Oakwood college to receive a message of 
encouragement and inspiration. 

Inspirational speakers such as Ron Edmonds, Dr Russell-MeCloud, Steve 
Cassimy, and Richard Palmer come from different parts of the country to deliver 
messsages of encouragement. 

Chapel is also a time that is sometimes set aside for entertainment. Special 
guests for these occasions included Mark Payne (pianist). 

Left: Pastor Edmonds gives a profound speech 
during chapel. 

Above: Russell-McCloud gave an al- 
phabetical speech on the key success. 

Below: Mark Payne gave an entertaining performance during chapel. 

Below: Students eagerly wait to be scanned in for chapel. 

Below: These students are moved by the music during chapel. 

^B ^^^^^^^1 



^H^-«^^;> fl^lB 

^^^M ^H 

1 w 








^^B >''^^ IP 

W /] 



^^t>^l-<^ ifli 





student Life 



"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, 
baptizing them in the name of the Father, 
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. " 
Matthew 28:19 

"NAPS is an able body of students serving the Lord through community 
service, spreading the message of love and hope to those less fortunate 
than ourselves." 

-Michelle Hall 
"NAPS provides ordinary people the ability to witness, to increase in 
personal growth, inreach as well as outreach, and to spread the love of 
Jesus in extraordinary ways." 

— Toussaint Williams 
"Through NAPS Vm able to serve God by serving others which prepares me 
for when we get to Heaven and do service with Him." 

-Kristal James 
"NAPS is the army of life E. G. White spoke about-fulfilling the gospel 

— George Cyril 

"Standing up for children is the most 
important mission in doe world. If Rosa 
Parks can sit down for freedom, we can 
stand up for children. " 

—Marian Wright Edelman 
32 Student Life 

N. A. P. S. 

NAPS is an international^ in- 
tercollegiate^ nonprofit relief 
organization whose sole mis- 
sion is to deliver physical^ 
mentaU ^s well as spiritual re- 
lief to those in need. NAPS 
knows no limits ^ confines to 
no hounds. 

"NAPS is a life changing experience-it has most delinatlcy ciiangcd m> locu 
about what I plan to do with my life. NAPS teaches you to put others first. By 
doing so we are truly doing what God would have for us to do." 

-Adwoa Opoku-Boateng 

"NAPS has made me realize that the most important thing in life is bringing 
others to Christ, however you can, whether it be through local or foreign 
mission work. I have learned that everyone has a gift to use to save souls for 
the kingdom." 

—Lilly Archer 

"Being a part of NAPS has been the 
richest experince for me here at 
Oakwood. It has taught me 
invaluable lessons and has played a 
significant role in preparing me to 
fulfill the will God has for my life. 
At best, I believe that NAPS truly 
promotes the standards by which 
Oakwood College stands. 
Education. Excellence. Eternity.'" 
— Audley Williams 

Student Life 53 



Friday Night 

God is Beyond 

Friday night was a time to leave 
all the cares of the week behind, 
get dressed and fill the skating 
rink with God's praises. Why? 
Because he's been Mmmm 
good. For the 99'- 00' school 
year Baron Savory led out as 
AYS leader and did an excel- 
lent job. AYS was spirit filled 
each night. Whether it was 
VOT, Dynamic praise or the 
the ladies of Carter Hall the 
singing was always good. 
WSB and various other drama 
groups kept us in rapt attention. 
Never again. 


54 Student Life 


Richard Smallwood 

Above: Richard Smallwood singing 

Above: Steven Mackey singing "Bless Above: Don"t be discouraged, "Healing 
tiie Lord" foi- vour soul" 

A different kind 
of AYS 

"Lord, You are the source 
of my strength, you are 
the strength of my life I 
lift niy hands in total 
praise to you." With these 
'words performer Richard 
Smallwood entered the 
Oak^vood College platfomi, 
as part of the Countdo^wn 
2000 celebrations. Anxious 
fans greeted him "with a 
standing ovation as he reca- 
pitulated some of his most 
popular songs, from his 
albums Adoration- Live in 
Atlanta, and Healing— Live in 
Detix^it , both of w^hich he 
sang v/ith Vision Such songs 
as Total Praise, "Healing", 
"Highest Praise", and You're 
"Not Alone". 

Above: The crowd sings along with 
Richard Smallwood. 

were enjoyed by the 3,000 
plus fans v/ho filled the 
church to capacity. The event 
v/as a successful part of the 
activities planned to bring in 
the ne^w Millennium. 
Oakvv^ood College students 
and the Tennessee Valley 
community "were pumped up 
as they listened to the familiar 
gospel tunes of Richard 

The concert began 
"with the lovely sounds of the 
Oak"wood Orchestra and the 
beautiful Voices of the 
Aeolians Choir. 


Above: These ladies are deeply 
moved by the performance. 

Student Life 



Creativity at 
Oakwood College 

'To break through creativity, we must defer judge- 
ment. That is, learn to accept all ideas, without 
prejudice, and examine them each in turm. " 

Scott Isaksen 

Art at a glance 

Oakwood College is full of talent and 
some of the best musie in the Tennessee 
Valley conies from Oakwood College's 
eampus. People ask: ''What is it about that 
school that attracts so much talent?" If one 
were to say that talented musicians are at 
Oakwood just waiting to be discovered, 
they would be right. Here on campus 
there are varieties of soloist, choirs: 
(Aeolians, Oakwood College Choir, Dy- 
namic l^raise. Voices of Triumph, Anointed 
Voices) and other talented musicians. 
The musical talent is only one aspect of art 
represented on OC\s campus. Some of the 
nonmusical expression of art include po- 
etry, drama, and instrumental performance. 

What an exciting year this was for O.C. 
Exhilarating events were attended by the 
stutient body included: poetry reading by 
Gumbo, a drama presentation in the form of a 
play called Mental Slavery by Mkt:)nonnia 
(Swahili for Hands with a Purpose), a miming 
presentation performed by K and K Mimes, 
and pianist Mark Payne. 

As a student it is not easy to balance 
school, social life and practice our variety of 
talents. Nonetheless these students did a 
spectacular job. 


36 Student Life 

OC's orchestra has been re- 
markable this year. 

Victor do your thang. 

Playing the cello is no easy task, 
but these two make it look soo 

Play for Jesus Rose. 


Student Life 57 

I ^ 

Drama Performance: 

Mental Slavery 

"Mkononnia" means Hands with a 

Rurpose. On November 11, 1999, 
loran Hall was filled to capacity, 
as students waited eagerly to wit- 
ness the drama presentation "Men- 
tal Slavery." The crowd was deeply 
moved by the drama. "Mental 
Slavery" allowed the students to go 
back in time and get a feel of how 
the slaves struggled for their free- 
dom. The stucfent's minds were 
filled with appreciation for what 
their ancestors had done for them. 
This drama also allowed students to 
reevaluate their own lives to see 
what they could do for others. 

The drama "Mental Slavery 
"focuses on a slave that has 
struggled and has enterrd 1 999 to 
see his Great, Great, 
Great, Grandson. The slave is not 
pleased with his grandson's 
choice of life style. 


With out saying a word K&K mime blessed 
our hearts. They came creatively and si- 
lently on October 7, 1999, to Moran Hall 
auditorium. K&K Mime ministry consists of 
Keith and Karl twin brother originally from 
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. For yearrs they 
have been traveling the country spreadmg 
the love of Christ in a powerfully silent way. 
Their preciseness in movement was intrigu- 
ing to everyone that attended. This was just 
another Thursday night that touched our 
hearts. Never Again. 


Word Play 

'4 M 

The poetry 

What is c 

journal an 
are rcaclir| 


^mystical night at jSX'/ club. As tbe1 
peiibnn each member (the poets) come out and 
at Ciu^uboiTiieans !o ihcm— Gumbo being the literary 

;jyhfeolijigs towards poetry. All the whl^he^ 
Wsc awaiting llie ja// peiformaiice in the back; 
alvLUdiitH& nicxlcb. 

Amore* A beauUuii day ill licily causes cveryon 
its splendbr. As people dine in the cai'e: ride in 
paint, aj^^sually lounge aiound. a bothersomt 
tunity t0*J^ ^'""^'^8^''"''^^^ \%|thoutan inxitatio 
poet to eVpress il^^urr^H en option, conjured b> 
feeling until there is no one left i»> speafc I con 
poem by the mime''him,sell. ,| 

; to come oia 

he gondolai|pi^ 

mime takes\|h^ 

1. His antic^k 

love, that 
dlude with a 

they J 







Consciousness: This scene goes beyond simple, evcr>di 

and read fro 

explores the reaUties of existence. Hach 

,i| African dancer, approach the front of ii\ 

n an ancient book of knowledge, whicli' 

them tt) express their personal views of prevalent issulH^t 
embedded ii the world's social conscience. 

60 Student Life 

Illlllf ^^^^^^ 

Fi||'eIations - ^^mn 
as peMJle lay sJaMni 
poetry and then l«veJ 
is the include the^leei 
:es up and, thyoud 



.s(f - 

lureKtands in the middle of the. stage 
aropnd. He reveals himself tn 

^ dirty work to his imprwhose jj 
into feining their side. Eaci 
jir poerii decided which. 



iemember Keith ? He could re^^^mke u^^Hh. 

: Kerryann gigg itWu«'itMK-al leeling 

sarnum a picture a tf 

».- -V 


62 Student Life 





Student Life 63 

DEEP @ Southern University 

" M\ experience al Smilheni will he ane I 
will iic\-er forget." Jaja Fields 

"Going to Southern was a one of the best ex- 
periences of my life and if I could do it again 

I wnuUL " ' ' ' 

Peira Dolson 






ill I 


Seniors 65 


_jri * 

The MiLEN 

j / 

; » 





I hey^ve soared over academic 

hurdles and conquered collegiate 

They've fought a good fight 
and will keep on striving 

They've finished the course 
and will continue to achieve 

They are Seniors!!! 

Q 67 



''Discovery consists of looking at the same 
thing as everyone else and thinking some- 
thing different. " 

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 

At times during the year of 1999, the 
world stood nervously on the cliff of 
history and saw the birth of the millen- 
nium as potential catastrophic event. 
Economists, historians, politicians, and 
religious leaders predicted worldwide 
havoc as January 1, 2000 stepped closer 
each day. Meanwhile, as the world com- 
munity waited like a nervous expecting 
mother, a chosen group of men and 
women in Huntsville, Alabama, saw the 
millenium and thought something else: an opportunity to march steadfastly in the will of God. 

Through prayer, poise, passion, pain, and persistence, we made it. For many of us the " t"' may 
represent various things. During our tenure at Oakwood, we made good and bad grades; we 
made money and the most of what we had. During our stay in Peterson, Carter, Wade, Edwards, 
and Cunnigham we made friendships and late night snacks. From Knight Hall to Moseley Com- 
plex, we made our professors conduits of profuse knowledge, and for some of us we made a quiet 
nap in the back of class. Regardless of what we made, the fruits of our meager hands are trivial 
morsels of human concern when compared to what God will make of us. 

As we enter offices and graduate schools across the span of the globe we must visualize the destiny 
God has for us. These years at Oakwood would have been unavailing if we reach our destination 
but not arrive at God's destiny. God's destiny does not call for us to sit, wait, and expect, but it 
demands us to adapt, improvise, and conquer. I charge you, class of 2000, not to march to the 
beat of fame and fortune, but to stride to the cadence of the Living and Almighty God. 

Vinson Jones 




Senior Class Officers 


% I 


From left to right: RoWandlla Dunbar, Vice-President; Melody Myles, Music 
Coordinator; Toni Alhury, Asst. Secretary; Sharon Fubbler, Asst. Treasurer; 
Akunna Iheanacho, Parliamentarian; Graylin Jones, Treasurer; Ingrid McFarlane, 
Public Relations; Damien McCarthy, Sgt. at Arms; Gretchen Finn, Social 
Coordinator; JoNise Caleb, Asst. PR; Champagne Rushing, Secretary; Vinson Jones, 
President. Not pictured: LaQuita Gaskins, Chaplin; and Joseph Warren, Chaplin. 



('/Mriry -y{i)ipiiiisiih 

Qbristopba- Bailey 

( '(iiiii)iitii\})iiiiHil- "Matb) 

Heondra Banm 
Elemcntan 8t/mtitiori 

70 S 


"Dalicia Enrrufs' 

%eisha 'Rlarl^mm 

"Joy H/iniiini 

■Pntriciii Bninl 

f§iinwcl Boyton 

^^tiivb -Marie Bny^n 



Qmipiitcr Uiitoniiiithiit , Vi ^imi 

lUlllkl lUllwdll 

£lciiicntan t'dm atioii 

jGZfi B 11 lion 

'/{(^y/i ( a/j;/// 

lltiiKidmi ['hiiria 
'Diddii \ 

( 'bdiiidiii (^ 'oihniiii' 
C/ciiiciiMn £diiaithw 



( 'aiiifiiitrr .liifnniiiifioii J)\sta>/s 


jtziishifWiiii i )iiiiiiiiiu. 
^^o( i/il "li'ori^ 

( 'an "howDidii 
HidifxitiotMl T/uuipy 


(./ilium 'Dudley 

%iniherlcy £ihvards 




'Jurnm J^ranm 







•Mdkcsc Qilherr 
^'iiniiiii JJ(')v/of)ii/ciit &^-J^ai)iih (Studies 


(_'rptti/ L/ila 
y^itiu'.v iiml "M 'clhicss 

'7\y/( Cjd/siiii 
( 'iiiiiiiiiniKiitinns 

► eniors 

'Ciitorm ^i/iiiiiiih 
-Allied U-{'eiiltb Odiipiitmnn/ Tkriipy 

Tiish'iimi ■7fiims(iii 

rCdViir J/'i<i;i;rs(iii 

Tin (I J/'iil^s 
['h'liicniiin Viliiuitiiiii 

Til I mil I H III I hull 


Ton Oihi^s 
( 'oiiipiitcr Unfo ^y'itaiis 




"land Ul'iilliiVfiiy 
fl nil II 1 1 

('ill/ ■V/'xiiiiiiit 
funnily iiii/l( 'iiiisiniui\^iiciuc 

T^iiii/ieyii Unf.h(ini 
^JlllieilUi'eiiltb -Pn-'-Phpiial Therapy 



Orlando Jolmii 

E'lIlK lit I'll! 

Hiiniinl Johnson 

•JAOimis Johnson 



Unisun Jones 
ntniciitfin &/imiti(iii 

Usdiidb J II rd II II 
7i 'ill I III II "Di')v/opiiiciit &^f"iiiiiily(^tiuln"i 

J^din J:iir 

'lyiiiii </:nvi\ 
E'lcniciihny E'diiiiitniii 

Diiyiil Jm V Ji. 

^J)''iiiiiiiic /:mis 
Qiiiipiihr UiifoniKithii f^'ystciiis 




Elenii'iitan t'lhiaition 

J\0/r/t £ligbtlwnic 

.fylitbd -Ciiimi] 
dloiicntiin ' 'ili'mtiini 


J^itiicss (I ml Wellness 

'Dmiiian -J^ 0(^ '/iifby 

£nii^unge \Aits CiliiiYitmii 



Jngi id -J) UJuii I (I IK 
'Bihimys -yidniiiihtiiitioii J/hilfh ('/iic 

yiilviic/ii ■Jj\(i/kr 
E'/ciiiciitiin CiliK/itiiiii 

'Dennis -J) (('Kjiiniy 

'Tina -JAOiorc 

^iikiiri -M(-Milles 

•JhCiin -Jhlonld 
"Business Js Oimigeiiient 

82 C . 


John iN^oii 

'D/iiiklk Oiirerhritlgc 
^JhCatb EdiKiit'mn 

• AdoVfod i'Opukfi-'Bmitiiig 


INJltiishii ('Otto 
U-('uimn '■DeoelopDicnt und "p'liiiiHy ^^tiiilirs 

PI) v.s/i III t'dm lit ion 

J^iiii unroll (•)/)ii// 

Di/iiiiim ('llnpinSyc 



Ljillnrl i'm/iiii 
/■'i 11(1 III I 


<LAyinde "Jiobeits 
(Computer Unfo. ^"jstenis 

-Jlndrea (§rott 
Early Childhmul "Df\>cl(mieiil 

7/ 'inston "liidiiiirh 
Biisim'ss -J^ (anagcmcnt 



&■/</(; "Rhjwr/hoii 

- Mum, 

£atonya (^hcperd 




m mr 

E'h'uiaitnn E'diiaitiini 

'Villi t(i Q^iiiipmii 

hinilin ^^lllitb 


iliiiiniliin L'lliKiiliitii 

JiKiimiiiir Tbiiiiipsiiii 

(J)'M/(y T'biiiiipsoii 
■Business -yldiiiiiistniioii iim/ -J/'niltb Qiir '_A/lmiii 




U-f'ertor Torres 

"Kjhra Tiitt 

■Molina Tmisiur 


Onsbeniiinkmi Zll^m/ojor 

Jtinisc Tiiit 
^Prc ''Physiitiii ■ h ■ 

nrmniUin i'liiimifioii 



ElcDicnUin CiliKtitwii 

I hniiYini il 'iih\ill!iliiii 

"Wootlroyc Uiiiighii 

i'liii/inc "U '///(yr 
'Business •^yfiliinnisrnirion Ui'itilthaire 

1\b(in 'U '{isbnigron 

Valine Vmi^titt 

"fiKi'pb "Ifaricii VI 


-vlm/rai 1i 'atcn 
y^niiii/y &^ Qmsuwcn Sciences 




i'riai 'U 'csky 
£anguage -ylits. Education 

Tiiii/i "M liih 
fH'i/nitiii 'Di')^(/opimiir L^ ■fiimih ^^ttidit \ 

■7nt( I iMtioiiiil ^tiiiln s 

£ Wilson 
Allied. T/'ealthAPn'-Ofaipritiomi/Tlvrapy 

""Bcnnclti' "Wonky 

Vi)vnn Toung 




('hnstiiphr 7//// 

!^(ornalanga Qnehii 





Elenientai-y Education 

Stephen -yfshc 

(Jorcy -yllla} 

Eric -yimpmlii 

Colin Riiilcy 
''Physical T'ltcmpy 

^y-liiiiiiiil/i \Aiiil)rosc 
VoKil i'crfoni/inii c ( '(iiiniiiniiiiifwm 

Tdiciti ' liDiht'hli I 

^hQcpk Baiky 




'Huth Haniiini 
£iiiiiii/ii!J^c -yfits E'fliKation 

Troy ■Bngbt 
Ti^gion/ £angtiaff -Jlits 

( 'oniniiiuiaitions 

Crk ■JiiWfii 

'Kill I II Boot he 
Clcnieiitiin E'lhiaitioii 

1i(iii(iii Biifkin 


U^(k()le Cnllhte 
Business -yJiliiiiiii \tiiilion 

^^Imlii ( 'iiiiiphill 



► eniors 

Tern 'Doiifjas Jr. 

^hcltnn Ellcrk 

Ty-ivii "Ddiiii/iiss 

'Kjiii Cllis 

^JllhcirTiuclley UU 

^ [climhi f^iiiigmon 




/)////■]•/ -7/ //////)//ii/ 
Uiiliniiiliiiiiiil ^!S'iiili^' 

Christine Jeffeiwii 
-yfnm/iiriiis. Btisiness -Administration 

Qmylan Jones 
Qmiputer information Systems 

Je/inine 'TQvgh 
J^itness i^WeHnev 

James J^cwis UUU 
Business -3 Canagement 




Theolo^i/"^! I iiiinlni;^ 


Thnnanc 'Hfjbcrts 
Ekmentan Hdiication 


'3iUnisfcrinl Tlmlngy 






(^rffiiniDii ^^iilmiiiihiii 
t'li'iiiciihin E'liiKiitioii 

•3 (orpbui ^})ln iii ii 

i)nnniii^'^/tinlcy Jr. 

TiisbiuKi Thomas 
1^01 ill/ "li or( 

98 S 



'Denly Thnwpmi 

1 1\ i W 

a/ juii f ''N^Ill Jiiii jwi j„fc) 


Qomputer •7?ifortmtion ^.Vi ^^ i 

Trisl.mii(lu "U mk 

'■Paul Tclmnh 

Tiiiiiiini 'Ciiiiiihii 
Chidlh ( 'iiilli>lil(l\})'(Hilif 

Byron Wells 



it. .VJi^ 

^]\(ot T^ictured 


7lLEi/v\E, Deborah ;i 


;iNTHONY, Damon K 
;iRMSTRONG, Melissa A/l 


Baker, David M 
BARNS, Sherene Mar vellet 
Beck, Danielle K 
Bell, De/vietrius Calvin 
Black, Terverius 
Blackmon, Rebecca D. 
Bonaparte, ;!|NDREwC 
Boothe, Karen O. 
Brady, Patricia R 
Brewer, TroylandoT. 
Bright, Troy R. 
Brown, JoycelynA 
Burton, N0ELLE6 
Caines. Travis D 
Caleb, JONiSEM 
Cameron, Kevin D. 
Cameron, Orville D. 
Cann-Cllis, Kim 
Cart WRIGHT, Cheyenne M 
Carty, Hopefull M 
Chandler, Daaman M 
Charles, ToyaN. 
Cher Y, Joseph £ 
Clark, James C 
Clayton, Denise J. 
Cooper, Donville 
CORT, Lee R 

Crockett, McKinley N. 
Darby, Kristal D 
Davis, Don C. 
Dixon, e wan 71. 
Dizard, Crica J. 
Dominique, JouvioLE 
Douglas, VirginiahN 
Duncan, Howard W 
Elliot, Lesleys. 
Clliot, Olivia R 
Felix, Ronald B 

Franklin Dorian F. 
Gaskin Lequitta N. 
Gordon Natalie C 
Gosling KeichaS. 
Gray Patricia €. 
Griffin VandeonD. 
Griffith Kareem J. 


Harris Cory L 
Hamilton AliCHAEL 1 
Harrison Caron O. 
Harrison TASHEiywA K. 
Hendrieth Sharonica L 
Hewitt TINDRF O 


Hodge TraceyS. 
Holiday Tracey S. 
hollings worth shelley-ann 
Howard Don 
HowsoN Monica J. 
Hughes ChericiaN. 
HYDE Natalie 1 


Jackson, Crica D. 
Jackson, Robert J. 
JACKON, Ronald U. 
James, Glenette B. 
James, LeoraN 
Jenkins D'juAN J. 
John, Kent 

Johnson, TlLEXANDER B. 
Johnson, Da/wen O. 
Johnson J)ONO VAN O. 
Johnson, Gregory B. 
Jones, Ronald L 
Kelley, Shaundra €. 
Kerr, Mario L 
King, Natesha S. 
Knight, Shaldea A 
Kyle, James L 
Large, Dietrick 
La WRENCE, OS worth E 
Lee, George G. 
Lee, Princess A 
Leonard, HervfK 
Lewis, Joseph P. II 
Louis, Natalie B. 
LUBEGA, Daniel T. 


MANNING, Wilfred E. 

MASON, Keita O. 

McDonald, Lisa K. 
McGann, Rowan M 
MENTO, Franz W. 
MODESTE, Martina L 


MOORE, Bradley M 


Nazaire, Judith 
Nelson, TlNGELAR. ■ • 
NEWTON, David W. 
Onwere, Christopher K. 
Opoku-boateng, TIdwoa S. 
Osborne, Cheryl Y. 
Otto, Natasha 
Pal A\ Fredrick L 
Prescott-cre we, Mellisa G 
Robinson, Mar Y-ANN C 
Rushing, Iva C 
Salter, Richard D-ARCY Jr. 
Semakula, Katherine M 
Simon, Carol M 
Si/viPSON, Jesse Jr. 
Sims, Telisa D. 
Skeete, Linda L . 
S/vuTK Jason C. 
Smythe,KerryannM / 
Spellen, Brian L 
Stevenson, Kara K. 
Stewart Sean V. 
Strong. Lathan B. 
Sylvan, Vanessa N 
Taylor, MwonV. 
Thomas, JosianG. 
Thomas, William G. 
Thompson, Lavardo L 
Thompson, Paula L 


Tucker, Mchael e. Jr. .. 
Tucker, Nicole 1 


Walker, Corey L 
Waller, Ferrald F. .. 
Ware, Kevin J. 
Warren, TINTHEA L 
Wheatley, Kicardo L , 
White, Sharon 71. 
Whitter, Tricia \ 
Williams, Stephanie J 
Wilson, Dana 
Wilson Norma Jean 
witherspoon, to/vieka 
Young, 7INDREWB_ 








mt wiT 

Marcia Getfield 

Gary Gorham 

Madeline Jackson 

Angela Jones 

^^B t^^" 

-» ^ 

B 0r^ 


> B ; 


Valerie Timmins 

Beverly Washington 

Beulah Woods 





Art is, Randell 

Blake, Malissa 


Brown, Hattie 

Burrell, Melinda 

Byrd, Mary i 

Cowans, Kenneth " 

Crosby, Mary 

Fike, Brian 

Franks, Michael 

Ivy, Diane 

Jackson, Madeline 

Jacob, Simon 

Jones, John 

Leftwhich, Don 

Lokko, Linda 

Montgomery, Georzette 

Ortia, Joyce 

Pershall, John 

Petty, James 

Purdum, Clarissa 

Satterwhite, Marvin 

Thompson, Jerrell 

Wolvertpn, Teresita 

C . 103 







Maya your jeans look a extra wet. Did ya have a 
few a falls'? 

We Are 


Ernie, Julian, and Virginia, smiles to last a lifetime. 

Seniors you've been there, done that. 
Now it's time to get up and out. Looking 
back it was worth the late nights, the extra 
trip to Wal-Mart, the hugs and kisses, yell- 
ing and screaming , long lines, redial but- 
ton, 40 page paper, curfew, rent, utilities, 
transcript fee, recomendations, Thanksgiv- 
ing in the Ville, Nashville, Boaz, Atlanta, 
and Birmingham, snacks for a quarter, a 
gallon of water, chapel fines, that date to 
the Banquet, mud on your shoes, a bad 
hair day, R.A.'s, signing in, signing out, 
notebooks, Bic pens. Great Value, Exquis- 
ite Concepts, Tailor Made, expensive gas, 
I- 565, spell check, Computer Lab, Philoso- 
phy of Christian Education, Student Ser- 
vices, Wednesday night prayer, 
intramurals, the parkway, Microsoft Word, 
Pin Palace, Ramen Noodles, humidity. 
Strong's Dictionary /Concordance, the right 
color on your ID, quarters, Excel, Sally's, 
book vouchers, Student Accounts, milk 
and cereal, a C-, Greyhound, out of order, 
an orange, books for cash, early registra- 
tion. Never Again! 

it w 

p %n 

■.Ik ' 

Mark you're not a bad looking guy! 

And Out... 





Chicago State University 
October 2] -23. 1999 

DEEP student Amberley 
Howe at the Gwendolyn 
Brooks Conference 




Is it good Nicole? 

Nicole Tucker, Jason Hawkins, Jessica 
Wagner, Milton McKenzie, Patricia 
Beard, Amberly Howe, and advisor 
Ms. Hyman with Sonia Snachez 

Gwendolyn Brooks and 
Ms. Hyman 

Hug from the author of 
Breath, Eyes, Memory 

On the road to Chicago. 

Qoing ^ome 


in time 

relying on inspired time 

bring us baci^ home 
to that good old time 

"When "We "Were once blac^ 

children ofsldverj 

oppresion giving no slacl^ 

and so Uspol^ out about 

feeling blacl^ 

and recorded it to be just mine! 

set it free to trdVel throughout fibers of time 

great scholars of T'imbul^tu 

hdlpc opened for mc and yon 

the door 'faith the Ify ofblac^time 

so that VIC can mm m(fx<e fors^ard 

in this time 

i)n>)vngfonyard to that good old time 

millennium approaches vaith signs 

assemble your tools, oh great blacl^ mind 

prepare for the future of manlfnd 

the tools right here for you 

so you don 't bd)>e to go as far as Timbuktu 

'Bivol^. -L/fngelou. T'roupc. CjiiPpanni. andi^anche^ 


Ipa riant experiences ofblacl{ 

enough to supply the millennium nevr 

the mothation ofvariters poets, and artists to be 

flying high on papynis ofhistoiy 

toldancvf Vaith ^vbrantenc/gy 

a neva generation of expression 

coming closer to the ultimate goal of unification 

bring us bacl^home 
to that good old time 

W. Enne^Lanning 



enior Sabbath 

November 6, 1999 marked a coming to 
gether for the 1 st class of the new 
millenium. Moran Hall glowed with an 
Autumn sun while jubiliant seniors lifted 
their voices in praise to the God who sits 
high and looks low. 

Although Moran was not packed out, 
Vinson Jones Senior class President made 
it evident that all we needed was the Holy 
Spirit in the room. Voices of Triumph 
shook the rafters, as did the trio of Anika 
Sampson, Dana Wilson, and Eric ? . 
Bennet Wooley led in a dynamic prayer 
that took us to the throne room of God. 
Then reassurance was found when Bron 
Jacobs gave Bibhcal guidance in finding 
God's will for one's life. Scripture after 
scripture was hsted to aid that one who 
doesn't know what will happen after the 
cap and gown are taken off. God's 
prescense was truly felt. 

no Q . 


Anika , Dana, and Eric in 
liarmony. And they said they 
found out 20 minutes earlier! 


o . Ill 



' .^.L 





J 4^ 


! i ,'t 




Business and Education 100 

Social Sciences 55 

Humanities 30 

Natural Sciences & Mathematics 1 20 
Religion and Theology 30 


resentation Ceremony 

Dr. James Doggette gave a tinieley 
message charging the seniors to defy 

Senior Presentation: the half- 
way mark, the light at the end 
of the tunnel next to the last 
hurra before graduation. Pre- 
sentation, what's so great 
about it? Well, this event not 
only keeps one's eyes on the 
prize of graduation, but it gives 
one a the reason to endure. 
Presenation reminds us we 

should endure through exams, 
late transcripts and 
recomendaiions, 40 page re- 
search papers, senior dues, 
yearbook retakes, an extra 
loan, 21 credit hours and 
home study, and a host of other 
trials unique to seniors. Senior 
Presenation puts things in per- 
spective. It tells us that it won 't 
he long and never again. 

. Nothing could be better than having 
Elder Marshall T. Kelly pi'ay a. prayer 
of dedication for you. 

Rwandla's response had every senior 
on their feet. Maybe you should 
change your major, Candie. 

Seniors 113 


,f * 



■^ ■■■'■:. 'S^Lv'^ 

m \ 

'•R- -ft 

'■^ Seniors 







^ yy 

,^1 -^ 



^■& v^- 







3 'f . ^^ ^ 




116 Sen, 








8 Mug Section 

I I 

Miie Section 

Anthony Abtier 

Jennifer Alford 



Chantel Anderson 

Evelyn Adams 

Kevin Allen 
Physical Education 

Kimberly Anderson 

Lance Alexander 


Olivia Alexander 

Gian Alexis 

Yams Allen 
Math Education 

Marixa Alleyne 

Daniel Amponsah 

Erline Ayiilus 
Medical Technology 

Burton T. Arceneaux Jr. 
Computer Science 

.Victoria Asekomeh 

Mark Awoniyi 

Melissa Baker 

Theologfi/Sodal Work 


Keith Banks 
Fitness & Wellness 

Mellonie Barnes 


Rene Barrow 

Lavinia Baxter 

International Studies 
20 Mug Section 

Candace Bone 
Social Work 


Derrick Bramble 

Devon Brandon 
Elementary Education 

Valerie Branham 
Social Work 

Lorian Bridgeforth 
LangUiige Arts Education 

Sharon Brooks 

Andell Brown 

Jayson Brown 

Tiffany Bryant 
Hum. Dev./Fam. Stud. 

Lee Bulgin 

Donald Cantrell II 
Physicians Assistant 

Winfield Catello 
Physical Therapy 

Tyisha Cephas 

Enjoli Christmas 

Johanne Colin 


Victor Clark 

Darien Claxton 
Computer Science 

Kerry Clisby 

Jessica Cook 


Diallo Crichton 

Comynuni cat inns 

Demarest Crawl 
Physical Wellness 

Sherine Daley 

Jennifer Dammier 
Business Administration 

Robert David 

John Davis 
Counseling Psychology 

Adrian Chen 

Letitia Cochran 

George Cyril 

Andre Denham 
Applied Mathematics 

Mug Section ' 2 1 

Lawrence Dorsey II 

Garth Dottin Juel Dottin 

Theology/ Phyi/ till Therapy Busnia^ Admnintratmn 

m I 

Charmaine Dunchie 
Elementary Education 

Anita Dupree 

Lester Elliott 

Landon Dowe 
Applied Mathematics 

Stacey Ellis 

DeAnna English 

lanrysbii Evans 
Math Education 

Steven Gates 

Rebecca Faulkner 
Dietetics /Music 


Tenisha F elder 
Business Administration 

Russell Fields 

Valy Fontil 

Terrell Glover 
Marketing/ F inance 

Alethea Goodridge 
Social Work 

Sonjanae Graham 

Tiah Graves 
Vocal Performance 

122 MuuSecti 



Liana Gray 
Medical Technology 

Robert Grissom 

Syrita Hall 
Comm. /Nutrition 

Pendeza Green 

Alfonzo Greene III 

Melanie Gregory 
Social Work 

Amma Griffin 
Elementary Ed. I French 

Roberto Guerrero 
Theology /Comm. 

Elaine Guiness 

Paul Gunn Jr. 

Bruce Guy 
Computer Science 

Genevieve Holl 

Lisa Hamilton 

Lavelle Hams 
Music Education 

Makeda Harris 
Occupational Therapy 

Loran Haugsted 
Religious Education 

Shannone Holt 

Jerry Horton 

Regrick Howard 
Elementary Education 

George Howell 

Mus Section ' 2 3 


Lydia-Anne Hushundf 

Mcithcm.itn s ' Mian 

Andy Jackson 

LaToya Jackson 

Riif.M:^t./C<>n!p. hifd. Sys. English/ Commuriicatii. 

Christal James 

Daniel Jenkins 

Joanne Jennett 
Vocal Performance 

Kent John 

Gregory Johnson 

John-Michael Johnson 

Juleun Johnson 

Lindsay Johnson 
Tamily & Consum. Sc. 

Dalila John-Lewis 

Gary Jones 
Social Work 

Michael Jones 
Hu^niv^\ Administration 

Aukea Joseph 

Hci/lh C.iri' hLnhiyonvnt 

Toni Kelly 


; .'.''I 
Kamillah Kinlock 

Nicole Knight 

Kanyebae Kuiebwa 

Joelle LaGuerre 

Robyn Lang 

Carlyle Langhom 

124 Mug Section 

Rose Lee 


Roosevelt Lewis 

Sireasa Martin 

Philip McDonald 

Triciana Lorftman 
Computer Info. Sys. 

Melissa Mallett 
Elementary Education 

Osmund Marcellin 
Business Administration 

Shavonne Mathis 
Elementary Education 

Aswad Maundy 
Elementary Education 

Douglas McCleary 
Computer Science 

Jonathan McNeil 

Morris McPherson 

Marcus Merriweather 

Tamara Milligan 
Business Education 

Stephen Mills 

Drew Minott 
Social Work 

Candyce Monroe 

Danielle Martin 

Lindel McLean 
Music Composition 

Tabitha Miller 
Elementary Education 

Fredrick Montgomery 

Britney Moore 

Jamar Moore 

Simone Morgan 

Sarah Morton 

Meridith Murray 
Elementary Education 

Mu2 Section • - -'^ 


Leonard Newton 

Shawn ika Newton 
Phys. Therpy/Fit. 6 Well. 

Paul Nixon 
English Education 

Mary Okike 
/4c i.(>u)itni\^ 

Jeuelle Ottley 

Physic ians Assistant 

Frederick Owens 


Mattisha Parham 
Elementary Education 

Anna-Gayle Patton 

Deidra Patnckson 
CommJ Elect. Media/Span. 

Joyceline Poole 

Elementary lulucainm 

Edwin Powell 

' / 

Antoinette Preddie 


f , 

Myisha Norris 

Laura Noztl 
Sni idl U <irk 

Tanya Pace 
Social Work 

Darnell Parham 

Hugh Perry 
Computer Science 

Nicole Pierre-Lewis 
Phys. Therapy/ Fit.&Well. 

Alysia Pullings 


Dayanando Ramphal 

Ebony Reece 

William Richardson 
Fitness & Wellness 

Joyce Rickman 

Nicholas Riley 

126 Miitz Section 

John Rujfin 

Samara Ryce 
Elementary Education 

Frantzo Saint-Val 

Chantal Samson 
Social Work 

Sarah Samuels 

Jason Scale 

Michael Selassie 

Anthony Sims 
Computer Science 

Andre Smith 
Fitness and Wellness 

Lincoln Smith 

Natasha Smith 
Physical Education 

Stacy-Ann Smith 

Shacy Stallworth 

Reuben Steele 
Social Work 

Ken Stewart 

Monique St. Louis 

Nicole Swanston 

Demetria Taylor 
Child Psychology 

Dion Taylor 
Elementary Education 

Estus Taylor 
Elementary Education 

Andrea Samuels 
Physical Therapy 

Linda Skeete 

Nataki Spooner 

Nicole St. Louis 


Michael Taylor 

Mug Section 127 

Shawanna Taylor 
Computer Info. Sys. 

Robert Thomas 
Computer Info. Sys. 

Jarren Thurman 

Chinwe Umez 


. t 1 VI k'lr: 

Samuel Walker 

1 -^-^ 






I'/fliiNy liiylor 

Valinda Thomas 

Jamella Toust 

Keith Terrill 



^ -^^ 




Aland Van Putten 

Ericka Ward 

Paula Thompson 

A-Kima Tuckett 
business Administration 

Seneca Vaught 
History I Theology 

Dfahna Thomas 

Jason Thomas 

Sean Thompson 

Tammy Thompson 
Hum.Dev.& Pam. Studies 

Dana Turner 

Keshia Turner 


John Victor 


Anthony Walker 
Computer Science 

Angela Warden 

A'njanene Ware 
Business Management 

Brenda Warfield 
Social Work 

1 2 8 Mil" Section 


Mehyn Warfteld 

Latoya Williams 

Khandie Waugh 

Jhamillia Weekes 

JoVonne West 

Latesha Williams 
Social Work 

Quincy Williams 

Tarkyshia Williams 
Child Development 

Toussaint Williams 

Tomeka Witherspoon 
Hum.Dev.& Fam. Studies 

Muii Section 129 

u 1 e 



Abrams Mark 
Alleyne Marixa 
Ampadu Eric 
Batiste Keith 
Blanchard La'shanice 
Blevins Candice 
Boney Crystal 
Bonnick Michelle 
Boseman Charita 
Boyce Joel 
Brady Michael 
Brizard Neilla 
Byars Camille 
Caleb Andrea 
Campbell Shayla 
Checkley Zoe 
Clark Priscilla 
Cox Karin 
Daphnis Ivan 
Davis Cedric 
Davis Jeremia 
Davis Roch^e/^ 
Dotson P^i 
Esters Kires^ 
Eve Herman 

Feit Jose 

Felder Tenisha 

Fields Jeleania 

Forde Wade 

Foreman Priscilla 

Francis Jared 

Francois Jacques 

Frazier Shelea 

Gibbons Sevonne 

Gracia Sandy 

Grant Eric 

Green Arnold Jr. 

Griffin Shawanda 

Gughes Georgette 

Flannah Victoria 

Hervey-Jumper Shawn 

Holder Clement 

Howard Dorris 

Howard Mrgaret 

Huggins Stanley 

Mil" Section 

Humphrey Auldwin 
Humphrey Myla 
Hutchinson Daryl 
Ijeoma Uchenna 
Ingham Tanaeya 
Jackson Ilori 
James Tanish 
Jean-Philippe Nathalie 
Jefferson Christina 



_^ Isha 
ohfton Brian 

nson Robert 
ohnson Robert 
Kin«:-Sharif Aiiinah 


K« light Dcjiriii 
Knl^i-.t Warrci 
k'KnoiLs Nicole 

Labossicrc Mic]it:.« 

\ itkc) Kjijoh 

;.ifk^s;ii!'.S Sh.'iN J. 

Lani.fJKi G^. 
l.cM US*. SanHnnna 
i • iinarJ A' ..ica 
[ Ibjppldison 
l.ogan Heather 
Long Maurice 
Lovelace David 
Maddox Jerita 
Marcellin Francis 
McDonald Alison 
McFarlane Dianna 
Mendinghall April 
Merriweather Marcus 
Mondesir Edhyson 
Mondestin Jacqueline 
Morrison Melissa 
Niles Marnel 
Nurse Tesa 
Ogbonna Susan 
Oliver Tony 
Paige Delores 
Pearce Nadia 
Percy Hugh 
Pierre Jerrald 

Ruff Hananiah 
Ruffin John 
Salter Robyn 
Samuel Angelique 
Sands Jestan 
Scarlett Kevin 
Selassie Sirach 
Simmons Shane 
Smart Carla 
Sobomehin Olawunmi 
St. Louis Monique 
St. Louis Sean 
Stewart Natasha 
Sloic) Danielle 
limn send La'tasser 
j.JFVakin Rachelle 
Walker Lettica 
Wary Anjanene 
Wi^ington Collas 
Wi>l||cins Jennifer 
irV&kcs Natalie 
Wlrilc James III 
T^tlliiims Daniel 

ill ill ns Kinara 

illiams Mark 

illiams Marlon 
,VC;ilsi)u Granville 

ilson Luisa 
Wimbish Brennan 
Wingate Brandi 
Winston Jeremy 
Winston Juliette 
Woolcock Ricardo 
Wright Craig 
Wright Stephen 
Yeboah Paul 

Mug Section ' ^ ' 

I' I 

I ' 

1 1 III 




132 Mug Section 




Mug Section 133 

Samuel Acoff 

Appu'd M.ithematto 

Pauline Alexander 


Vemell Allen 

Nnerose Ambroise 

Lorraine Anderson 


Denise Arceneaux 
Elementary Education 

Lenis Archer 

Ssiinyu Hiigiunbiire 
Bu^nu'w Ailntinistration 

Justin Baham 

Sheneeka Anderson 

David Andre 

Allyson Arons 
Physical Therapy 

Chinwe Asomugha 

Ugonna Anosike 

D'Elazah Ault 


Chantel Bailey 
Elementary Education 

Monalisa Bain 
Computer Info. Sys. 

Byron Barnes 
Marketing/ Finance 

Corey Barrett 

Nicole Barron 
Business Administration 

Sam Beale II 

James Bell 
Elementary Education 

Monique Bellerad 

134 Mug Section 


Shana Billingy 

Brandon Boozer 

Sherwin Bobb 
Computer Science 

Kitti-Kaye Bodley 

Bryan Boone 

Lakeisha Booner 

Antoin Bowe 

Matthew Bratton 
Business Education 

Philip Hrookins 

Kamica Brooks 
Elementary Education 

Shonet Brown 
Physicians Assistant 

Dave Bullen 
Computer Science 

Demisha Bums 

Psych. /Soc. Work/Edu. 

Inga Burrows 
Physicians Assistant 

Freida Bussey 
Elementary Education 

Fredra Butler 
Social Work 

Ian Callender 
Computer Info. Sys. 

Darcy Carmen 

Tara Carmen 

Quantrilla Carter 

Senecia Carter 
Elementary Education 

David Cassimy 
Health Care Admin. 

Des Champe 

Dean Charles 

Mug Section ' 3 5 


Martial Charles 

if \ I <l 

Kenneth Cochran III 
Business Administration 

Darrel Daniel 


Cheryl Dawson 
MUcd Health 

David Dickerson 

/(iscph Chin King 
M,ith FAliuatioi 

Hans Cole 

Ricardo Daphnis 
Theology/ Business 

Selena Daye 
Psychology /Journalism 

Monique Choyce 

Marsharee Collins 
Social Work 

Reginald Darby 

Andrea Dean 

7 .' 

C^ian Dickinson 
Computer Info. Sys. 

Sarah Doepke 
Bus. Marketing/ Comm. 

Jovas Coates 

Nathan Collins 
Business Administration 

Dorhel Davis 

Victoria DelaVega 

Shawn Doggette 

Camille Cochran 

Yara Cuen 

Justin Davis 
Music Business 

Kimia DeWindt 

Shavonne Dorsey 

36 Mui: Section 


Andrew Dottm 
Social Work 

Angel Dumas 
Elementary Education 

Raoul Elliott 


Caroline Douglas 

Dudley Duberry 

La-Tonya Dukes 
Physican Assistant 

Laura Durkin 


Aver i I Edwards 

Moses Eli 
Theology /Elementary Ed. 

Almeta Ellis 

Shama Ettinoffe 

Ryan Evans 
Business Administration 

Angela Ezzard 
Physical Therapy 

Gailann Felix 
Nursing/ Psychology 

Erica Fields 

LaMar Flucas 


Amber Foster 

Tywana Dulan 

Josette Francis 

Letitice Francis 

Dominique Francois 

Angelique Ellerbee 

Jude Eversley 



Akeem Fonseca 

Luckson Francois 

Mug Section 1 3 7 

Cherissa Franklin 


Katrina Frazier 

Charles Gardner 
Business Administration 

Johnny George 



Arika Gordon 

Robert Gordon 

Health Care Admni. 

George Fuller 

Andrea Fullwood 

Julienne Gaiter 
Biology /Communications 

Nicole George 

Kietrich Germany 


Jakoa Gray 
Elvtncntary Education 

Sharhonda Griffin 


Terry-Ann Griffin 
Socud Science Ed. 

Troy Griffon 

Chevon Griffiths 

Roma Habtemariam 
Elementary Education 

David Hardware 
Applied Mathematics 

Courtney Hall 
Social Work 

Michelle Hall 

Kerrianne Golding 

Michelle Griffith 

Nkecha Hamilton-Adams 

3 8 Mil" Section 



Simofie Hardy 

i£f: -0^ 
Darrell Henley 
Computer Science 

Charles Hewitt 

Kelly Howard 


Jamila Harris 

Lloyd Harrod III 
Music Education 

Robyn Hawkins 
Social Work 

Alison Hayes 
Business Management 

Eli s ha Henry 

Lenrica Henry 
Computer Science 

Lorraine Henry 


William Hicks 

Loderika Holder 


Jeron Holloway 

Ronald Howard 

Amherley Howe 
Behavioral Science 

Lemuel Hubbard 
Healthcare Admin. /Relig. 

Stanley Huggins 
Theology / French 

Donald Paul 
B iology/ Theology 

Brian Jackson 

Jonae Jackson 
Physical Therapy 

Vemika Holloway 
Physical Therapy 

Kristen Hudson 


Maquis Jackson 
Vocal Performance /Comm. 

Mug Section 139 

Myron James 

Tiffany Johnson 

Raymond King 

Social Work 

Crystalle Langhome 
Business Mangement 

Colleen Lewis 

140 Mug Section 

im-'.!;,!^.-,. ' K-^mi-s^sriw-^^:. 

Deondria Jefferies 


Synanda Jobson 

Rashida John-Lewis 

Joseph Johnson 

Computer Info. Sys. 

Adrianne Jones 
Elementary Education 

Paul Jones 
Elementary Education 

Caulette Julien 
Pedagogy & Performance 

Lee Kimani 

Tern King 

■in an Kitching 

Anthony Lahady Jr. 

Michael Labossiere 

Jamar Lee 
Business Mangement 

William Lee 



: 1 

1 ^2? jB^^L_iJj 

■■^•^ '^^■* 


Cory Legall 
History /Political Science 

Carletta Levy 

Kathleen Lewis 

Lauren Lewis 
Business Administration 

CLiudisha Lewis-Partlow 
Elementary Education 

Joseph Lindsay 

Rolanda Lister 
Biochemistry /Med. Tech. 

Gentry Long 

Prince Mabandla 


Nackesha Maddix 
History/ Communications 

Neil /banning 
Computer Science 

Ryan Manning 

Trade Mathis 
' Communications 

Heather Mattison 

Charles Mayes 

Devan McCalla 

Alison McDonald 

Dianna McFarlane 
Social Work 

Jamie McGriff 

Edd McKenzie 
Physical Therapy 

Bettina McNeil 

Melinda McNeil 
Elementary Education 

Kerri-Ann McNish 
Admin. Sys. Management 

Syreeta McTier 
Elementary Education 

Gina Lyons 
Occupational Therapy 

Laf/sha Martin 
Hum. Dev.&Fam. Studies 

Dananai McCarthy 
Vocal Performance 

Amy McNeil 
Physician Assistant 

Michael Messeny 

Mug Section ' 4 1 

Donald Monroe 


Shayla Montgomery 

D.J. Moore 
Muftc Business 

Hadassah Moore 

Shannan Moore j 

Language Arts Education-' 

Priscilla Morris 

Dianna Moseley 

Ricky Murphy 

Nathalie Myrtil 
Business Administration 

Kelle Neal 

Xavier O'Connor 

Rose Olihrise 
Social Work 

Akosua Opoku-Boateng 

Kara-Shelley Patrick 

Natasha Paul 

142 Mug Section 


Belkis Paulino 

Raymond Peoples 

Monique Poque 
Comm./Elem Ed. 

John Pooler III 

Derrick Ramey Jr. 

Computer Info. Systems 

Marcellinus Regis 


Kyrinda Richardson 

Kymberlee Roache 
Medical Technology 

Kenton Perrin 

Janelle Phillips 

Wintley Phipps II 
Business Management 

Rokeem Pough 
Music Business 

Michelle Powell 
Elementary Education 

Tiffany Profitt 
Computer Info. Systems 

Marlon Reid 

Paul Richards 
Business Administration 

Bree Robinson 
Commercial Art 

.... L. 

Kelie Robinson 


Donald Rolle 

Janice Royer 

Kori Rucker 
Elementary Education 

David Ruff II 

Henry Richardson 

Camillia Rodgers 

Natalie Ruff 

Mug Section '43 

Stephen Rujfll 

Physuiil Thvrapy 

Amber Saunders 

Mane Sellers 
Physical Therapy 


Tifjduy Rugless 

Daniel Saint-Elie 

Heather Samuels 


' A', 

Marie Sanders 


^*>*!«»* •' 

Sherri Saunders 
FJementary Education 

Leslie Scott 

Luwanda Scott 
Elementary Education 

Shawn Scott 

Jaida Senghor 
Hum. Dev. & Fam. Studies 

Ramona Sequia 

Sharhonda Sherman 
Business Mdnagvmcnt 

Krystal Sherrod 
Social Work 

Erica Shuman 
Fam&Consumer Science 

Wileine Simon 

lymarie Smith 

Petti na Smith 

Steven Smith 
business Administration 

Zanel Spencer 
Medical Technology 

Miranda Steele 

John Stephens 
Elementary Education 

Anita Stewart 

44 Mug Section 

Denise Stewart 

Elizabeth Stewart 

Shelly Anne Stewart 

Leeanne Stoddart 

Courtney Stokes 

Devonnett Troupe 
Elementary Education 

Reginald Tull 

Shantil Turner 

Neoma Uchenna 

Corzetta Underwood 

Mug Section ' 4 5 


Lourent Ver^nac 

(huthell Wade III 
Elanenlary Education 

Ronald Walbrook 

Kalisha Walden 

Elementary Education 







1 V*-r^^^ 


Jabari Washington 

Camara Watkms 
Spanish/ Social Work 

Denry White 
Theology/ Religious Ed. 

Staci White 
Eitness & Wellness 

Dalani Williams 

Danique Williams 
Physical Therapy 

Neriega Williams 


Regina Williams 

Stephen Williams 
fntcrnational Studies 

Keturah Williamson 
Elementary Education 

Gregory Walcott 


Courtney Weston 
Physical Therapy 

Ellen Williams 
Occupational Therapy 

Amber Willis 

Math Education 

ip it.., 

Granville Wilson 
Religion/ Business Mgt. 

Earry Wilson 

Victor Wilson 
Theology/ Business Adm. 

Airrion Wisdom 

Teleitha Wright 
Physical Therapy 

146 Mug Section 

Not Pictured 

Adams Stephen 
Allen Corey 
Baly Usha 
Baxter Nicholas 
Beale Samuel II 
Bevel Justin 
Bishop Roberta 
Bowe Antoin 
Brookins Phillip 
Brown Andell 
Brown Desiree 
BuUen Kario 
Burton Andrea 
Cadet Jeolle 
Caleb Joseph 
Cameron Howard 
Campbell Kenroy 
Campbell Leo 
Carrington Kevin 
Chandler Danica 
Cinous Brunelle 
Clarke Michele 
Cochran Cheryl 
Daphnis Ricardo 
Darby Reginald 
Davidson Julie 
Davis Amanda 
Davis Dorhel 
Davis Jamie Jr. 
Davis Justin 
Dudley Gian 
Dunlap Rodney 
Edwards Celeste 
Edwards Samuel 
Ellis Almeta 
Elysee Jonathan 
English DeAnna 
Epps Adrian 
Fatoma Amos Jr. 
Forest LaTanya 
Fountain Eric 
Fountain Powell 
Foust Tameka 
Fryson Elise 
Garnett Tiffany 
148 Mu" Section 

Jackson Damon 
Jackson Michael 
James Kaamilya 
James Lloyd Jr. 
James Prisca 

Johnson Michelle 
Jones Adrianne 
Jones Darrin 
Jones Keith 
Jones Paul 
Jones Veronica 
Joseph Niyiere 
Jouett Brandi 
Julien Caulette 

Kelly Toni 

Kimani Lee 

King Raymond III 

Knotts Harvey 

Kutebwa Kanyeba 

Lawrence Sonita 

Lee Barbara 



Marr Naema 

Marr Nerissa 


McLemore John 


Meadows Gerald 

Melton Melvanie 





Murphy Frederick 

Murphy Jennifer 

Perry Walter 

Rainey Evette 

Remy Marsha 

Roache Kymberlee 

Robinson Bree 

Robinson Kellie 

Rodgers Camillia 

Rosemond Steven 


Sagay Racheem 

Hutton Antionette 

Jackson Damon 

Jackson Michael 

James Kaamilya 

James Lloyd Jr. 

James Prisca 



Johnson Michelle 

Jones Adrianne 

Jones Darrin 

Jones Keith 

Jones Paul 

Jones Veronica 

Joseph Niyiere 

Jouett Brandi 

Julien Caulette 
Kelly Toni 
Kimani Lee 
King Raymond III 
Knotts Harvey 
Kutebwa Kanyeba 
Lawrence Sonita 
Lee Barbara 
Malone Dammeon 
Marr Naema 
Marr Nerissa 
McLemore John Jr. 
Meadows Gerald 
Melton Melvanie 
Montgomery Brian 
Montoute Myrnelle 
Murphy Frederick 
Murphy Jennifer 
Perry Walter 
Rainey Evette 
Remy Marsha 
Roache Kymberlee 
Robinson Bree 
Robinson Kellie 
Rodgers Camillia 
Rosemond Steven 
Sagay Racheem 
Sanders Alfredneitta 

Thomas Frank 
Thomas Jonathan 
Thomas Jorhena 
Thompson Christine 
Thompson David 
Tobaldo Dino 
Tramel Bradley 
Tuckett A-kima 
Turnbidl Courtney 
Verneus Cassandre 
Walker Daniel 
Walker Monique 
Warren Allyson 
Warrick Kerron 
Washington Autumn 
Watlington April 
Williams Dulani 
Williams Kwame 
WioUiams Monique 
Williams Tomika 
Wilson Roger 
Works Annamarie 


Mim Section 149 

t JL^ 



I I 


1 1 III 

1 3 Mus Section 

Mug Section 1 5 1 

Rhianna Aaron 

In eke Allen 

Marx All eyrie 

( '(>t)!pHtcf h/f(l '%V' 

Sarah Adams 

Kez'in Allen 

Christine Anderson 

/1( ( iHoitnin 

Orian Atkinson 

-y € 

Toy OS i Atolagbe 
Social Work 

Tenesha Adams 
Business Education 

Anthony Albury 

Dorian Allen 

Ted Allen 
Titnes'i L' Wellness 

O. Carlos Allers 
Biology Education 

Jeremy Anderson 

Tonia Austin 
Social Work 

Trevor Barnes Jr. 

5 2 Mug Section 

Brent Batiste 

Leon Beaulieu 

Ike Antoine 
Social Work 

Kendrick Banfield 
Social Work 

James Beck 

Keisha Alley ne 

Duriel Antonio 


Kimberly Barker 

Cariela Belgrave 

Christopher Belgrave 

Marvin Boatright 

Ifiteniatinnul Stud. 

Yuel Boyce 


Devon Benton 





I **• <»«■ 







Rae Black 

Marcus Blake 

Samuel Bohmeon 


Dewayne Boone 

History Education 

Fredrick Boseman Jr. 


Elaynea Boyneton 


Meki Bracken 

Valencia Bradley 

David Brown 
Computer Science 

Maxine Brown 
Medical Tech. 

lijjany Brown 
International Studies 

Ulanda Brown 
Systems Mangement 

Armand Blankenship 

Hakeem Boulin 

Business /Einatice 

Niyrai Bradshaw 

Daleon Brown 

Mus Section 153 

Linhert Browne 

Candice Caesar 

Morris Carlyle 
Theolo^ / Psycholo^ry 

Noel Browne 
Computer Science 

Terrance Burrs 

Chasta Callies 

Haniffe Carrington 

Verdine Browne 

K'Hari Bryant 

April Burks 
English Education 

Tiffany Burton 


Quinton Butterfield 
Computer Science 

Toccara Byrd 

Physical Therapy 

Rhonda Callist 


Andrew Campbell 

Earl Canson III 

3, A 

Nicole Carryl 


Chris Carter 

Corey Carthen 
Business Administration 


Lavona Cassimy 

154 Mug Section 

Krista Charles 
Math/Computer Science 

Qurentia Chester 

Mike Chile!. 
Computer Science 

Jacqueline Clay 

Joshua demons 
Computer Science 

Paul Cleveland 

Tyrice Clisby 

Cassandra Coleman 
Social Work 

Jordan Collier 

William Cox 

Jason Craig 
Computer Science 

Crystal Cram 

Nicole Crowell 

Kimberly Cumberbatch 

Dannell Curry 
Business Administration 

Kendrick Dandridge 
Business Mangement 

Daniel Daniels 
Computer Science 

Chantell Darville 
Medical Technology 

Jamaine Davis 

Nicholas Davis 
Comp. Science/ Business 

Tranteegus Davis 

Sammy DeGrajf 
Music Instrumental Ed. 

Rhodeanith Dormer 

Caleb Dossman 

Twila Drew 

Kareema Dudley 

Alison Dulan 

Skyra Dummett 
Social Work 

Keitron Duncan 
Business Administration 

Mug Section 




Dwayne Duncombe 


Anedra Eatman 
Psychol o^ 


Joseph Evans II 
Applied Mdth/Coniputtrs 

Schari Flowers 

Renee Fowler 

1 5 6 Mue Section 

Tamika Duncombe 

Donna Edwards 

Haven Fair 

Angel Fluellen 

Irby Dunn 

Warren Edwards 

SL ..^ . 

Damelle Felix 

Adaina Ford 

Christopher Franklin Jr. 

Marc Fulton Jr. 

Amber Dunson 

Chans Esters 
Allied Health 

Jason Evans 

V ■; - 

Aiva Ferdinand 

Georges Fleurtmond 

Candyce Foster 
Elementary Education 

Danita Fowler 

Danielle Gallon 

Shannon Gamble 

Kevann Gardner 

Prad Georges 

Woody Gracia 

Melbourne Gregory 
Occupational Therapy 

Jessica Graham 


Winston Graham 

ius/ness Management 

LaKeila Greaves 

Melissa Grey 
Music Education 

Natalie Griffin 
Elementary Education 

Jacinth Hails 

Mu'in Performance 

7 Ul('ll 

Antione Germany 
Social Science Education 

Donna Greene 

Gelycc Hairston 

/V»J'^/(,^/ Therapy 

Monique Hall 


Pamela Hammond 

Naomi Harden 

Mue Section 


Dorian Harkins 

Cherene Harrigan 

Akila Hams 

Andrea Hams 


Stephanie Haynes 
Medical Technology 

Caron Heartley 
Physical Therapy 

Christina Henry 
Pre Med 

Leslie Henry 
Speech Pathology 

iillii i2 til '-^i 

Rondale Henry 
Computer Science 

Allison Hetsberger 

Byron Hill 


iuh II ill 









JL i 

Brandon Hollier 


Erica Hollingsworth 

Jonathan Holman 

Brian Howard 

,._jr - ::,^.;:l! 

Runako Howell 
Computer Info Systems 

Monica Howson 
Social Work 

Sharelle Hubbard 
Pre- Vetinarian 

Adoree Haughton 

English Education 

Richard Henry 

Marlon Hill 
Computer Science 

Aleesha Houston 


Eleanor Innocent 
Physical Therapy 

5 8 Mug Section 

Jermatne Jackson 

Tamara Jackson 

Sonya Jacobs 


Dominique Jacques 


Tia Jeffrey 
Physical Therapy 

Can dice Johns 

Jerohmee'l Johsnon 

Janique Joseph 

Corey Johnson 
Elementary Education 

Gemycah Johnson 

Robert Johnson 

Rodriguez Johnson 

Gary Jouett II 

Charmaine Kerr 

Gerald Johnson 

Jenean Johnson 

Rommel Johnson 

Desmirra Jones 
Elementary Education 

\ >--\-^v 

Aukcd Joseph 
Medical Techonolgy 

Ezekial Joseph 
Medical Technology 

Craig Kevin 

Mus Section I 5 9 



Stacey King 
Physical Therapy 

Natasha Lambert 



Cassimy Lavona 

Tamiya King 

S/H'Ci /> Pathology 

Gina Lance 

Rebecca Lee 

Antwann Lewis 
hnhitu el ( 'IS 

Dionne Lewis 

Dictitn >: 



Joel Knight 

Physical Therapy 

,yV "^^ 

Mike Knight Thenipv 

Collin Lambert 



Janelle Langford 
Medical Technology 

^^- ■ ■■■ 11 i. 

Qunicy Laster 

Natalie Legall 

Deidre-Ann Leiba 

Kellee Lewis 
Speech Pathology 

Xavier Lewis 
Business Management 

Olive Nadine Lindo 

Johnny Lonnon 

Tiffani Lonnon 
Computer Science 

Khomisha Lottimore 
Business Administration 

Kenyatta Latham 

Stefanie Lester 

Tino Lightboume 

Tanya Loveday 
Music Education 

60 Mu" Section 


Odette Lubin 

Jason Mann 

Annel Matthews 
Pre-Physical Therapy 

Cameron Lumsey 

Stephen Mackey II 
Commercial Art 

Rory Major 

Kharye Mane 
Physical Education 

Jonathan Mann 
Business Administration 

Kevin Maragh 

Joyceline Marquez 

Pam Martin 

Candace McGoodwin 

Peta McLean 
Elementary Education 

Adam Maycock 

Keondra McBean 
Business Administration 

Justin McFarland 

Nathan McGmnts 

Joseph McGowens 


Zamair McKenzie 


Richard McLaughlin 

Computer Science 

Marvin -1/t l.ean 

Lainisha McMiller 

Rebecca McMurray 
Elementary Education 

Christopher McNish 

1 -1 ll 5» »( * IL 

Sandile Mduba 

Mug Section 1 6 1 


l\innAiu Medley 
I'hy.udl Ihenipy 

Damion Miller 

[ 3^ 

Arnett Montague 

Business Mangement 

Launice Melbourne 

Morgan Minisee 
Elementary Education 

Kerlene Montoute 

Melanie Metcalfe 

Gregory K. Minor, Jr. 

April Moore 

Fayth Miles 

Henry L. Mitchell 

Darius Morgan 


Christopher Moms 

Rodney Morn 
Unde< ided 

Erica Nabors 
Medical Technology 

Daliah Nembhard 

Leslie Norwood 

Aimee Nazi I 

Crystal Miller 
Elementary Education 

Althea Morris 

lii-.,,.,,.,.. . fe. .-2 

Mahanga Mwaka 


April Oakes 

^2 Mug Section 


Parrie Oates 

Eleme>it,ny FiIiu\ttion 

Kiyomi Oatez 


Susanne Osborne 

Sara Osi 

Josue Osiris 

Computer Science 

NaYasha-Ann Otey 

Priscilla Owoso-Frimpong 

Jason Patton 
Business Administration 

Eric Phillips 
Business Administration 

Duane Powell 
Business Administration 

Michelle Pabon 
Social Work 

Sonya Paerker 
Business Administration 

Jason Patrickson 

\ ;-^,, 


: '-' ' *• 



Shona Paul 


Shukura Pemberton 

Raven Perkins 

Franklin Peters 
Computer Info. Sys. 

Nurise Pierre 

Victor Pile, Jr. 
Computer Science 

Melissa Finney 
Medical Technology 

Anika Powell 
Business Mangement 

Rosalyn Powell 
Speech Therapy 

Sarah Price 

Torrey Price 

Angel Provost 

Mug Section 1 6 3 


Laveme Re id 

Erin Robinson 
Computer Science 

Latoya Royal 

Charles Reese Jr. 

Andrew Reeves Jr. 

Horace Scott 


I . J 

Stacy -Ann Re id 


Apryl Roberts 
Rusiiie^^ AdministratK 

Loma Roberts 
Social Work 

Mvyussur Robinzine 

Cane Roddy 

Richard Romain 


Eunice Ruff 

' h.lnry'l\v,hnIn',V 

(uihrivllc Ruff 

( liC)ii:\tiy 

Shanna Scarlett 

Jonathan Scott 

Lloyd Sealy Jr. 


Allison Sease 

•• MS M-M 

ksi i rf 

William Roberts III 

Antonia Rose 
Computer Science 

;<-i,-!^.- ..x^tfHVSW^i 

,A > 

Duane Scott 
Computer Info. Sys. 

Eric Shakes Jr. 

I 64 Mug Section 

Leig/.KTizft Shakes 

Kevin Sharif 


Summer Shelton 


Marvin Sheppard 
Physical Education 

Scarlett Shorter 

Tocarra Stong 
Human Dev. 

Melissa Swain 

Treva Sweeny 
Computer Science 

Kristina Symonds 

Arturo T aver as 

Mug Section 1 6 5 




Raymond Taylorjr. 

K, ninny 

Anthony Thompson 


Denise Tolben 

Othniel Tucker 

Lanair Walker 

Reginald Taylor 

[• )il^niccrnig 


Cielita Thomas 


1.. ., ■ 

George Thomas III 

Business Administration 

Rajemi Thomas 


Brandt Thompson 

Kareen Thompson 
Business Management 

Wayne Titus 

Dcmnra Tolston 


Kuiana Tookes 

Tamara Treston 
Computer Info. Systems 

Alicia Trusty 

Haven Turner 
Elementary Educat 

Michael Tucker 

I 111 decided 

Keith Tutt II 

Karis Valentine 

Robert Walker 

Lisa Warren 
Computer Info. Systems 

Noah Washington 

Perry Washington 

166 MuK Section 

Regina Washington 

Norton Webb 

Angelia White 

Aaron Waters 


Holly Watkins 

Katara Watkins 

Myecha Watkins 
Math Education 

DeRoyce Williams 
Computer Science 

Meretle Wilson II 

Bruce Wells II 

Royal Wells 
Speech Pathology 

Terissa Wharton 
English/ Communications 

Tameka Whitaker 
Elementary Education 

Jejf White 
Business Administration 

Hassan Wilbert 

Amalisa Williams 

Joshua Williams 

Antweyne Williamson 

Orlyn Williams 
Business Management 

Michael Wilson 
Physical Therapy 

Tiffany Windham 

Todd Windham 
Computer Science 

Chantay Williams 

Alexandria Wilson 


Lillye Winston 

Mug Section '67 


Janet Wise 
Phy^Kii/ Therapy 

Ravida Wright 
Physical Therapy 

Aaron Wiseltier 


Shaina Wright 

Keith Woodard 

George Young III 

Cherimoya Wright-Irby 
Elementary Education 

Winston Zangley 

Courtney Wright 

Shellie Zavala 

168 Muf: Section 

Not Pictured 

Adams Monifa 
Allen Lloyd Jr. 

Banton Delroy 
Blay Kykinda 
Bratton Matthew 

Brooks Kamica 
Brown Aquila 
Brown David 
Brown Maxine 
Brown Tiffany 
Brown Ulanda 
Brown Daleon 
Bryant K'hari 
Burden Takesha 
Burks April 
Calliste Nicole 
Cameron Rich- 

Cancel Gina 
Carthen Corey 
Chapman Kita 
Cinous Kesnel 
Clarke Yannique 
Collins David 
Daniel Darrel 
Davis Edwin 
Davis Willena 
Dennis Alton 
Douglas Ben- 

Dowrich Monet 
Dyson Rosalyn 
Ferguson Roy 
Faucis letitia 
Garnett Tina 
Golson Erin 

Johnson Attalie 
Johnson Cory 
Johnson Deon 
JohnSMi Samuel 
Johnson Ta wan 
Jones Leatha 
Kelly Coulbum 
Langley Winston 
Lee William 
Mann Jason 
Matiwaza Mtiiulisi 
Mays Pierre 
McKinnis Denero 
McPherson Noyle 
MBes Jerome 
Mims Margaret 
Moore Kharye 
Murray Quintin 
Perry Erika 
Prosper Evanson 
Reese Charles 
Richards Paul 
Rivera Smyrna 
Russell Courthney 
Sampson Sabah 
Sanford Darryl 
Scott Cordell 
Simmmons Dianna 
Simmons Tawana 
Simons Jeremy 
St Felix Rudy 
Sutton Florence 
Thomas Dillon 
Times Joy 
Venter Jamaal 
Vergnac Laurent 
Walbr(K)k Ronald 
Walker Darryl 
Warren Lawanza 

Williams Clinton 
Williams Simonea 
Williamson Keturah 
Wright Jermaine 
Young Mario 

Mim Section 169 



ak wood's 


Tim Alston, Public Relations 

They challenge us to better, 
and then to be our best. 
Working long hours for 
little recompense, the 
factulty and staff of 
Oakwood College are truly 
the finest. Thev have sacri- 
ficed big bucks that they 
may have earned working m 
the public sector to come to 
a small liberal arts Seventh- 
day Aciventist college in 
Huntsville, Alabama. Why? 
Because they have sensed 
God's calling them to more 
than just a nice salary with a 
401 k plan; they want more. 
Oakwood\s finest are 
instruments used bv God to 

Sonia Paul of LEAP. 


Mr. Ronald Lindsey.Treasurer 

Ella Simmons, Vice President of Aca- 
demic Affairs. 

1 70 Faculty & Staff 

Business & Information 

Left to right back: Ben 
Onwukaeme, Everett Roper, 
Keld Billingy. David Amponsah, 
Sandra Prine, Ruthi Gunn, 
KelleyDuncanson, Beverly 
Preston, Faye Braithwaite, Evelyn 
Tucker (chair) 



Left to Right: Dorothy 
Sovyanhadi, Nelli Mosby, Juliet 
Durant, Ashton Gibbons, An- 
thony Paul (chair), Londa 
Schimdt, Alexandrine 
Randriamahe fa, Raymond 
Randriamahefa, Padma Uppala, 
Seth Lubega 

p- -f f -*j| 



Left to Right: Rachel Williams, 
Oliver Davis, Ramona Hyman, 
Gatsinzi Basaninyenzi, Kyna 
Hinson, Tungesh Mohan, Lela 
Gooding, Biiice nix, Karen Tucker, 
Rennae Elliot, Ursual Benn, Mitlua 
Hampton, Bernard Benn 

Paculty ft Staff 1 7 1 

» 3t/ 






Back Row 1-r: James Mhyirukira, Jennifer Patterson, Marcia Getfield, Artie L^fj ^o right: Kathleen Dobbins, Havovi Patel, Grace Monroe, John Blab ! 
Melancon Seated: Frances BUss, Rokmd McKenzie (chair) (chair) 

Family and Consumter Sciences 


Left to right: Claudia Alcott, Barbaia WaiTen, Donna Smith, Claude ^^^ ^^ ^igj^^. ^gj, Hutson, Wayne Bucknor, Keiry HoUand, Eurydice Ostenna, 
Thomas, Carol Kinley. Seated: Ruth Fae Davis (chair), Annette Mohan Lucile Lacy (chair) Juhe Moore- Ehsn (chair) 


Standing: Nigel Barham, Larry Hasse 

Seated: Ciro Sepulvada (chair), Linda Belgrave 

1 72 Faculty & Staff 


.Left to right: Cavelle Regis, Flora Flood, Carol Allen(chair), Selena Simons, 
Kera Gwebu, Caryll Dormer , Karnen Anderson 

Phsycial Education 

Standing: Howard Shaw, Terry Hamilton, Earl 


Seated: Marcia Locoumbe, James Roddy, Earlene 


Front Row: Alexander Volkov, Laura Lee, Maya 
Volkov, Kenneth Lai-Hing (chair), Rore Hamilton, 
Tatiana Shvestova, Don_ Rufus Runatunga 

Regrettably Not Pictured 
Religion and Theology 



Standing:Will Mitchell, Carlton Oler, Kermit Cater 
Seated: Evelyn Blanch-Payne, Margaret Nixon, Luetilla 
Carter, Belvia Mathews 

Social Work 

Left to Right: Kesslyn Brade, Helen Fichle, Mavis 
Mitchell, George Ashely Edith Eraser (chair not pictured) 

Faculty e Staff 17, 

ll x> 









Back row 1-r: Crysalda Clay, Gwendolyn White-Gibbons, Reuben 
Griffith, Alton Conwell, Oman Bailey, Fron Row 1-r: Sobrina Cotton, 
Mary Monroe, Carole Booth, Tara Jefferson -Young, Paula Wilson, 
Juanita McClendon, April Fortune 

Counseli n g and Testing 

Left to right: Ivy Starks, MavisMitchell, Claude Thomas, Carmen 


Lett to right: Jerry, Verono Hell, Robert Wilson, Kelvin Mills Gen. 
Manager, Alfred Shiriey Carr, Kris Blevins. Kneehng: Mathew Martini 
and James Sanders 

174 Faculty ft Staff 


Left to right: Connie Maycock, Tracie Moore, Tonya Bowman, Joyce 
Smith. Back 1-r: Keith Johnson, Fred Pullins 

Health Services 

Left to right: Deborah Mays, Sanitha Doulgas, Margo McClellan, and 
Dr. Celia Lloyd- Tumey 

Center for Academic Advancement 

Front row: Rise' Lowery, Januwoina Nixon, Ethel Griftln, Linda Webb, 
James Hutchinson BackRow: James Miles, Linda Wright, Gurunath 
Uppala, Lorna Harrison 







Child Development 

Left to right: Annete Mohan, Robin Hawkins, Tyson Bell , Karen 
Boothe,Trina White. 

Computer Center 

Back 1-r: Ronald Felix, Brenell Newman, Front 1-r: Geraldine Pullins, 
Donna Robinson, Anthony Walker, Enoch Baker 

Information Techonolgy 

Left to right: Everett Alexander, George Lee, Jeanme Watkins, Timothy 
j McDonald (director), Kim Griffin, RoengsakCartwright, Melvic Smith 

Edwards Hail 

Left to Right: Anthony Butler, Anita McCrary, Dean Philip Nixon 

Alumni Relations and Development 

^eft to right: Bruce Peiffer, Sherman Cox, Beveriey Johnson, Jan Ross, 
Deborah Millet, Michelle Ramey, Florecta Barr-Ennis, 

Office of Spriritual Life 

Seated: T Mai'shall Kelly (Chaplain), and Celestine Jones 

Faculty ft Staff 1 75 



Physical Plant 

Front row 1-r: Octavia Hall, Lionel Scott, Donald Washington, James 
Hames, Aaron Wildman, Georgette Hughes, Anita Dupree, Monica 
Wilson Erma Forde. Middle: James Burgess, Rudy Castillo. Back Row: 
Titus Ruff, James Mitchell, Tony Andrews, Frank Bijoet, Al Calhoun, 
Ben Hampton, Robert Drake, Donny Hopkins 


Front row: Doris McCrary, Janith Lewis (Director), Ruth Swan Back 
Row: Minneola Dixon, Marie Samson, Sylvia Rochester, Lilia 
McKenzie, Joyce Williams 

Ellen G. White Estates 

Front row: Craig Newbom(Director),and Erin Reid. 

President's Office 

Left to Right: Angela Damon, 
Elaine Allston, Shirley Iheanacho 

Post Office 

Genet Selassie and Waltie Getfield 



Division of Student Services 

Left lo right: Anthony Medley, Theodore Gunn, 
Monica Powell. Evette Powell, Tiaja Fletcher 

176 Faculty a Staff 

Wade Hall 

Left to Right: Dean Pattie Landy, Florence Marchand, and 
June Weekes 



,||||,|,|,IM 'Wl 

'MP I 

.^*'» MS'S-v.a. .'^.^adj 




Charles Krupa/AP 

Ron Frehm/AP 

Was the media coverage of the 
death of John F. Kennedy Jr. 
excessive or appropriate? 

64% Excessive 
36% Appropriate 

The dreadful events that plaqued the life of John F. Kennedy Jr. 
painted an eerie backdrop for the tragic plane crash that killed hinri, 
his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and her sister, Lauren Bessette. 
The bodies of the three victims were recovered by divers in the 
Atlantic about seven miles off of Martha's Vineyard, where the Piper 
Saratoga II Kennedy was piloting crashed five days before. In the 
end, the nation anci the world was left to mourn the loss of a man 
they came to know as a little boy, saluting the casket of his 
assassinated father, a boy who grew up to inherit the bittersweet 
Kennedy legacy. 

The Son Antonio Spurs held off the New 

York Knicks in June to win the team's 

first-ever NBA championship. The Spurs, 

led by David Robinson and Tim Duncan, 

clinched all four playoff series games on 

the road, completing the playoffs with a 

15-2 record. The team also set an NBA 

single-season record with 1 2 consecutive 

victories in the postseason. 

Nick Ut/AP 

Robert Downey Jr., the one-time 
Oscar nominee and star of such 
films as "Natural Born Killers" 
and "Less Than Zero," was 
sentenced in August to three 
years in prison for violating his 
probation on drugs and weapons 
charges. The 34-year-old actor 
had made several attempts at 
rehabilitation prior to his latest 
arrest, and had spent more than 
six months behind bars. 

Ryan Remiorz/AP 

A controversial goal in the third 

overtime lifted the Dallas Stars to 

victory over the Buffalo Sabres in 

Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals in 

June. On the winning goal, Dallas' 

Brett Hull took two whacks at the 

puck and finally knocked it past the 

Sabres' fallen goalie. After further 

review, the shot was ruled fair to give 

Dallas its first championship in 

franchise history. 

pf waf 1 0OG A.D. 

,^ wds discovered in 

JShikibu wrote what is 

je novel, "The Tale of Genji." 

IfWWIffi and loves of Prince Genji is 
r . . I .L_ . • -I- -£ 1 

of Denmark became the king of England in 
.^lowing the death of his father who had conquer^' 
..._ jountry three years before. While presiding over a 
period of prosperity in England, Canute the Great also 


r fmi 

Supplied by AP 

The low-budget horror documentary, "The 

Blair Witch Project," came out of nowhere, 

earning more than $150 million and 

competing with major studio releases, such as 

"Tne Sixth Sense," in the summer box office 

race. Having been made for less than 

$35,000, the movie beat the odds to become 

the most profitable motion picture of all time. 

m siti" 

What was your favorite 
movie of the year? 

; 1. American Pie 

Z. The Sixth Sense 

3. Thie Matrix 
; 4. The Green Mie 
i 5. 10 Things i Hate About You 

Burhan Ozbilici/AP 

A deadly earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale rocked 

western Turkey in August. By far the year's most catastrophic, 

the earthquake killed more than 17,000 people. Several serious 

aftershocks followed the main earthquake, destroying thousands 

of buildings and leaving hundreds of thousands of people 

homeless and living in tent cities. 

The U.S. women's soccer team battled for 1 20 
minutes to a scoreless tie before defeating 
China, 5-4, on penalty kicks in the V/orld Cup 
Final. The exciting win captured the hearts of 
America, resulting in hero status for the team's 
20 members and a shot in the arm for women's 
sports overall. Additionally, the World Cup 
cnampionship was credited for boosting soccer's 
marginal stature in the United States. 

Mark Terrill/AP 

suppressed uprisings in Denmark and defeated 
Norway. He died in 1035 as king of all three 
countries and a highly respected power in Europec 

Williom, duke of Nornnandy a.k.a Wv'i! i 

Conqueror , led a triumphant charge over Haroli 
earl of Wessex, in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. i 
issue was the throne of England, which had been ' 
promised to William, but given to Harold. His army no 
match for the Normans, Harold was finally slain and | 
William won the English crown. i 

Pope Urban II launched a crusade in 1 095 to 
reclaim the Holy Land from the Turks. After several 
waves of battle, Christian soldiers eventually took 
Jerusalem in 1099. The triumph was short-lived and 
the Crusades continued for another 200 years. 

■ American Airlines Flight 1420 
ing 1 45 passengers skidded off a 
lunwoy, broke apart and burst into flames 
dunng on emergency landing at a Little 
Rock, Atk , airport Eleven people were 
killed and at least 83 others were injured in 
the crash, which occurred during a gusty 
hai! storm Winds of 90 mph caused the 
aircraft to slam into a steei light pole, split 
into pieces and catch fire, coming to a rest 
^the edge of the Arkansas River 

^ The WNBA announced its 
selection of Indiana, Miami, Portland, Ore., 
and Seattle qs expansion franchises to begin 
play in the 2000 season. The additions 
brought the two-year-old women's 
basketball league to 16 teams. Eight teams 
were part of the WNBA when play began 
m 1 997 with franchises in Charlotte, 
Cleveland, Houston, New York, Los Angeles, 
Phoenix, Sacramento and Utah. Teams were 
added in Detroit and Washington before the 
1 998 season, and in 1 999, Minnesota and 
Orlando joined the league. 

Rosa Parks, 86, the black 
woman whose refusal to give up her bus 
seat to a white man made her a symbol for 
civil rights, received the Congressional Gold 
Medal, the highest honor bestowed by the 
U.S. Congress, during a ceremony in the 
Capitol Rotunda. She was lauded by 
President Clinton and House and Senate 
leaders. As a recipient of the award. Parks 
was in elite company with people like 
Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa having 
been honored before her 

— Sportscaster Marv Albert 
was rehired by NBC as one of the 
announcers on the network's NBA crew. The 
move came two years after he was fired in 
a lurid sex scandal, which resulted in a 
guilty plea for sexual assault of a woman in 
a Virginia hotel room. In December, it was 
announced that Albert would return next fall 
to his former position as NBC's lead 
basketball announcer 

Michel Lipchitz/AP 

111' . 

Millions gathered all over Europe and 

gazed curiously skyward to see the moon 

smother the light of the sun as the last total 

solar eclipse of the millennium swept across 

the continent in August. The eclipse, 

moving at a speed of 1 ,500 m.p.h., cast 

darkness on the land for about two 

minutes. It will be 82 years before 

Europeans see another solar eclipse. 

Prince Edward, the youngest 

child of Queen Elizabeth, and 

publicist Sophie Rhys-Jones were 

married in a modest ceremony at 

St. George's Chapel inside 

Windsor Castle in June. The 

prince chose to forgo the royal 

pageantry that had accompanied 

the weddings of his siblings, most 

notably Prince Charles, all of 

which ended in divorce. 

Maurice Greene of the United States made a 
last-minute decision to run the 100 meters in 
an Athens, Greece, invitational in June. When 
it was over, he had run the fastest time in 
history. Greene finished the 100 meters with a 
time of 9.79, a full five-hundreths of a second 
faster than the record set by Donovan Bailey 
of Canada at the 1 996 Atlanta Olympics. 

Michael Probst/AP 

Alastair Grant/ AP 


Archive Photos 

'i "r. 

more than 70 years later,,,*^ 
venturesome Western | 
sailors used it to sail westj 
and eventually | 

circumnavigate the globei. 
Some 62 years after the 
first modern university 
— the University of Bologna - 
was founded in Bologna, Italy, the 
university concept finally caught on. The 
University of Paris, founded in 1 1 50, served as 
a model for the creation of University of Oxford 
Sin 1 1 87, each boasting faculties in theology, 
law, medicine and liberal arts. 



-^ 5 



Peter Cosgrove/AP 

Eileen Collins became the first female 
shuttle commander when she piloted the 
Columbia into space in July. Despite a fuel 
leak and a short-circuit in wiring, Collins 
and her crew successfully deployed the 
Chandra X-ray Observatory during their 
five-day mission. She was one of only 29 
female astronauts employed by NASA. 

Nils Meilvang/AP 

Aaron Favila/AP 

Residents of East Timor voted in August to end 24 
years of occupation by Indonesia, resulting in a 
fierce crusade of violence and intimidation bv anti- 
independence militias. Thousands were killed in the 
aftermath of the vote. In October, after multinational 
forces intervened, Indonesia eventually relinquished 
control of the newly independent colony. 

Lance Armstrong became only the second 
American to win the Tour de France, when he 
outdistanced his opponents bv an impressive 
seven minutes ana 37 seconds in July. Having 
beaten the odds against testicular cancer only 
two years before, Armstrong's convincing Tour 
de France victory inspired the world. 

I Islamic translations of the works of and Plato began in 1 1 69. The classical works 

llwere rescued from centuries of neglect and suppression by the Catholic Church with 
S;jransiations by Ibn Rushd and other Muslim scholars. 

After completion of the first three stories of the Torre 

Pendente di Pisa (Tower of Pisa) in 1 1 74, the edifice 

began to settle to the south. En gineers m ade several attempts to 

try to counter the ^ ; 

problem, but to no | 

avail. Wfien the j 

; J 89-foot, eight-story 

|)wer was finished in 

he 1 4th Century, it 

lad developed a 

southern lean of luijjlUii '\ 

more than 1 7 feet. *^:'.t . > ;"' 

Archive Photos 

-~ The third time was not a 
cliai m foi Hne Woodstock rock festival, when 
the third such event in 30 years endured 
riot-like conditions. Riied-up rock fans v/ent 
on a rampage toward the end of the 
weekend event, starting Fires and trashing 
the Rome, N.Y., concert site. Surprisingly, no 
one was seriously injured and ultimately the 
fans supported participating bands such as 
Kid Rock, Rage Against the Machine and 
the Dave Matthews Band. 

— la\k, the much-baliyhooed 
new magazine from former New yorker 
Editor Tina Brown, hit newsstands. The first 
issue featured a cover story on Hillary 
Rodham Clinton, talking candidly about the 
indiscretions of her husband. Bill, and her 
future in politics. In a sly political move. 
New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 
Hillary's likely opponent in the 2000 Senate 
race, rejected the original site for the 
magazine's launch party, which eventually 
took place at the Statue of Liberty. 

p.:; — Martin Lawrence was 

"hospitalized and subsequently fell into a 
coma after collapsing from heat stroke a 
month before the scheduled opening of his 
new movie, "Blue Streak." It was later 
reported that Lawrence had been jogging in 
heavy clothing with temperatures soaring 
into the 90s. The comic actor's publicist 
insisted if was all part of Lawrence's normal 
workout routine. Lawrence completely 
recovered after about three weeks in the 
hospital and was released just in time for 
I the premiere. 

— The final Liiith Fair gig 
was performed in Edmonton, Alberta, 
culminating the fourth summer for the 
touring music festival that broke new ground 
for female musicians. Joining founder Sarah 
McLachlan on stage for the final round of 
concerts were Sheryl Crow, Dixie Chicks, 
Indigo Girls, Lisa Loeb and a host of others. 

Don Emmert/AP 

ii|i (I; 

III' 'i; 

The New York Yankees put the £ 

finishing touches on their "Team '"^ 

of the Century" designation by 

sweeping the Atlanta Braves in 

the World Series. By beating the 

Braves, the Yankees claimed their 

second-straight world championship 

sweep and the team's 25th World 

Series win overall. The Yankees 

are the only team in baseball 

history to chart back-to-back 

sweeps in the World Series, 

having done it three times. 

Ron Frehm/AP 

All 217 passengers on EgyptAir Flight 990 were killed 
when the Boeing 767 crashed into the Atlantic off the 
Massachusetts coast. As search crews recovered pieces of 
the airliner from the ocean floor, speculation mounted that 
relief pilot Gamil ol-Batouty intentionally crashed the plane. 
Information collected from the flight data recorder did 
reveal that al-Batouty turned off the engines and deployed 
the speed brakes. Although U.S. investigators suspected that 
al-Batouty had a death wish, no suicide note or evidence of 
terrorism emerged. 

Maria Melin/AP 

Which of the new 
muLti-miLion dollar TV 
shows was your favorite? 



Who Wants t6 Be d Mll^i^lrfe-^ 



Winning Lnes 

ABC's surprise hit "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" brought television full- 
circle from its infancy, when prime-time game shows were a mainstay. 
Hosted by TV's crafty quipster. Regis Philbin, the show became an instant 
phenomenon and gave ABC its first sweeps win in five years. The other 

major networks quickly followed suit with their own quiz-show clones, such 
as FOX's "Greed" ana "Twenty One" on NBC. 

f, fi <P=* 


bas brought from 

the Far East by travelers like Marc© Polo. Sharing the knowledge of the more than 20 years he 
spent in Asia, Polo inspired Europeans to seek out the Orient and Columbus to sail the Atlantic. 

The zero gained a firm foothold in Europe in 
1 202, having been rejected for two centuries by 
Christian clergymen who considered the Arabic 
number system heathenistic. Once rooted in use, 
the zero eventually transformed the art of 
European calculation. ' 

a bid to conquer the world in 1 206. By the time 
he died in 1 227, the Mongol emperor had con- 
quered four times more land than Alexander 
the Great. 

Supplied by AP 

French explorer Bernard Buigues led an international 
expedition into a remote area of Siberia in October to 
excavate a 23,000-year-old woolly mammoth, its body 
remarkably preserved in the permafrost. Named "Jarkov" 
for the nomadic family that discovered it, the ancient 
mammoth was airlifted to special cold-storage caverns. 
There, scientists began studying the creature and the soil 
around it for clues about the environment and what might 
have caused the species to become extinct. 

Kathy Willens/AP 

The sensational Williams 

sisters took professional 

women's tennis to new 

heights in 1 999 with Venus, 

1 9, and Serena, 1 8, 

finishing ranked No. 3 and 

No. 4 respectively. At the 

U.S. Open in September, 

Serena won the singles 

championship and then 

teamed with Venus the 

following day to ace the 

doubles title. 

Faced with the threat of civil war and weakened by loss- 
es in France and an ongoing conflict with the church, King 
John of England bowed to demands by English barons 

to wanted more governmental control by signing thi 
agna Carta in 1 21 5. The document not only sen/k. 
as the foundation for future forms of government in 
England, but eventually helped shape the U.S. 

Xanadu was founded in 1 265 on the site now occu- I 
pied by Beijing. Built by Kublai Kahn, the first emperor of 
the Kuan Dynasty who ruled during a time of widespread 
prosperity, Xanadu would eventually become China's first 

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" celebrated 
its 25th anniversary with a live broadcast 
in September Current and former cast 
members joined host Bill Murray on stage 
for the three-hour special. The program 
included a moving tribute to Jonn Belushi, 
Gilda Radner, Phil Hartman and Chris 
Farley, the "not-ready-for-primetime" 
players who have died since SNL first 
aired in 1 975. 

Francis Latreille/AP 

Daniel Hulshizer/AP 

Hurricane Floyd brought deadly flood 
waters to North Carolina in September, 
killing more than 50 people and causing 
in excess of $5 billion in damage. Towns 
in 61 counties were inundated by flooding 
in what was deemed the worst disaster in 
the state's history. Floyd was part of one of 
the worst hurricane seasons the East Coast 
had seen in more than 20 years. 

— A man spouting 
anti-Baptist rhetoric burst into the 
Wedgwood Baptist Church in Forth Worth, 
Texas, and opened fire, killing seven people 
before sifting in a pew and turning the gun 
on himself. Seven others were wounded, 
three of them seriously, in the shooting 
rampage, which happened during a service 
for teenagers. More than 1 50 people were 
in attendance. The shooting was one of 
several that occurred during the year, an 
ominous trend thof sparked a nationwide 
debate on gun control. 

— Federal health 
experts announced that the deaths of tfiree 
people in New York City, originally 
attributed to mosquito-borne St. Louis 
encephalitis, were actually caused by a rare 
bird virus, not previously seen in the 
Western Hemisphere. Officials said the 
fatalities, in addition to more than 100 
cases of illness, had been reclassified and 
were now being linked to a virus called the 
West Nile fever-like virus. Since the virus 
was usually found in Africa, they could nqL 
explain how it had traveled to New Ybrk.| 

*-" — A sellout crowd of 

nostalgic Detroit baseball fans joined Hall of 
Fame players and the ghosts of past glory to 
say farewell to Tiger Stadium after 88 
seasons. The American League team would 
be moving to the $290 million Comerica 
Park about a mile away. Tiger Stadium, 
home of some of the greatest players in 
baseball history, including Ty Cobb, Hank 
Greenberg and Al Kaiine, opened April 20, 
1912, the same day as Fenway Park in 
Boston, which would now be the league's 
oldest stadium. 

— Two commuter trains : 
smashed into each other during morning | 
rush hour in central London and burst mH 
flames, killing more than 70 people and 
sending another 1 50 people to area 
hospitals. Considered one of the country's 
worst train crashes in half a century, 
investigators eventually determined that the 
crash was coused by one of the trains 
passing a red signal. 

Rata Roque/AP 

Sava Radovanovic/AP 

An earthquake pounded the island of Taiwan in September, killing more 
than 2,000 people and toppling thousands of buildings. Measuring 7.6 
on the Richter scale, it was Taiwan's worst earthquake on record and 
one of five major tremblers that struck around the globe between August 
and November. 

Peter Cosgrove/AP 

Fatima Nevic's eight-pound baby boy, born Oct. 1 2, 1 999, in Sarajevo, 
was designated the world's six billionth person by the United Nations 
Population Fund. The organization had estimated the world's population 
would reach six billion that day, and U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, 
in Bosnia-Herzegovina for a two-day visit, said he would declare the first 
child born in the Bosnian capital after midnight local time "Babv Six 
Billion." The UNPF reported it had taken 1 2 years for the population to 
grow from five to six billion people. 

Planet Hollywood filed for bankruptcy reorganization in 
October, reporting estimated losses of a third of a billion 
dollars. The movie-themed restaurant chain debuted in 1991 
with the financial backing of such Hollywood superstars as 
Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone. 

Archive Photos 

,erift»ry; turopfe descent 
into a minor ice age. Temperatures 
dropped as floods inundated the coasts, 
drowning animals and driving people 
inland. Glaciers expanded, icebergs 
moved south and the northern seas grew 
treacherous. The exceptional winters dev- 
astated the poor. 

The Black Death, or plague, an infec- 
tious fever spread in urban areas by rat 
fleas, was first reported in India, spread to 
China and arrived in Italy aboard ships in 
1 347. It spread throughout Europe within 
months, killing more than a third of the 
population or some 30 million people. 

KT^« I 'M i'tl^ i i' t« L^e]!W.i»M 

red in the 

1 4th century when monsoons provided 
swift passage across the Indian Ocean, 
creating the world's busiest trade routes. 
Summer monsoons blew ships from Africa 
to India and the Spice Islands. There the 
ships idled in port, waiting for winter mon- 
soons to blow them back. 

Geoffrey Chaucer began writing "The 
Canterbury Tales" in 1 387, completing 
the bulk of the epic by 1 392. Chaucer's 
classic masterpiece, which in its final form 
features a round of more than 30 tales by 
a host of pilgrims, such as the Wife of Bath, 
the Pardoner and the Cook, consumed the 

Tony Pagano/AP 

The accident gave new meaning to the phrase "life imitates art" and 
Stephen King was just happy he lived to tell about it. The 52-year-old 
horror novelist made his first public appearance in October after nearly 
being killed in a roadside accident four months before. King was struck 
from behind by a motorist as he walked along a wooded road near his 
summer home in North Lovell, Maine. Thrown 1 4 feet into a ditch, King 
suffered multiple broken bones, a collapsed lung and cuts to the head. 
The driver, Bryan Smith, 42, pleaded "not guilty" to charges of 
aggravated assault and driving to endanger, and was later penalized 
with a six-month license suspension. 

David Phillip/ AP 

Payne Stewart, the flamboyant professional golfer who regularly 

donned knickers and a tarn o'shanter cap, was killed along with 

six others in October when his Lear jet ran out of fuel and plowed 

into a grassy field in South Dakota. The accident happened just 

three days before the PGA Tour Championship, a tournament in 
which Stewart was scheduled to participate. The news came as a 

shock to fellow golfers, many of whom paid tribute to Stewart by 
wearing knickers during the final round of the tour championship. 

]fOtt Sih!... 

What is your favorite 
television show? 

FOX's "Ally McBeol" and ABC's 'The Practice" won Emmys for 
best comedy series and best drama series, respectively, at the 51st 
Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in September. The shows, both 
produced by David E. Kelly, took their place among fan favorites 
like "Friends" and "ER" as television's hottest in 1 999. 


2. Ttie Simpsons 

3. Dawson's Creek 

4. Wtiose Line Js It Anyway? 

5. ER 

latter part of his life with new tales being added right up 
to his death in 1400. 

In the mid- to late- 14th Century, Europe began to rec- 
ognize a^tiew sense of time with the advent of large 
mechanical clocks. Measuring out equal hours in 
town plazas and squares, these new oversized timekeep- 
ers became the focal point of civic activities, including 
colorful ceremonies /^ 
to reset the clocks. [ ^-Jr 

i^ » 

— MCI WorldCom Inc., the 
country's second-largest long-distance 
company, announced it would purchase 
Sprint Corp., the No. 3 carrier, in a deal 
valued at $129 billion. The deal would be 
the biggest corporate takeover in history. 
The combined company, to be called 
WorldCom, would make up about 30 
percent of the $90 billion U.S. long-distance 
market as a result of the merger A short 
time later, the proposed merger came under 
criticism in the United States because of 
concern over its impact on the long-distance 
telephone and internet access markets. 
Nearly six months passed without resolution 
and the merger remained on hold. 

— Houston won the rights to 
the NFL's 32nd franchise, beating out Los 
Angeles and its distinction as the second- 
largest TV market in the nation. Houston 
businessman Bob McNair paid $700 million 
for the expansion franchise, the highest 
price ever for a sports team in the United 
States. NFL owners approved the measure, 
returning an NFL team to Houston just three 
years after the Oilers left for Tennessee. As 
part of the expansion, which will begin with 
the 2001 season, owners also voted to 
realign the league. 

— A 29-year-oid tomcat 
named Spike was crowned the world's 
oldest living cat, having reached a feline 
age equivalent to 203 human years. Owner 
Mo Elkington of London, England, insisted 
that the \ 0-pound puss has lived so long 
because she feeds him the "healing" aloe 
vera plant. Spike was officially entered in 
the Guinness Book of World Records as the 
oldest living cat. The world's longest-living 
cat died in 1 998 after having lived 34 
years, two months, and four hours. 

— The famous form- 
fitting, flesh-toned dress Marilyn Monroe 
donned to sing "Happy Birthday, Mr 
President" to President John F Kennedy was 
sold for a whopping $1 .27 million, 
smashing the record for an item of clothing 
at auction. The previous record for a dress 
was $222,500, poid at o 1 997 charity 
auction for the blue velvet dress worn by 
Princess Diana at a White House dinner 
during which she danced with actor John 

Archive Photos 

A six-year-old Cuban boy became the focus of an 

international tug-of-war after fishermen found him 

clinging to an inner tube two miles off the Florida 

coast. Little Elian Gonzalez was caught in the middle 

of a custody fight between U.S. relatives in Miami's 

politically powerful Cuban community and his father 

and grandmothers living in Cuba. The fight escalated 

far beyond a family feud and was the latest chapter 

in a decades-long battle between anti-Castro Cubans 

and Cuban President Fidel Castro. While the Cuba 

Foreign Ministry demanded the boy's return, lawvers 

in the United States filed a petition for political asylum. 

Domenico Stinellis/AP 


A six-story apartment 
building in Foggia, a 
province in the southern 
Puglia region of Italy, 
colTapsecTin November 
while residents were 
sleeping. More than 30 
people died and dozens 
more were injured in the 
disaster Speculation on the 
cause of the collapse ranged 
from use of faulty building 
materials to infiltration of 
underground water into 
supporting columns at the 
ground level. 

NASA's continued efforts to probe the meteorological mysteries of Mars 
were dashed in December when, for the second time in three months, a 
space mission to Mars was lost. First, the Mars Climate Orbiter, a robotic 
satellite, was lost when scientists mixed up English and metric measurements. 
Then, the Mars Polar Lander and its two surface probes vanished without a 
trace. The two missions were poised to search for water on Mars, vitally 
important to determine if life might have once existed there. In the end, 
losses totaled $265 million, capping one of NASA's most embarrassing 
moments in history. 


sparking the 1 5th Century Renaissance 
with his painting of a Baptistery in Florence, 
Italy, which revolutionized art with its use of 
perspective. Many artists followed, including 
Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. 
The Renaissance, driven by the idea of 
"many-sided" humanism, featured a renewed 
zeal for classical study and the continued rise 
of independent, secular thinking. 

Joan of Arc led French forces to decisive 
victories in 1 453 to help end the Hundred 
Years War. The conclusion of the war ended 
English claims to the French throne and fur- 
thered English expansionism on the continent, 
as well as assuring France's future as a nation. 

^ jnberg printed 

first complete book in the West and the first 
ik printed from movable type in 1 455 by 
pting a wine press for new uses. Gutenberg's 
.w printing press, featuring lead type and 
oil-based ink, was used almost exclusively for 
the next 350 years, triggering an information 
revolution and creatina^yjgialg middle class. 

Supplied by AP 

Russian President Boris Yeltsin unexpectedly 

resigned on the eve of the new millennium, 

apologizing to the nation for what he 

characterized as a failure to fulfill their dreams 

during his eight years of power. Yeltsin stressed 

that ne was not leaving because of his health, 

but because "it was time to go." Deteriorating 

health and alleged corruption marred much of 

his presidency, however he will forever be 

remembered for dismantling communism in the 

former Soviet Union. 

Anti-trade protesters descended upon the 
streets of Seattle to rally for human rights, 
labor, the environment and other concerns 
during World Trade Organization meetings 
in December. The protests turned violent 
and resulted in widespread vandalism, 
causing police to use tear gas and fire 
rubber bullets on people, me National 
Guard was deployed, a curfew was set 
and more than 500 people were arrested. 
No serious injuries resulted, but downtown 
merchants reported more than $2 million 
in property damage and $17 million in lost 
retail sales. 

Stephan Savoia/AP 

The 20th anniversary of the 1 979 hostage 

crisis in Iran was observed in November. 

In Hermitage, Pa., ceremonies were held 

at the site where 444 flags still fly in 

remembrance, one flag for each day the 

52 U.S. hostages were in captivity. 

Activities in Iran were a little more volatile 

with thousands of Iranians converging on 

the former U.S. embassy in Tehran, many 

of whom chanted "Death to America!" 

Although tensions between the two 

countries eased somewhat during the 

1 990s, Iran continued to reject U.S. offers 

for official talks. 

Gene Puskar/AP 

in yet another steamy 
7s highly rated sitcom, "Aiiy 
gotTtSlista Flockhart and Lucy Liu 
lips in a forbidden kiss that had the 
. squawking at first. It took some doing, 
sducer David E. Keliey convinced the 
vork to air the kiss, which resulted in one 
1e show's highest-rated episodes. 

The Cleveland Indians 
ere sold for a record $320 million in an 
leement between owner Richard Jacobs 
lawyer Larry Doian and Doian family 
Its. With Jacobs at the helm, the Indians 
nt from a last-place finisher to a 
fennial powerhouse, having won the 
fierican League Centra! Division for five 
lirs straight. The transaction, which must 
|n the approval of major league owners, 
Is expected to close by the end of March. 

ill; — From off the dusty 

gif, the Eagles' first greatest hits album 
ps certified by the Recording Industry 
^ociatton of America as the top-selling 
lord of ail time The distinction came more 
two decades after the album's release 
the U.S sale of its 26-millionth copy. 
Dchae! Jackson's "Thriller" previously held 
the record with 25 million copies sold. 

— An explosion at a 
Flint, Mich., nursing home killed seven 
people and injured more than 20 others. All 
94 residents of the Clara Barton Terrace 
Convalescent Home were in the building at 
the time of the blast, which led to the 
collapse of part of the building into its 
basement and shook homes in a three-block 
radius. Fire officials later determined that a 
gas boiler in the l')asement e.Kploded. 

— Disney/Pixor's "Toy 
Story 2," the animated sequel with Tom 
Hanks and Tim Allen reprising ttie voices of 
talking toys Woody the sheriff and space 
ranger Buzz Lightyear, broke Thanksgiving 
box office records by taking in an 
impressive $81 million in five days. In its 
extended release, the movie amassed more 
tlian $230 million in tliree months. 


Chris Pizzello/AP 

Pokemon, Japan's cuddly cartoon critters, became one of 

the most popular trends in 1 999, creating a frenzy for 

children of all ages with toys, video games, comic books, 

trading cards and a feature film. The animated "pocket 

monsters" also invaded television v/ith a v/eekly cartoon 

series. The Pokemon franchise exploded v/ith more than 

$6 billion in sales worldwide, making it even more 

profitable than the entire video game industry. 

A ferry carrying 336 passengers 
caught fire, broke up and capsized in 
the frigid waters off the eastern coast 
of China in November, killing more 
than 200 people. The maritime 
disaster, China's worst in more than a 
decade, was caused by gale-force 
winds that created 1 6-foot waves in 
near-freezing conditions. Officials 
reported that about half of those who 
perished died when they leapt from 
the ferry into the icy waters. 

Supplied by AP 

fua. sii.. 

What was the siLLiest 
trend of the year? 

__^ _____ as ^eEmmmmmBlmmsmh\n\^onord 

England's Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I. Daughter of Henry VIII, Elizabeth ascended the throne in 
1 558. Described as a supremely skilled diplomat, who was pragmatic as well as being a visionary, 
Elizabeth's 45-year span as Queen of England was one marked by stability growth and spectacu- 
lar achievement. 

A Spanish expedition of five ships, led by / 

Portuguese navigator and explorer Ferdinand ^ 
Magellan, set out in 1519 to find a western 
route to the Spice islands. Magellan's crews faced | 
down mutiny, deaths, desertions and near starva- | 

']k been slain and only one of the five ships made it ^ 
back to Spain. k 

The Columbine High School football team won 

Colorado's Class 5A state championship in 

December, bringing triumph to a school mired in 

tragedy. The 21-14 win over Cherry Creek High 

School came just eight months after the April 20 

massacre, in which two seniors at the Littleton 

school killed 1 2 students and a teacher before 

committing suicide. Although the heartache of the 

tragic event will likely never subside, the gridiron 

success gave many in the school and community 

solace as they tried to put the pieces of their lives 

back together. 

David Phillip/ AP 

David ZaIubowski/AP 

Twelve Texas A&M University students were killed 
in November when thousands of logs being 
erected for a bonfire collapsed. Sixty to 70 
students were working to assemble the logs for the 
bonfire when the structure, standing 45 feet tall, 
collapsed. The bonfire, a school tradition dating 
back to 1 909, was scheduled on the eve of Texas 
A&M's annual football game against its arch-rival, 
the University of Texas. An emotional tribute to the 
1 2 fallen students was held during halftime of the 
game, which Texas A&M went on to win. 

Tiger Woods went on a golfing rampage 

in 1 999, compiling incredible numbers en 

route to completing one of the most 

successful individual seasons in PGA 

history. Woods won eight PGA 

tournaments, equaling the mark set by 

Johnny Miller in 1 974, and capped off the 

season with four straight victories. His 

winnings totaled $6.6 million, an all-time 

best in professional golf. Woods added 

two more victories to his winning streak to 

start the 2000 season before losing at the 

Buick Invitational in February. 

the universe v/a$ geocentric, with a stationary Earth placed at 
the center of several concentric, rotating spheres, each contain- 
ing either a single planet, the sun or all the stars. For Niclas 
Copernicus, that theory did not add up. Shortly before his 
death in 1 543, Copernicus published his argument, contending 
that the universe v/as heliocentric, with the stars and planets 
revolving around the sun. 

Pope Gregory XIII commissioned a new calendar in 
1 582 to make up for lost time. The lost time was attributed to 
an imperfection in Julius Caesar's original calendar, which was 
instituted in 46 B.C. Caesar's calendar left 1 1 minutes unac- 
counted for each year, and by 1 545 had resulted in the vernal 
equinox being 1 days off. Thus, Pope Gregory had 1 days 
cut from the year, resulting in an immediate jump from Oct. 4, 
1582, to Oct. 15, 1582. 

B^ Pete Rose, baseball's 
I, look his case for 
piffiSfffe the internet. Having been 
led from any pariicipation in Mojor 
i: League Baseball for nnore than 10 years for 
betting, Rose signed up with, a sports and entertainment 
; web site, that prompted fans to vote on 

vhether Rose should Be let back into the 
; game. By the end of the day, the web site 
llfeceived more than two million hits and 
g1 00,000 visitors had signed the 
ilition to reinstate Rose. The:i,256 hits 
and .303 lifetime batting average of the 
former Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia 
Phillies star made him a shoo-in for the Hail 
of Fame, if only the ban could be lifted. The 
ultimate decision was for Commissioner Bud 
Seiig, who had not budged on the issue. 

— A homeless couple in 
Worcester, Mass., was charged with 
involuntary manslaughter in the aftermath of 
a blaze in an abandoned warehouse that 
killed six firefighters. The two allegedly fted 
after failing to rescue their pets and did not 
report the blaze, initially, two firefighters 
entered the building after hearing people 
may be inside, but become lost in thick 
smoke and radioed for help. Four other 
firefighters went in to find them. All six died 
in the fire, which was believed to be the 
nation's deadliest for firefighters since 1 994, 
when 1 4 were killed in a Colorado forest. 

— ■ Comedian Jerry 
Seinfeld, 45, married 28-year-old public 
relations executive Jessica Sklar a little over 
a month after their surprise engagement. 
Seinfeld's courtship with his soon-to-be bride 
was anything but funny for Broadway 
producer Eric Nederlonder, Sklar's 
estranged husband. Nederiander and Sklar 
had exchanged vows just a few weeks 
before she met Seinfeld. The two forbidden 
lovers were photographed together several 
times, which eventuolly resulted m 
Nederiander filing for divorce 


\\lil CClL-iLLL ^^ Not Concerned At 

Jn relation to the 26% Cautiously Concerned 

anticipated Y2K problems, 

how concerned were you? ^ Extreniely Concerned 

After predictions of the Apocalypse 

spurred years of preparations and 

precautionary spending in excess 

of $500 billion worldwide, the year 

2000 came without incident. Y2K 

brought only minor glitches despite 

concerns over a technologically 

triggered Doomsday. As celebration 

of the new year subsided, there 

was growing criticism of the media, 

the government and a multitude of 

entrepreneurs for their part in the 

Y2K hysteria. Also at issue was the 

question of the new millennium, 

with purists arguing that it was still 

a year away. 

Supplied by AP 

Scott Applewhite/ AP 

In the highest-scoring Sugar Bowl game ever 
played, top-ranked Florida State outlasted No. 2 
Virginia Tech, 46-29, to claim the National 
Championship. The Seminoles trailed the Hokies 
late in the third quarter before scoring 1 8 
unanswered points for the win. Florida State 
ended the season with a perfect 1 2-0 record and 
became the first team to start and finish a season 
ranked No. 1 since the preseason ratings system 
began in 1 950. 

English physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton was the 1 7th 

Centur/s most significant genius. His quest for answers gave us the 
law of universal gravitation, calculus, a new theory of color and light, 
and the three laws of motion that form the basis of modern physics. 
Intelligent and skillful, Nev/ton unified the discoveries of Galileo, 
Kepler and others, formalizing and modifying physical science. 

King James I granted a charter to 

open the Americas in 1 606, making 

way for settlement in the New World 

by European immigrants. The first 

American colony, Jamestown, was 

established in 1 607. Life there was not '-| v ^^j^i - .^. 

pleasant with settlers having to con- --;'" 

tend with harsh weather, sometimes U '< 

hostile natives, disease and food short- 

ages. It took its toll and, six months after their first landings, the origi- 
nal 600 settlers had been reduced to a mere 60. 

The first newspaper appeared in Strasbourg, Germany, in 
1 609. Published weekly, the Relation was followed by other newspa- 
pers printed with movable type in England, Italy and the Netherlands. 
These newspapers were costly to produce and were printed for the 

wealthy and educated readers. It wasn't until the mid- 
^^^ 1 800s when the American "penny press" made 
newspapers available to the general public. 
I The birth of the telescope can be traced to Italian 
■stronomer, physicist and mathematician 
^oijjtvj, who in 1609 built a telescope and made 
Ifeveral profound astronomical discoveries, finding 
J that lour large moons orbited Jupiter, Venus had 
' phases and the sun had spots. Galileo published his 

Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens was 
charged with murder in February in the stabbing deaths of two 
people outside an Atlanta nightclub just a few hours after Super 
Bowl XXXIV was in the books. Lewis, the NFL's leading tackier in 
1 999, became the second NFL player to be charged with mur- 
der in a span of 30 days. In January, Carolina Panthers wide 
receiver Roe Carruth was charged with first-degree murder in 
the shooting death of Cherica Adams, who was pregnant with 
their son. At the time, Carruth had the distinction of being the 
only active NFL player to be charged with murder in the 
league's history. Lewis and Carruth both pleaded "not guilty" to 
their respective murder charges and were awaiting trial. 

After months of speculation and a whole lot of political 

maneuvering. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton formally 

announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate in February. 

Running for the seat being vacated by Sen. Daniel Patrick 

Moynihan, D-New York, Clinton was prepared to face 

opposition from Rudolph Giuliani, the Republican mayor of 

New York. Although Giuliani had not officially entered the 

race, rumors to that effect had been circulating for nearly 1 8 

months. Polls showed Giuliani with a slight overall lead over 

Clinton, who was being criticized for the short term of her 

residency in the Empire State. Political analysts expected the 

Clinton/Giuliani Senate race to be the most expensive in the 

nation's history, and possibly the most vicious. 


Bebeto Matthews/AP 

HBO's new smash hit, "The 
Sopranos," had a big night at the 
57th Annual Golden Glcjbe 
Awards in January. The show, 
which follows the life and times of 
a New Jersey mob family, earned 
four Golden Globes for its first 
season on the air James 
Gandolfini and Edie Faico won 
trophies for best actor and best 
actress in a drama series, while 
Nancy Marchand won for best 
supporting actress. "The 
Sopranos" also won the Golden 
Globe for best drama series. 

Kevork Djanszian/AP 

Archive Photos 

, but was later forced to recant his findings before a 

, )lic Church tribunal in 1633. 

P^ing the price of cloth and trinkets, Dutch settlers led by 
■r Minuit purchased the 22-square-mile Manhattes 

.and from Canarsee 

)mi:imr i 

— "Spin City" star 
Michael J, Fox announced he would leave 
the highly rated series, but not show 
business, to better concentrate on his fight 
against Parkinson's disease. Fox, who also 
co-produced the show, broke seven years of 
silence last year when he revealed he was 
afflicted with the degenerative neurological 
disorder Fox said he would leave the show 
at the end of the season. In February, ABC 
came to terms with Charlie Sheen to replace 
Fox as deputy mayor and renewed the 
show's contract through 2001 . 

— The Washington 
Wizards announced the hiring of retired 
NBA legend Michael Jordan as the team's 
president of basketball operations, and that 
he would also become a part-owner The 
announcement came almost a year to the 
date of his retirement from the Chicago Bulls 
last January. Jordan, 36, led the Bulls to six 
NBA championships, won five League MVP 
awards and 10 scoring titles during his 
incomparable career The Wizards 
organization had not experienced a lot of 
success for more than two decades and 
Jordan's powerful persona and winner's 
attitude was strategically meant to bring 
positive attention to the franchise. 

— A raging fire broke out 
in a Seton Hall University dormitory as 
hundreds of students slept, killing three and 
injuring 58. One student leapt from a 
window, while others fled into the bitter cold 
in only their pajamas. The blaze struck 
Boland Hall, a six-story dorm, at about 4:30 
a.m., likely starting in a third-floor lounge. 
The cause had not been determined. It was 
later reported that because of a series of 
false alarms the previous semester, many of 
the more than 600 students in the building 
at the time of the fire ignored the fire alarm, i 
thinking it was another prank. 


Kevork Djansezian/AP 

Luke Frazza/AP 

Carlos Santana, the 52-year-old 
singer/guitarist who played at the original 
Woodstock in 1 969, ruled the 42nd Annua' 
Gramnriy Awards in February. The rock leg- 
end took home eight Grammys for his 1 999 
albunri, "Supernatural," including one for 
best rock album and two for tne single 
"Smooth" featuring Matchbox 20's Rob 
Thomas. Santana's eight Grammys were the 
most won by a single performer in the his- 
tory of the awards, tying the record set by 
Michael Jackson in 1983. Joining Santana 
as multiple Grammy winners were the Dixie 
Chicks and Sting, both winning two awards 
each. The Dixie Chicks' "Fly" was named 
best country album, while Sting's "Brand 
New Day" earned the Grammy for best 
pop album 

Vice President Al Gore and former New Jersey Sen. 
Bill Bradley had the luxury of only worrying about 
each other as Election 2000 heated up with the 
primaries in February. Polls in the head-to-head race 
between the two Democratic presidential hopefuls 
showed Gore with a commanding 64 percent to 26 
percent lead over Bradley. Overall, Gore was behind 
in the polls against Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the 
leading Republican candidate, with Bush holding a 
50 percent to 46 percent lead. History was also 
working against the vice president, considering only 
four sitting vice presidents — John Adams, Thomas 
Jefferson, Martin Van Buren and George Bush — 
had ever been elected directly to the presidency. 

rm mL.. 

What was your favorite 
album of the year? 

1. Backstreet Boys - Millennium 

2. Dixie Chicks - 'Fly" 

3. Kid Rock - ''Devi Without A Cajse" 

4. Creed - 'Huian Clay" 

5. Blink 182 - "Enema Of The State" | 

North America and France fighting in the name of liberty. In April 
1 775, British regulars engaged militia at Lexington and Concord, 
Mass., to set off the Amerkan RevoHufBOiii. After seven years 
of war, the crown was defeated and American freedom was won. 

France was ripe 
for revolution in 
1 789, the country 
bankrupt from back- 
Vjii ing the American 
^volution, its citi- 

r>v4f '>•*£'} 'iii 


;ing Louis 

nd his queen, 
rie Antoinette, 

heads for their ignorance. 

James V/att's invention of the single- 
action steam engine in 1 769 
proved to be the key event in another 
revolution - the Industrial Revolution. 
Further refinements by Watt and his 
^ ^1 partners between 1775 and 1800 

These developments single-handedly 
revolutionized industry and sparked 
increased productivity. 
During the summer of 1 776, in the 

Archive Photos 


Patrick Pagnano/AP 

David Letterman returned to his late-night talk show five 

weeks after having heart surgery in January. Taking it slow 

at first, the 52-year-old host mixed in his own appearances 

with guest hosts as he continued to recover. Letterman 

underwent an emergency quintuple bypass operation after 

a test revealed a blocked artery. CBS received a substantial 

boost in ratings as a result of Letterman's quick return, 

which happened in the midst of February sweeps. 

Chris O'Meara/AP 

Winston Cup driver Dale Jarrett captured his third Daytona 500 
victory in eight years, matching Bobby Allison's total and leaving 
him behind only Richard Petty and Cole Yarborough for all-time 
wins in NASCAR's biggest race. Jarrett led 89 of the 200 laps 
and passed Johnny Benson four lops from the end, taking 
advantage of two late cautions. Dominant during the week 
leading up to the 500, Jarrett easily won the pole position in 
time trials and dominated the field in a 25-lap race for last 
year's top qualifiers. 

The dark comedy, "American Beauty," 
which explored the ramifications of 
letting suburban angst go unchecked, 
was nominated for eight Oscars in 
February, more than any other film. 
Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening were 
nominated as best actor and best 
actress, respectively. The movie also 
earned nominations for best picture, 
best director, best cinematography and 
best score. 

Supplied by AP 

adopted the ; ; ■ e, 

"the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen 
United States of America." Penned by 33- 
year-old Virginia delegate Thomas Jefferson, 
the Declaration was meant to explain the 
American colonies' break with Britain. It listed 
the offenses of King George III, ranging from 

restriction of trade to the use of foreign mer- 
cenaries. Since its inception, the Declaration 
of Independence has become the world's most 
emulated government document. 

Mozart, Bach, Beethoven. A child prodi- 
gy. An under-appreciated 
genius. A consummate 
composer. A century 
indulged with musical ) 
mastery. All three / 
made their mark in I \ 
•' 18th Century, \ ^ ''* 

ving behind lego- \ -^ 

cies that will more than \ 
likely linger forever., 

Popperfoto/ Archive Photos 


— A cyber-confessional 
launched allowing sinners to repent by 

jing transgressions into a space provided 
in order to make peace with God. Operated 
i by London-based Premier Christian Radio, 
the web site featured passages from the 
Bible, inspirational poems and prayers set 
against a backdrop of blue sky, clouds, 
sunflowers and leaves. Visitors to were assured that 
whatever sin they typed in would be erased 
when the confession was over. The web site 
made no demands for penance. In a public 
statement, the Roman Catholic Church 
condemned the idea. 

— Commissioner Bud 
Seiig levied a 73-day suspension and 
$20,000 fine against Atlanta Braves pitcher 
John Rocker for the racist and homophobic 
remarks he made in a Sports Illustrated 
article. The suspension was to start at the 
beginning of spring training and extend 
through the first 28 days of the season. 
Seiig also ordered the 25-year-otd relief 
pitcher to enroll in sensitivity classes and 
banned him from even being present during 
spring training. Rocker and the Players 
Association began an appeal in February to 
overturn the decision. Rocker publicly 
apologized for the comments, but said he 
believed the penalty was excessive and 
hoped on appeal it would be overturned or 
at least reduced significantly. 

— The World Wrestling 
Federation announced it would form a 
professional football league with plans to 
begin play in February 2001 . WWF 
officials said the league would be known as 
the XFL, indicating that the "X" would stand 
for "exciting" and "exhilarating," and would 
feature an emphasis on entertainment. The 
XFL will use helmet cameras so that viewers 
can have greater access to activities on the 
sidelines compared to NFL broadcasts, At 
the time of the announcement, six cities had 
signed on to field teams, including New 
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, 
Orlando, Fla., and Washington, D.C. 

m. m^L.. 

The surprisinq St. Louis Rams shocked the world first with a 1 3-3 
season and then by rolling to the team's first world championship 
with a 23-16 win over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV in 
January. The Rams' success had a great deal to do with their 
explosive offense, which was led by first-year quarterback Kurt 
Warner A former star for the Iowa Barnstormers in the upstart 
Arena Football League, Warner took full advantage of his break in 
the NFL en route to earning League MVP and Super Bowl MVP 
honors. Notable was the fact that just two years before Warner's 
storybook season he was out of football and stocking shelves at a 
grocery store in Iowa. 

Michael Caulfield/AP 

Who was the hero 
of the year? 

1. Kurt Warner 

2. Christopher Reeve 

3. Mark McGwire 

4. Biiainton 

5. Walter Payton 

Alaska Airlines Flight 261 lost control and plunged into 

the ocean off southern California in February, killing all 

88 people aboard. Investigators were looking into an 

unexplained loud noise picked up on the plane's cockpit 

voice recorder about a minute before it crashed. Early 

speculation was that a bomb might have been the 

source of the noise, but that was later ruled out by 

investigators. The Alaska Airlines crash was one of 

several air disasters or mishaps that occurred in late 

1 999 and early 2000. 

The "method of invention" was said 
be the 1 9th Century's greatest inventio... 
At the center was Thomas Edison, who 

ate light without fire by inventing a long- 
lasting, affordable incandescent lamp. 
Edison didn't stop there. fHis other notable 
inventions included the phonograph, 
movie camera, and microphone. In addi- 
tion, he had a hand in the development 
of television and the telephone. Edison 
died 52 years after lighting up the world, 
and on the night following his funeral, 
Americans dimmed their lights to honor him. 

machines brought the invading 
white man into the western plains of 
North America, where tribes of Nativej 
Americans were living in harmony. I 
Faced with the loss of their land, resis'^ 
tance was inevitable. A combined 
force of Sioux and Cheyenne annihi- r 

Popperfoto/ Archive Photos 

Little Bighorn in 1 876, provoking bru- 
tal reprisals. While the surviving 
Indians were herded into reservations, 
some were offered roles in a theatrical 
fantasy. In 1 883, Buffalo Bill organized 

- ^"-'^ 

Rick Wilking/AP 

A field of nine candidates quickly became three in the 
Republican race for the White House with Texas Gov. 
George W. Bush, Arizona Sen. John McCain and Alan 
Keyes still standing in February. McCain gained momentum 
in Election 2000 with a surprise win over Bush in the New 
Hampshire primary, but lost it immediately when Bush 
bested him two weeks later in South Carolina. Overall, Bush 
was leading McCain in the polls by 58 percent to 31 
percent, with the remaining 1 1 percent being spread out 
among Keyes and Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan. 

Supplied by AP 

Richard Farnsworth, a 79-year-old former stuntman, 
became the oldest actor to get an Academy Award 
nomination when he was singled out for his work in 
the movie "The Straight Story" in February. The nomi- 
nation was Farnsworth's second for best actor, com- 
ing 22 years after he earned a nod for "Comes a 
Horseman" in 1 977. Prior to Farnsworth, Henry 
Fonda had been the oldest leading actor when he 
was nominated for his role in "On Golden Pond" at 
age 76. Also notable was the fact that the 72nd 
Annual Academy Awards would feature the third- 
youngest person ever nominated for supporting actor, 
1 1 -year-old Haley Joel Osment of "The Sixth Sense." 

Doug Kanter/AP 

Fans of the legendary musical, "Cats," the longest-run- 
ning production in Broadway history, were saddened to 
learn in February that the show would close the following 
June after a record-breaking 7,397 performances. The 
Andrew Lloyd Webber musical would make its final cur- 
tain call on June 25, nearly two decades after it opened 
at New York City's Winter Garden Theater in October 
1982. "Cats" played to more than 10 million theatergoers 
on Broadway, tallying an estimated $380 million in ticket 
sales. However, officials reported receipts had dwindled 
since 1 997, at times falling to only 50 percent capacity. 
Those needing their fix of the feline musical would still 
have the London production, which had been playing 
there since 1981. 

the first of his Wild West Shows which would 
tour the world for the next 30 years. 

Charles Darwin developed one of the most 
important scientific theories of the millenni- 
um. Published in 1 859, his theories of evolu- 
tion and natural selection, although widely 
accepted today, still provoke controversy. Yet 
Darwinism remains one of the most suc-J 
cessful scientific theories ever generated. ■ 

The issue of slavery in the western territo- 
ries helped trigger a civil war in the 
United States in 1861. Slavery was aban- 
doned in the industrialized north, opposed 
by President Abraham Lincoln. In the agricul- 
tural south, where slavery was embraced, 1 1 

southern states seceded and formed the 
Confederacy. The north prevailed in the war, 
which claimed more than 600,000 lives. 

% JkJi, ^ H^ Y ^li Wlk 

Archive Photos 

— In a twist on TV's 
"Who Wants to Marry a Muitimillionaire" 
special, twice-divorced Tom Arnold, who 
used to be married to Roseanne, went 
online in February to find a bride. On his 
web site,, Arnold 
announced he was looking for an attractive 
single woman of child-bearing age, who 
was good with children and self-confident 
enough to wear a bathing suit on vacation. 
The web site also featured biographical 
information on the 40-year-old actor, who 
had appeared in 26 movies, including the 
Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster "True 
Lies" and the Hugh Grant comedy "Nine 
Months." Applicants were asked to write a 
short essay, and also to upload a recent 
photo, in its first two weeks, the site received 
more than 75,000 responses. 

■ — Women's groups and 
social critics were infuriated over the FOX 
television network's show, "Who Wants to 
Marry a Multimillionaire," which featured a 
millionaire selecting a bride from a group of 
women paraded before him in swimsuits 
and wedding gowns. However, criticism was 
the least of worries for creators of the show. 
Shortly after the broadcast, it was learned 
that the groom had been under a 
restraining order in 1991 for allegedly 
hitting and threatening to kill his ex-fiancee. 
Officials said that a background check had 
not revealed information to that effect. FOX 
subsequently canceled a planned rerun of 
the show and the bride announced she 
would be seeking an annulment. 

— An avalanche hit 
Mount Washington, New England's highest 
peak, sweeping two skiers down the 
mountain to their deaths. The accident was 
said to have occurred due to wind gusts in 
excess of 60 mph and visibility of only one- 
sixteenth of a mile from blowing snow and 
freezing fog. The 6,288-foot mountain was 
the site of 231 mph winds on April 1 2, 
1 934, It was later reported that the two 
victims foiled to check conditions on the 
mountain that day and, if they had, would 
have been told to stay awoy. 

Supplied by A 

1 I IC III 31 IIIUIIIIC^V^ liiyill VI \J ii^*-ITl^l lliwii v-ii ^i^.. «y •••v T,..^,.. — 

mental benchmark, achieving one of humanity's wildest dreams. On a pleasant December day, 
Orville Wright took to the sky for 1 2 seconds over the sand dunes of Kittv Hawk, N.C., in an 
airplane he designed with his brother, Wilbur. Like kids with a new toy, the two brothers, bicycle 
mechanics by trade, took turns flying the craft made of wood, wire and cloth, at one point 
keeping it aloft for 59 seconds. The Wright brothers' craft, which they called the Flyer, made 
what was once considered impossible possible and opened the heavens for the future advance- 
ment of flight. Those advancements happened very quickly with nearly all the elements of the 
modern airplane in place a mere 15 years after Orville and Wilbur's historic day at Kitty Hawk. 


w — —- 


Henry Ford may not have invented the 
automobile, but he was responsible for the 
beginning of the automobile age. In 1 908, Ford 
unveiled the Model T, a car for the great 
multitude priced at $850. He eventually sold 
more than 1 5 million of them, using 

revolutionary mass production methods that 

turned out a vehicle every 24 seconds. Before 
the Ford assembly line and the Model T, the 
automobile had just been a toy of the rich. It i 
soon became a necessity of life, spawning gas 
stations, superhighways and traffic jams around 
the world. 


World War I, also called the Great War, began in 

1914 when a Serbian nationalist assassinated 

Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian 

throne. Austria-Hungarv immediately declared war on 

mately leading to every major power in Europe getting 

involved. On one side were the Allies — chiefly France, 

Britain, Russia, and the U.S. — and on the other were 

the Central Powers made up of Germany, Au-^*-^-^ 

Hungary, and Turkey. The war, considered one < 

bloodiest in history, ended with the signing d 

and 20 million wounded. This unprecedented blood- 
shed contributed to a general loathing against war, 
leading many to support multinational disarmament 
pacts and the newly formed League of Nations. 



.'^ fi 

kr -3gS->--r- 


Express Newspapers/ Archive Photos 

Einstein. Freud. Picasso. Three fascinating men who left an indelible mark on the 
20th Century. Albert Einstein revolutionized the theory of light, greatly advanced 
physics and scientific inquiry, and changed forever man's view of the universe. 
Sigmund Freud developed free association, broadened our view of human nature 
and sexuality and accelerated the age of self-examination. Pablo Picasso helped 
create Cubism, pioneered innovations in sculpture and lithography and 
experimented with new media. All three captivated imaginations around the world 
with their magnificent intelligence and compelling personalities. 

The stock market crash in 1 929 was* 

an eerie harbinger of the Grea 

Depression, which hung like a blaci 

cloud over the 1 930s. Betweer 

Sept. 3 and Oct. 29, the Dow los 

1 20 points or nearly one third. "^'^ 

final day, dubbed "Black Tues 

in the press, wiped out everyori^ 

stock markets all over Europ©; 

reacted to the sell off. And, when ill 

seemed like it couldn't get on-^ 

worse, it did. On Nov. 13, the 

closed at 1 99. The New York i 

Exchanqe fell from $80 billion to 

$50 biflion between Sept. 3 andj 

Nov. 1 3. The damage was done| 

and the Great Depression began.; 



Joe Rosenthal/AP 


The horrific actions of Germany's Adolf Hitler 
and his Nazi regime against the Jews of Europe, 
coupled with similar totalitarian regimes in Japan 
ana Italy, launched the Second World War in 
1 939. With the Japanese bombing of Pearl 
Harbor in 1941, the U.S. joined Great Britain 
and the Allied Forces to fight the aggression of 
the Axis powers. Decisive victories by the Allies 
led to Itay's surrender in 1943, Germany surren- 
dered unconditionally in 1945, when Hitler com- 
mitted suicide and the German resistance col- 
lanpd. Later that year, with U.S. troops poised to 
Ide Japan's home islands, President Harry 
finan ordered the dropping of the atomic bomb 
on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan quickly 
announced its surrender, thereby bringing to an 
end the costliest war in history. 

Supplied by AP 

ipig discovers the first 

R launches "New Deal" legislation 
nbat depression 

[| Wtn.ston Churchiil designated Prini; 
■ister of Great Britain 

hrst jet airplane tokes flight 

Atomic bomb tested in New Mexico 

Congress passes "Gl Bill of Rights" to 
■ vettnans 

i ' ,; Jackie Robinson breaks baseball's 
color barrier 

vientists ot Bel! Labs invent the 

North Atlantic Treaty Organization 

Racial unrest simmered to a boil in 1 955 with two key events 

sparking one of the greatest civil rights movements in history. 

The first involved a young black girl named Linda Brown, who 

questioned her inability to attend the school nearest her hom& 

Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka eventuallyoresulted 3 

a Supreme Court decision banning segregation in public 

schools and opening the door to equal access to education for 

blacks in America. That was just the beginning. A short time 

after the Brown decision, Rosa Parks, a 42-year-old black 

woman, refused to give up her seat to a white passenger on a 

bus in Montgomery, Ala., and was arrested. Martin Luther King 

■ got involved at that point and carried the torch for his people 

until he was assassinated 1 3 years later. 


Who was the most 
influential person of 
the 20th century? 

1. Martn Luther King, Jr. 

2. Albert Einstein 

3. Mottier Teresa 

4. Princess Diana 

5. Adolf ^Me^ 

3 aspirations of a young leader and a supporting nation came to an abrupt halt on Nov. 22. 
63, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by rifle fire while being driven in an 
en car through the streets of Dallas. JFK's assassination shocked a nation and profoundly 
■anaed the way people viewed the world. At 46, Kennedy became the fourth president to be 

^ . '. 'T *. I I I. . rr. —I II I • /-\ i III II 


spicions of what his motives were and whether or not he was the lone gunman. Although the 
arren Commission determined Oswald probably acted alone, the House Select Committee on 
isassinations concluded in 1 979 that a conspiracy was likely and that it may have involved 
ganized crime. These differing opinions served to bolster the black cloud of controversy that 
IS continued to surround the Kennedy assassination. 

Electrifying audiences with their fresh musi 

America by storm with their inaugural perfor- 
mance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in February 
1 964. Rock music would never be the same as 
the English quartet's music evolved from a tight 
rfiythm and blues to allusive lyricism. Tne 
impact of the Beatles revolutionized the music 
industry and, in one way or another, touched 
the lives of all who heard them. The Beatles 
dominated the 1 960s far beyond their music, 

transforming the world by ushering in a soci- 
.1 I -ti ■ .r- L il .1i 4:.,„k, *«^L 

over and began to thrive. 

The first U.S. troops were committed t6 Vietnam in 1 961 by President John R Kennedy at 
the request of South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem. Their mission was to help fight 
North Vietnamese communists controlled by Ho Chi Minh and southern rebels of the Viet 
Cong. The number of troops committed was minimal at first, and the American people 
accepted the action, believing it was necessary to halt the spread of communism. By 
1968, U.S. troop build-up in Vietnam would reach its peak of 549,000 troops. Although 
! had been notable anti-war sentiment from the beginning, opposition eventually grew 
two to one margin. By 1 973, when the war endecland U.S. troops returned home, 
...I to three million Vietnamese and 58,000 Americans had been killed. 

at was once thought to be impossible 
Game a reality in 1969, when Apollo 1 1 
Hauts set foot on the moon. Those 
c steps were taken by Edwin E. Aldrin 
T. and Neil A. Armstrong, who descended 
1 moon's surface and landed their lunar.^ 
|e in the Sea of Tranquility. Armstrong! 
sd first and addressed the world with I 
'hat has become one of the best-known 
hrases of modern times: "That's one small | 
tep for man, one giant leap for mankind. "| 
It was also a giant leap ahead for 
Americans in the space race with Russia. S| 
fadditional Apollo missions were made I 
before the end of the program in Decembei 
iond, with the exception of Apollo 1 3> 
ided successfully on the lunar surfaced; 

1 986, resulting in the deaths of all seven astronau, 
aboard, horrified the nation and the world an' 
dealt a severe blow to NASA's fledgling shuttle pre 
gram. Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoi 
from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, as million' 
watched on television. A presidential panel deter- 
mined that the fatal flaw was not in Challenger, bu 
rather a faulty sealant ring in one of two 1 49-foo| 
tall solid rocket boosters. Dead as a result of thi 
worst disaster in the history of space exploratioi 

I was Christa McAuliffe, who was to be the firs! 
teacher and private citizen in space, and crew 
members Frank Scobee, Michael Smith, Judith 
: Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, Ronald McNair and 
Gregory Jarvis. Two years passed before| 
L-i^nother shuttle was launched into space*" 


The first widely used commercial computer, 
Univac I, was built in 1 951 for the U.S. 
Census Bureau. From vacuum tube logic 
gates to transistors to microchips, powerful 
desktop computers and tiny microprocessors 
helped shape late 20th Century lire. Found 
everywhere bv 1 990, computers evolved to 
move the world out of the space age and 
into the Internet-driven information age. With 
the Internet and electronic mail, or e-mail, all 
corners of the globe were now at the 
computer-user's fingertips. 

iluttoiiizej jtir 

ves, Mikhail Gorbach. 

TOm takes over 

oai'iieici ends in South Africa: b> 

George C. Scott, the masterful actor and director best known for 
fiis portrayal of Gen. George S. Patton, died in September of an 
aortic aneurysm. Scott's role in the 1 970 film, "Patton," earned 
him the Oscar for best actor, an award he refused to accept 
because of his belief that the Academy Awards were offensive 
and innately corrupt. Scott received two other Academy Award 
nominations for best supporting actor in 1 962 and for best actor 
in 1 972, and also won an Emmy for his work in the 1 998 
remake of "1 2 Angry Men," which aired on cable television. 

Susan Sterner/ AP 

Supplied by AP 

Clayton Moore, a.k.a. the Lone 
Ranger, died in July of a heart 
attack at the age of 85. The masked 
hero of television and films became 
an American icon, racing on 
horseback to the "William Tell 
Overture" and with his customary 
cry of "Hi-Yo, Silver!" Having been 
an acrobat before becoming an 
actor, Moore was also well-Known 
for doing his own stunts on film. 

John Swart/AP 

Walter Payton, the NFL's all-time rushing 
leader, died of cancer in November, just 10 
months after announcing he had a rare liver 
disease and would need a transplant to live. 
Nicknamed "Sweetness" for his effortless 
running style and caring personality, the Hall 
of Fame running back set 10 all-time NFL 
records, including most career rushing yards, 
1 6,726, and most career carries at 3,838. 
Payton's single-game mark of 275 rushing 
yards against Minnesota in 1977 is a record 
many believe will never be broken. 

"Peanuts" creator Charles Schuiz, 77 , 
died of colon cancer on Feb. 1 9, just 
one day before his farewell comic strip 
was to appear in Sunday newspapers. 
In his final daily strip, published in 
early January, Schuiz thanked millions 
of fans all over the world for embracing 
the comic strip he had penned for more 
than 50 years. At the end of its historic 
run, "Peanuts" appeared in 2,600 
newspapers in 75 countries and 21 
languages, making it the world's most 
widely read comic strip. 

Reed Saxon/AP 

Basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain, 
63, died in October of an apparent 
heart attack. Considered one of the 
greatest centers to ever play the game. 
Chamberlain's 100-point game in 1962 
remains as one of the most revered 
records in all of sports. His hall-of-fame 
career with the Philadelphia 76ers and 
Los Angeles Lakers also includes NBA 
records for most rebounds in a game, 
55, and for averaging over 50 points 
per game for an entire season. 

Rose Bird, 63, California chief justice 

Harry Blackmun, 90, Supreme Court justice 

John Chafee, 77 , U.S. Senator 

Craig Claiborne, 79, food critic 

Quentin Crisp, 90, writer 

Allen Funt, 84, television host 

Catfish Hunter, 53, MLB Hall of Famer 

Madeline Kahn, ^7 , actress 

Gil Kane, 73, connic book artist 

Hedy Lannarr, 86 , actress 

Tom Landry, 7^, NFL coach 

Greg Moore, 24, race car driver 

Bobby Phills, 30, NBA star 

Abraham Polonsky, 88, screenwriter 

Mario Puzo, 78, writer 

Bill Quackenbush, 77, NHL Hall of Famer 

Christopher "Big Pun" Rios, 28, rapper 

Derrick Thomas, 33, NFL star 

Mel Torme, 73, jazz musician 

© 2000 Walsworth Publishing Compony, Inc Cover photos by AP (color) and Archive. 
Survey results compiled from the responses of 1 ,214 students across me nahcn. 

Miss Oakwood 
Pageant 2000 

"A Whole New Kind of Woman 


When I saw you on stage frozen in your business atmosphere, 

I knew A Whole New Band of Woman wasn't getting crowned, she was already here. 

From your introduction you had me under your hypnotic spell. 

With grace you walked, with an authority you talked, you were doing well. 

Then your talent presentation took it to a whole new dimension. 
Not to mention, that God's interlude has everyone's attention. 
A Whole New Kind of Woman, I think you're just being yourself. 
Just note that doing that entire talent segment you were being felt. 

Let me not talk about the evening gown you wore. 
Compared to the other gowns yours definitely soared 
It had to be a sin to look that good, because even I wanted to repent. 
The thought that went into selecting that evening gown was truly well spent. 

Then it was time to select the top three and trust; you were number one on my list 
When I heard your name called 1 felt an overabundance of happiness. 
The answer you gave sounded like you already new the question. 
After I heard your reply it was obvious, you were the one. 

When I saw you being crowned Miss Oakwood a tear rolled from my eye. 
I know you deserved that title and didn't even have to wonder why. 
You're A Whole New Kind of Woman, what else can I say? 
But congratulation, Aukea M. Joseph, for being Miss Oakwood 2 K. 

Tracie D Mathis 

"Where is the Ackee?" 

"The feelings that I experienced 
that night, I have never experi- 
enced before. This was a feel- 
ing of great variety. There was 
power; yet nervousness and 
anxiety, pleasure, yet there was 
nausea. There was feeling of 
high self worth, yet there was 
selflessness because I know it 
was all God. Besides the day 
of the pageant, this experience 
has definitely caused me to 
grow as an individual. 

It has caused my mind to be- 
come acute, and it hads definitely 
prepared me for the workforce. 
Inside it has caused me to be more 
self-confident so that I can 
present myself in the best light 
possible. The pageant has caused 
me to become much closer to 
God. He has shown me that he 
is certainly everything." 

178 Vamint -000 


Pendeza Green 

"Do You Beleive in 

A miracle was the best way to describe what happened on that 
memorable Sunday night. Ms. Pendeza Green dazzled the audience 
with her soothing sounds during the talent portion of the program. 
She was also tastefully dressed for success in business attire while 
later wooing the audience in her evening gown. This California 
beauty demonstrated what a true Oakwood woman looks like and 
with every graceful turn of elegance she was a stunning picture. Ms. 
Green we salute you for helping us to recognize a whole new kind of 
Oakwood woman. 

"■Pageant 2000 1 79 

Shawanda Florence- Griffin 

How about that? 
"A Black Statue of 



|, I 

"Being involved with the 
Miss Oakwood Pageant 
has been an exciting and 
rewarding experience. I 
thoroughly enjoyed the 
relationship I was able to 
develop with the other 
contestants. Because of 
this we were able to pray 
together as a group. We 
shared the same qualities, 
we were very optimistic, 
we never had tension, nor 
did we have any negative 
words to say about each 
other. Being a part of this 
pageant has made me 
stronger and more 
cognizant of qualities that 
I didn't know existed 
within me. Whether the 
outcome is a success or 
failure depends on what 

you wanted it to be as an individual and the 
collective attitude of everyone else who 
was also a participant." 

1 80 '■Ptii^nnit 2000 

Keotisha Aundra O'Giste 


" Good News! He has 

the Whole World in 

Hand " 

"Being a part of the Miss Oakwood 
Pageant has been an unforgettable 
experience that I would never trade 
for the world. I learned so much 
about myself and what I am 
capable of. Every single one of us 
found that we could relate to the 
other in more ways than one. I re- 
ally don't believe that anyone un- 
derstands friendship at its best un- 
less given the opportunity to be part 
of something, that is supposed to be 
a competition, that turns out to be 
the total opposite. 

It was simply amazing how 
each individual involved, made 
it a point to make sure that ev- 
eryone else was okay, and that 
our needs were met. Self was 
nowhere to be found, for 
clearly this was a joint effort." 

"■Pageant 2000 1 8 1 

Tiffany Sidra Taylor 

" She Spread Her Wings and 
Flew " 

"Words cannot express what an 
invaluable experience being part of 
the Miss Oakwood Pageant was. 1 
can honestly say the six of my 
biggest encouragers were my fellow 
contestants. Together with our 
coaches we worked late hours working 
on our steps, our speech, and our 
talents. By doing this we were able to 
form a family that genuinely cared 
about each other's needs and wants. 
As we got prepared, I praise God 
every day for bringing together the 
unique assemblage of individuals that 
He did for this year's pageant. 

When the big night finally amved 
my heart palpitations from 
nervousness. I felt as if I was in 
some amazing dream, my stage fight 
evaporated causing me to perform 
my best. That was a miracle that I 
truly give to God, because only He 
could have helped me through this 
pageant. 1 can't stale how much 1 
truly feel blessed to have a part of 
this experience. Through it I made 
a whole slew of new friends, learned 
a lot about myself and grew as a 
person by leaps and bounds. 
Experiences like that don't come a 
dime a dozen." 

182 "Ptr^anit jooo 


Angela Jeanice Warden 


The Dancing 

"A Whole New Kind of Woman 
was more than a pageant for me. 
I was able to grow together with 
the other ladies and myself. We 
all grew together and cared for the 
well being of not just ourselves, but 
everybody. As the moment arrive 
to take center stage, I felt an over- 
whelming joy and peace. I felt ner- 
vous, at time even nauseated, but 
I kept praying and reciting 
Philippians 4:7 and Isaiah 26:3. 

Thinking in retrospect, I feel 
that I have gained many things 
that I will keep with me for 
life. Some of these things in- 
clude, but are not limited to, 
the ability to perform in front 
of a huge crowd and walk- 
ing like a model. I have 
gained six new friendships 
that will last a lifetime." 






¥'■" ^^^^^^ 

'*'' ^m 



m^.l^^. l^^^l 

^^B i 'm 











^^Hbt'''^ <!,,',, 



w .^llt ^^1 




^P age out 2000 1 83 


tching, Waiting, Praying. 




The Final 

X XvJ LAX 1^ • • • 

Hair, Makeup, and 

Aukea Melitsa Joseph 



186 "P/ijiaiiit 2000 


"Miss Oakwood 2000 


"She Lifted Her 
Voice and Sang!' 

"I tried my best to keep focused, knowing 
there was much to be done with little time 
to accomplish it all. In my quietness, I 
found peace within myself and was able 
to let go of self and let God take over ev- 
erything that was before me. I was having 
a lot f fun and to me that was important. 
I went through each segment asking God 
for strength and remembering the words 
of my favorite text. Proverbs 3:5,6. It was 
time to select the three finalists, and even 
to that point I had no thought of advanc- 
ing to the final round. For anyone who 
was apart of the audience, my facial ex- 
pression clearly showed how surprised I 
was when I was selected. At that point I 
felt fear creeping in knowing that the ques- 
tion -and -answer segment was the one I 
feared the most from the very beginning. 
As the curtains closed allowed the three 
finalists to gain composure, I gained 
strength from my new sisters as we prayed 
and gave each other words of encourage- 

The moment of truth came faster than ex- 
pected, and whether or not I was ready, it 
was staring me in the face. As the ques- 
tions were put before me I honestly had no 
idea what to reply, but before I had time to 
doubt myself, I reminded myself from whom 
my strength comes from, and then I spoke. 
I knew for sure that God put those words 
upon my tongue, and from the audience 
response I could see His people were re- 
ceptive. Standing between my two sisters 
awaiting the results, there was still a feel- 
ing of uncertainty about the outcome. 
Everything seemed to be moving so fast 
and within a few minutes I had a crown on 
my head, flowers cradled in my arms and a 
warm audience sending me cheers. You, 
my Oakwood family, have been nothing 
less than wonderful, and I am truly blessed 
to be representing you. I will continue to 
be myself, and with my individuality and 
spirit, I hope to make a positive and power- 
ful impact, not only here on campus, but in 
the community." 

Watch out Maya Angelou, you've 
got company. 

Tyra you better think twice before 
you pose again. 

"■Pageant 2000 187 

1 88 Student Life 


!SMmt^mm'::v sxmmimm'^m 

Student Lite 1 89 


0C'§ got that hump-de-thiiinp-de-tliump! 



Ife ^ 

■^ ■tjl ™WHb 

1 90 5port5 



















^:!:!f?PK*- ""^ ^Rk 








So let \v cheer for dear old Oakwood College, that covers not 
only the mental and spiritual aspects of education but also 
the PHYSICAL, like NEVER BEFORE. The Ambassadors 
have entered into the new millennium with new beginnings 
and treasured memories. With this, school spirit will 
NEVER AGAIN be the same! 


"Now then we are AMBASSAORS for Christ, as though 
God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, 
be ye reconciled to God." 

-2 Corinthians 5:20 

Sports. 191 






1 92 5port5 


Curtis Blow once talked about basketball in the NBA, but when you get into talking about 
the basketball happening at Oakwood College, you seem to experience a whole new ball game. 
Never before has there been a team that started almost nonexisting and ended with success and 
acknowlegement because of the faith, hard work, and determination of a very wise man by the 
name of Coach James Roddy. These players have represented dear old OC in places such as Ber- 
muda, Washington State, and Tennessee (just to name a few). Keeping in focus the mental, 
spirtiual, and physical aspects of education, these Oakwood men have been more than prime ex- 
amples of what "the school of the prophets" has to offer. Although the Ambassadors for the year of 
1999-2000 will be next year, they will never be forgotten! 

Sports 193 

No pressure, no pressure 


'Awh manl I forgot to shave" 


Hey, coach, can I go in now, please? 

Notice that John is speaking and... 

Have you noticed that the guys who ride the bench 

No one's listening! 

always see the camera and smile; 


194 5port5 


No. Alexl Nobodii wants to bu(( a watchl 

What Is everyone looking atT 

Hey, ref, she's touching me! 

Hey that number 10 is good! 

hi the face! 


Sports 195 


Ohh... Ladi&s Rrst, Ladies Rrstl 



"Man is the second strongest sex 
in the world." 


Top row L-R: Coaches John Damon and Alex Johnson, Takesha Burton, Rebecca Lee ! L 
Bottom row L-R: Crystal Darby, Anneil Matthews 


196 Sports 

(■Ik !M 


,W 1 nUKJN ^Ul 

)anita Fowler, Ty wana Dulan, Holly Watkins, Coach Terry Hamilton 
ladisha Partlow, Alison Dulan. Not Pictured: Llori Jackson 

"Husslef" "Defense!" "Pass the ball!" ''Hey, ref, you need glasses!" 
These are just a few wonderful words you 'II hear when you enter into the wonderful 
world of Lady Ambassadors ' basketball. This year the ladies have taken Oakwood 
College basketball to a whole new level. Never before has our women 's basketball 

team represented dear old OC by participating in tournaments and traveling on a plane to 
places like Washington State to play Walla Walla College. These ladies truly are 
demonstrating what will happen when you give a woman a chance. You 7/ never again 
question their ability. 



Top row, left to right: Shane Corrobus, VaUey Fontll Damlan Chandler, 
Bottom row: Uoyd Holder, Patrice Germain, Sammy DeGraff, 

February 3, 2000: 

Drake vs. UAH 

5 2 



vs. A&M 


February 5, 2000 

Drake vs. A&M 
3 1 



vs. UAH 

198 Sports 






fY-Ron Douglas, David Newton, Gem Holder 

Xnthonv Walker, Eric Ainpudu. 



^M.iJM AF 1 


^^tKJm^^ ifey^J 



"Just a second! Oakwood college is not 
suppose to have a soccer team, are they?" 
Like never before, the Oakwood College 
athletic program has increased their capac- 
ity by including a new sport... soccer. 
This year's Ambassadors soccer team was 
founded by Oakwood College students 
who came together, formed a team, and 
presented themselves and their new 
project to the USM, the result being an 
unforgettable tournament including neigh- 
boring schools that turned out to be a suc- 
cess. The tournament included a massive 
cheering crowd, players from all over the 
world, and a victory over the University 
of Alabama in Huntsville with a score of 
8- 1 . This courageous Ambassador soc- 
cer team will never be replaced but, their 
light will carry on to future generations. 


'bw^'o 199 





Can You recognize these players. I see some winners here! 

The Cali team's cheerleader and "The Roots" coach. 

Okaif everyone, let's not Just stand around. 

James K((le... 

The All American Quaterbackl 

Hey, who is that smooth brother? 

like never before, this years intramural teams have taken sportsmanship, strength, and 
physical education to a whole new level. Not only was were male athletes but also women i 
athletes. The players on these different teams sacrificed time out of their busy schedules tcli 
display teamwork for the common goal of winning. Regardless of the ending residts, win on 
lose, they are all winners. Never again will there be bored Sundays or Wednesday nights 
(after prayer meeting), as long as there is a game, there is exdtementl 

200 Sporte 


Volle((ball Intermuralst You'd better believe ttl 

Hey! Get him Remus! 


^^HP ^^^V ^^^K^ 

Hey Big Lugs! They Just scored on you! 

The football crowd 

'AhM Whateveri" 

The OC Cheer squad 

5port5 201 




JM5f a frleidlb) game of bas^^balW 

Excitement In the air (as well as the aroma of Ben-Gay and 
slmalac!) It was Uke never before! The freshmen of the 1999-2000 school y< 
played a friendly game of basketball against the experienced falculty. Some 
thought It would be no competition considering that the f alcuUty are entirely too 
to hang with the full of energy freshmen right? Well The falcuHty proved to the ? 
freshmen that they needed to go back to the playground and practice before the^ 
< try to play a man/woman's game because. 

The faculty WON! 

Okay, the first tl. .u, don't want to do is let 

let them go by you. 

202 Sports 

John, don't miss those free tlirowsl 


H j^ g 


u ui^H a 

1 ^ " .^^fl^^t/KKKr 


A prime demonstration of the classic ^bench warming". 


So which side is the best side? This 
^ear Norh, East, South and West freshmen 
basketball game answered that question like 
NEVER BEFORE. Both the women and the 
men represented their territory with pride 
and determination 





Lucky number 7 dunks the ball! (Nlcel) 


Okay, somebody get OPEN! 


5port5 203 


Can you reconi^e (lit-se- [((■dplt?' Dufkly, is that your' 

The Ref decided to be in the picture. 

Class, what is the proper attire to play i/olleyball? 

Jeanine replies, "hot mamma pants, boots snd a sweater' 



! Well, some of them. 

The CALIE team hudJIes up.. 

O.C's Cheer Squad. .Well, not quite. 


Whether they are in the stands, on the court, or on the field, the Ambassadors all displayed the physi- 
cal aspect of education in the sports arena. The reason for participation may be for the love of the 
game, to attract the opposite sex, to get into shape or to do something to occupy time. Whatever the 
reason, these high -spirited Ambassadors have done it with heart like NEVER BEFORE. Although 
the teams and players will be replaced with others in the future, the memories (and results) will 
NEVER AGAIN have a replay , but instead carry a legacy. 

204 Sports 


Somebody help me, help me please! 

They're not ready for us! 


The home crowd is so spirited! 


yui»ij I 


The final Calie vs. Canada score. 

Hey, pass it to me, I'm open! 

Sports 205 

Let's Get. . . 


They say birds of a feather flock together. 
Undeniably, there is something deep within 
human nature that drives one to seek others with 
similar interests or tastes. Songbirds will go out 
and find other songbirds to mix melodious 
harmonies with. A budding actor or actress will 
likewise look for fellow thespians with whom 
they can exchange the lines of an innovative skit 
or play. Those with similar majors like to 
convene together to study or to discuss what 
options are available in the field which they are 
pursuing. Writers will find other writers, book 
worms will find other bookworms, and so on. 
Hence organizations are formed that provide 
people an with outlet to join with like minds. 
Oakwood has its fair share of these assem- 
blies. Never before has there been such a combi- 
nation of groups and clubs. Each member has 
an unique personality which he or she contrib- 
utes to the whole to make the caucus one of a 
kind. Never again will our school see such a 
blending. So, without any further ado, here 
they are for your enjoyment. . . Oakwood' s own 
fair-feathered group of clubs and organizations. 

206 Organizations 

Organizations 207 




There is no denying it. The 
USM Executive Cabinent is defi- 
nitely one of the hardest working en- 
tities on this campus. In addition to 
planning social events, academic 
bowls, religious activities, regular 
newspaper publications, and sports 
activities, each member of this dis- 
tinguished group is an ordinary stu- 
dent, just like the rest of us, battling 
with tests, multiple-page papers, and 
group presentations. The USM Sen- 
ate also puts in long hard hours, mak- 
ing sure that the concerns of their 
constituents are voiced to adminis- 
trative officers, cafeteria supervisors, 
and the USM officers as well. To 
this diligent bunch of individuals 
who tirelessly see to it that our school 
experience goes as smoothly as pos- 
sible, we salute you! 

Above: "Your USM announcements are as 
follows. . ." PR officer Nicole St. Louis 
stands at her post during chapel alerting 
students of important USM functions. 

Rii^ht: "The buck stops herel" With 
USM Treasurer Llewelyn McPherson 
that is. 

Senator Vincent Fraser listens intently, 
wondering how he can better the lives of 
his constituents in Edwards Hall. 

Above: These three USM officers pull 
double duty, being a part of the USM 
Senate as well as the USM Executive 

To Right: These senators excitedly 
prepare for the start of their weekly 

208 Organizations 

The 1999 - 2000 USM Executive Cabinet 

Front Row: Kendra Jones, academic vice president. Sireasa Martin, Senate emmenuensis. Juleun Johnson, executive vice president. Cynthia Gordon, 
president. Lenis Archer, executive emmenuensis. Llewelyn McPherson, treasurer. Back row: Rolanda Lister, special events coordinator. Joelle LaGuerre, 
Spreading Oak editor, Toussaint Williams, atlrletic vice president. Orlando Jobson, socW vice president, Lavina Baxter, Acorn editor. Nicole St.-Louis, 
public relations. Chinwe Umez, parliamentarian. Not Pictured: Christopher Bailey III, religious vice president. Mark Francis, music coordinator. 

The 1999 - 2000 USM Senate 

Senate President: Juleun Johnson; Senate emmenuensus: Sieresa Martin; parliamentarian: Chinwe Umez; Carter Hall: Jacqueline Clay, Crystal Grain. Rosey 
Clarke, Kim Edwards, Rebecca Lee, and Stephanie Lester; Peterson Hall: Trevor Barnes, Darius Morgan. Nathan McGinnis, Shona Paul, and Ryan Smith; 
Wade Hall: Liana Gray, Amberly Howe, Candace Miller, Damaris Olagundoye, Coreen Shakes, Jacqueline Thomas. Sharon White, and Amber Willis; 
Edwards Hall: Tosin Atolagbe, Leo Campbell, Jude Eversley, Valy Fontil, Trevor Eraser, Anthony Rayborne. and Sirach Selassie; Cunningham Hall: Jennifer 
Gray, Demisha Burns; Women's Aimex: Nicole Bailey; Men's Aimex: Damian McCarthy; off-campus: Troylando Brewer, Kevin Cameron, Marva Dennis- 
Drigo, Terrence Harrison, Lydia-Anne Husbands, Michael Jenk.ins,Trina White, and Juliette Winston; married students: Delecia Barrow and Rene Barrow 

Organizations 209 

Meolians and College ^hoir \ 

"Aeolians. . .The very name eommands 
your attention. It has been said that if 
mortal man can sound like this, then, oh, 
how must the angels sound. It is our soul 
desire to lift up our Lord and Savior, Jesus 
Christ. This fact reverberates in our songs 
of praise." 

-Jerod Holloway,Aeolians President 

"I look foward to going to choir. Tht 
comaraderie with other memliers, the 
satisfaction of accomplishment, and the 
gratification of those who are blessed by us 
in song all keep us coming back to this 
rewarding ministiy." 

-Amanda Ambrose, College Choir member 

Lloyd B. Mallory, Jr., Director 

The Oakwood College Choir 

Sopranos: Amanda Ambrose, Shavonne Dorsey, 

Deondria Jeffries, Je'Nean Johnson, Caulette Julien, 

Tanya Loveday, Kiyomi Oatez, Lanisha McMiller, 

Priscilla Morris 

Altos: Brandon Boozer, Tamika Duncombe, Gailann 

Felix, Attalie Johnson, Kelle Neal, Mahalia Olatunji, 

Irmide Olibris, Nicole Swanston, Nicole Taylor 

Tenors: Joseph Chin King, Recardo Daphnis, John 

Hall, III, Lavar Higgs, Marquis Jackson, Kenyatta 

Latham, Xavier Lewis, Tre'va Sweeney 

Basses: K'Hari Bryant, Morris Carlyle, Jonathan 

Elysee, George Fuller, Robert Hayes, II, Craig King, 

Neil Manning, Anthony Raybourne, John Stephens, 

Dillon Thomas, Joshua Williams 

The Aeolians of Oakwood College 

Sopranos: Joy Barnum, Yara Cuen, LaShawnna 

Dunning, Alva Ferdinand, Shannon Gamble, Tiah 

Graves, Lydia-Anne Husbands, Joanne Jennett, 

Desmirra Jones, April Mendinghall, Melody Miles, 

Charlese Miller, Keotisha O'Gisle, Daniella Payne, 

Anika Sampson, Maria Sellers, Patrice Smith, Danie 

Storey, Tiffany Taylor, Kali Wilder 

Altos: Margaret Best, Candace Bone, April Burks, 

Tiffany Burton, Chasta Callies, Gian Dudley, Erin 

Griffin, Sharlene Hall, Shannone Holt, Myla 

Humphrey, Kelli Moseley, Jeuelle Ottley, Erica 

Shuman, Lena Simmons 

Tenors: Gian Alexis, Joel Boyce, Earl Canson 111, Lee 

Cort, Justin Davis, Lloyd Harrod, III, Jerod Holloway, 

Stephen Mackey II, John Nixon. II, Xavier O'Connor. 

Marvin Pitcher, Robert Walker, Noah Washington, 

Jeremy Winston 

Basses: Keilh Allen, Andrew Blackwood, Eric Brown. 

David Clarke, Mark Francis, Bryant Goodine, Claude 

Harris, III, Bron Jacobs, James Lewis III, D'Andre 

McCarthy, Winlley Phipps II, Nicholas Riley, Bryan 

Rivers, Jestan Sands, Wesley Sterling, Mclvyn 

Warfield, Jr., Todd Windham 

Accompanists/Band: Darrel Daniels, Albert Dudley, 

Mark Francis, Marvin Pitcher, John A. Victor, John 

Stoddard, Todd Windham 

210 Organizations 


"I feci that orchestra is important because 
it gives musicians who study various 
instruments an outlet for playing and 
contining to enhance their performance 
-Angela J eanice Warden, student conductor 

"The orchestra adds an important element 
to campus life. It exposes the Oakwood 
community to unique and diverse genres of 
music not often heard on campus." 

-Lee Bul^n, orchestra president 

The Oakwood College Symphony Orchestra 

First Violins: Douglas McCleary. Qian Dickerson, 

Lily Archer, Veronica Jones, Dianna Mosley 

Second Violins: Kybra Tutt, Jessica Graham, Tia 

Jeffery, Aswad Maundy, Jane Smith, Samantha 

Leblanc, Erline Anilus, Carletta Levy 

Violas: Rodena Branch, Cara Monroe, Pauline James 

Cellos: Keith Tutt, Bruce Wells, Meki Bracken, Cale 

Brathwaite, Daniel Lubega 

Bass: Maurice Brown 

Flutes: Melissa-Kay Grey, A. Jeanice Warden, Josiah 


Oboes: Darcy Carmen, Henry Bradford 

Clarinets: Dianna Mosley, Philip Williams, Michelle 

Hall, Morgan Smith 

Saxophones: Sammy DeGraff, Joel Williams 

Horn: Jamie Davis 

Trumpets: Lee Bulgin, Marcus Blake, Jahari 

Washington, Hakeem Bowlin, Tommy Erskinne 

Trombone: Michael Messervy 

Baritone: Alan Calhoun 

Tuba: Eunice Ruff 

Timpani: Robert Grissom, Lindel McClean 

Percussion: Laura Durkin, Christopher Ifill, and 

Dennis Moore 

Organizations 211 

Voices of triumph 

"Many times I have been physical!)' and 
emotionally exhasted upon arriving at 
rehearsal. VOT. is the family that I go 
home to every Friday and Saturday 
afternoon. I am washed in praise, rinsed in 
thanksgiving, and renewed in the ministry 
that God has set before us." 

-Patricia Beard, choir member 

'Ministry in Motion'. . .that is our motto. 
Voices of Triumph is a choir solely based on 
ministry, learning to love as Christ loved, 
and finding out what real family is all 

Alethia Evans and Damian Chandler, directors 
Colin Bailey, president 

Sopranos: Roberta Bishop, Valancia Bradley, and 
Freida Bussey, Quantrilla Carter, Kerrianne Golding, 
Rikki Gordon, Simone Hardley, Jamila Harris, Erika 
Hinds, Vernika Holloway, Daiila John-Lewis, 
Tiffany Johnson, Sonita Lawrence, Simone Lewis, 
Betina McNeil, Bonita Miller, Althea Morris, 
Sharonda Murphy, Antoinette Freddie, Luwanda 
Scott, Jaida Senghor, Pamela Smith, Pettina Smith, 
Stacy-Ann Smith, Miranda Steele, Christine 
Thompson, A.Jeanice Warden, Anjanene Ware, 
Autumn Washington, Javonne West, and Ellen 

Altos: Charity Amponsah, Kimberiy Anderson, 
Nicole Bailey, Patricia Beard, Candace Bone, 
LaKeisha Bonner, Karen Boolhe, Kamica Brookes, 
Renida Bufkin, Demisha Burns, Joelle Cadet, Natalie 
Cedes, Danica Chandler, Zoe Checkley, Brunelle 
Cinous, Anita Dupree, Charisa Franklin, Jannae 
Gaiter, Sandy Gracia, Natalie Griffin, Syrita Hall, 
Vanessa Henry, Loderika Holder, Niyiere Joseph, 
Mackesha Maddix, Danielle Martin, Candace Miller, 
Tabitha Miller, Aimee Nozil, Nicole Pierre-Louis. 
Monique Pougue, Marie Saunders, Amber Saunders, 
Tashima Thomas, Alicia Trusty, Sharon White, 
Tarkyshia Williams, and Tomeka Witherspoon 
Tenors/Basses: Gene Archer, Colin Bailey, Melissa 
Baker, Keisha Blackburn, Derrick Bramble, Limbcrt 
Browne, Lavona Cassimy, Kimberiy Cumberbatch. 
Kendrick Dandridge, Landon Dowe, Sam Edwards, 
Julienne Gaiter, Woody Gracia, Courtney Hall, Gary 
Jones, Jr., Paul Jones, Marlon Lamand, Owen 
Lopez, 11, Neil Manning, Douglas McCleary, Philip 
McDonald, John Mills, Amett Montague, Kellc 
Neal, Frederic Nozil, Ayinde Roberts, Stephen Ruff, 
Tiffany Rugless, lymarie Smith, Baron Savory, 
Shawanna Taylor, Sean Thompson, Marlon 
Thompson, Courtney Turnball, Duane Wellington. 
Keturah Willamson, and Bennette Wooley 

Band: Dean Charles, Danny Nixon, Darryl 
Sanlord. and Garthel Wade 

212 Organizations 

dynamic Qf^ raise 

"Dynamic Praise is more than just a choir; we are a minis- 
try. We are a group of young people who believe that now 
is the time to serve the Lord and that the essence of us 
being proper servants is to be unified. 1 love it!" 

-Amma Griffin, choir member 

Organizations 213 


Anointed Voices 
of Praise 

Coretta Matthews, Director 

First row: (1 to r) Tina Monroe, Chanisha 
Cochran, Cassandra CodHng, Demetria 
Taylor, Joycelyn Poole; second row: Coretta 
Matthews, Kym Edwards, Chima Fubler, 
Enjoli Lackey, Adrianne Jones, Leanne 
Stoddart; third row: Yazmin Davidson, John- 
Paul Ruffin, Susan Ogbonna, Kelle 
Robinson, LaCresha Drew; fourth row: 
Robert Walker, John-Michael Johnson, Alvin 
Elhott, Lemuel Hubbard, Lany Davenport, 
and Robert Grissom 

Literature Evangelists 

Pastor William Smith, director 
Dalecia Barrow, president 

Religion and Theology 

Officers: Feron F. Fianch, president, 
Roberto Guerrero, Sr., exec, vice president. 
Martial Charles, treasurer Michael Jenkins, 
secretary. J. Bennette Wooley, clmplain. 
Litchfield Howard, coinnninicatiou director. 
Donville Cooper, assoc. communication 
director. Stanley C. Huggins, parliamentar- 
ian. Gregoire St. Jean,, Kareem Hinds, //rx;/- 

214 Organizations 


Willing, Succeeding, and 
Black, Inc. 

Members: Rhianna Aaron, Dorian Allen, Lloyd 
Vernell, Toyosi Atolagbe, Colin Bailey, Tyson Belli, 
Niyrai-Daun Bradshaw, April Oaks, Juanita Burris, 
Camille Cochran, Donville Coope, Osmund 
Marcellin, Thamar Desilier, Garth Dottin, Lacresha 
Drew, Angel Dumas, Rudy Felix, Priscilla Frimpong, 
Rikki Gordon, Marsha Gregory, David Hall, Andrea 
Hall, Myron James, Deondria Jefferies, Cliff 
Laguerre, Brenee" McDole, Tracy Mathis, Kerlene 
Montoue, Sarah Morton, April Moore, Kiyomi 
Oatez, Monique Pougue, Donald PoUe, Nicole 
Taylor, Natalee Reid, Shanna Scarlet, Jonathan 
Scott, Eric Shumand, Teayanna Tinsley, Alicia 
Trusty, Ronald Walbrook, Lanair Walker, Denry 

Outer Dimensions 

Rolanda Lister, President 

Black Able Sisters of 

Officers: Anika Sampson, pre^/Je/?/. Erica 
Dizard, vice president. Maria Sellers, 
secretary. Tasheima Harrison, treasurer. 
Danielle Beck, social coordinator. Caroline 
Douglas, public relations. LaTisha Martin, 
public relations assistant. Dionne Smith, 
historian, Brooke Henderson, chaplain. 
Joycelyn Brown, parliamentarian. 

Organizations 215 




Jessica Wagner, Supervising Editor 

Editorial Staff: Joy Bamum, Ruth Bainum, 
Jason Hawkins, Desmond Jones, and Nicole 

Art and Soul 

Members: Osmund Marcellius, President, A. 
Mane Saunders, Andrea Burton, Brian Titus, 
Candace Bone, Celeste Edwards, Chevon 
Griffiths. Cliinwe Umez, Colin Bailey, Danica 
Chandler, Daniel Jenkins, DaiTyl Hampton, 
David Ruff, II, Demisha Burgs, Denry White, 
DeiTick Williams. Donville Cooper, Dudley 
Duberry, Erica Hinds, Earnie Mannning, Frederic 
Nozil, lyamarie Smith, Jeff Huggins, Jessica 
Wagner, Lanair Walker, Leanne Stoddart, Lloyd 
James, Michael Messervy, Natalie Louis, Natasha 
Otto, Nigel Hunter, Paul Yeboah, Roberta 
Bishop, Seneca Vaught, Ssanyu 
BagambiircTannysha Evans, Virginiah Douglas, 
Wayne Titus 

Communications Club 

Front to Back: Frederick Owens, President, 
Edwin Powell, Vice President, Canyce 
Monroe, Piilylie Relations, Dudley Dubarry, 
Linda Skecl, Patricia Conwell, Sponsor; Not 
Picutured: Elayna Boynton, Clniplcun 

216 Organizations 

Literary Guild 

Front Row: {1 to r) Tosin Atolagbe, Editor, 
LaTasha Belts, President, Jessica Cook, 
Secretary, Melissa Morrison, Vice President/ 
Chaplain, Shona Paul, Public Relations; 
Second Row: Aquila Brown, Leanne Stoddart, 
Erica Shuman, Kristin Hudson, Joel Boyce, 
Pauline Walker, Lorian Bridgeforth, Dr. Decily 
Daly, Sponsor, Third Row: Melanie Metcalfe, 
Kenyatta Latham, Jeff Huggins,Tracie Mathis, 
Eddie Powel, Dr. Gatsinzi Basaninyenzi, 
Sponsor, Not Pictured: Pearl Daye, Marva 
Dennis-Drigo, Angela Rhodes, Shana Stewart, 
Orishemugbemi Ukuedojor 

Organizacion de la 

Lengua Espanola 

(Spanish Club) 

Front Row: (1 to r) Samuel Boynton, Judith 
Poey, Chelise Davis, Carletta Levy, Brandon 
Boozer; Second Row: Amanda Ambrose, 
Vice President, Charity Amponsah, 
Trishonda Woods, Treasurer 
Third Row: Jennifer Grey, Ulric Hetsberger, 
David Dusany, Jason Maycock, President; 
Not pictured: Cherie Colbert, Edison Liburd, 
and Hector Torres 

Family and Consumer 
Sciences Club 

Officers: Urvia McDowell, President, Desiree 
Gunn-Price, Vice President, Andrea Scott, Human 
Development Vice Pres., Angela Newton, Nutri- 
tion/Diet Vice Pres., Andrea Waters. Family and 
Consumer Science Vice Pres., Tammy Thompson, 
Secretary, Jennifer Watkins, Asst. Secretary, 
Cassandra Codling, Treasurer, Paula Thompson, 
Asst. Treasurer, Delicia Barrows, Public Relations, 
Makese Gilbert, Asst. Public Relations, Trina 
White, Social Vice Pres., Natasha Otto, Program 
Chair, Joy Jordon. Parliamentarian, Tervarius 
Black, Sgt. at Arms, Carl Hygrant, Chaplain 

Organizations 217 

Left to Right: Alan Denick-Griffith, Vice 
President. Katrina Fiasier, Public Relations. 
Lavardo Thompson, President. Jason Mann 
Parliamentarian. George Fuller, Chaplain. 
William Lee, Chaplain. Chinwe Asomugha, 
Public Relations, David Josey, Social Vice 
President: Not Pictured: Quantrilla Carter, 
Secretary, and Javon West, Assistant 

Epsilon Phi Delta 
(Science Club) 

Officers: Alphonzo Greene; III, President. 
Tosin Atolagbe, Executive Vice President. 
Daniel Saint-Elie, Chaplain. Khandie 
Waugh, Social Vice President. George Cyril 
Treasurer. Kathleen Lewis, Secretary. 
Michelle Hall, Public Relations. Susanna 
Osborne, Public Relations 

Allied Health Club 

Officers: Cari Dossman, President. Winfield 
Costello, Vice President. Janice Puitt, 
Secretary. Karin Cox, Public Relations. Amy 
McNeal, Treasurer. Makeda Harris, Parlia- 
nientaricui. Erika Perry, Chaplain 

218 Organizations 


Psychology Club 

Front: Mark Hodnett, President: Second 
Row: Andrea Dean, Enjoli Christmas, 
Margaret Best, Jarren Thurman, Religious 
Vice President, Shantil Turner; Back Row: 
Monique St. Louis, Social Vice President, 
Chantel Anderson, Arlene Edwards, Vice 
President, Jonette Authur, Secretary, 
Myisha Norris; Not pictured: Jeremiah Fort, 
Public Relations Director, Alysia PulUns, 

Pre-Dental Club 

Front: Michelle Griffith, Treasurer; Middle 
Row: Chinwe Umez, Public Relations, Orian 
Atkinson, Vice President, Noma Gwebu; 
Back Row: Alan Derrick-Griffith, Secretary, 
Liana Gray, Vincent Fraser, President, Adara 
Ford, Phillip Brookins; Not Pictured: Zoe 
Checkley, Tyrice Clisby, Paul Gunn, Charles 
Hewitt, Christal James, Sukari Miller, Allison 
Sease, Tyrisha Sowell, Rachelle Valcin 

Student National 
Medical Association 

In Front: (1 to r) Sean Thompson, Public 
Relations, Cherie Colbert, Treasurer: Back 
Row: Nicole Swanston, Secretary, Shawn 
Hervey-Jumper, Vice-President, Shana Gage, 
President, Dr. Londa Schmidt, Advisor 

Organizations 219 

Officers: Trishonda Woods, President. 
Tiffany Proffitt, Vice President, Shana 
Billingy, Secretary, Shawana Taylor, Trea- 
surer, Donovan Johnson, Parliamentarian/ 
Chaplain, Nicole St. Louis, Public Rela- 
tions, Antoin Bowe, Historian, Gilbert 
Preston, Membership Committee, Jerod 
Holloway, Membership Committee 

Students in Free 

Officers: Gilbert Preston, President, Rosie 
Clarke, Vice President, Josian Thomas, 
Secretary, Simone Lewis, Assistant Secre- 
tarv, Grayland Jones, Treasurer, Ingrid 
McFarland, Public Relations, Nadia Pearce, 
Public Relations 

Accounting Club 

Officers: Sharon Fubler, President, Kevin 
Carguill, Vice President, Gilbert Preston, 
Treasurer, Trishonda Woods, Secretary 

220 Organizations 


Pre-Law Club 

Officers: Mytonia Paul, President, Renee 
Wilkerson, Wice President, Anita Dupree, 
Secretary, Patrick Caleb, Treasurer, Jessica 
Cook, Public Relations, Lavinia Baxter, 


Front: Brittney Moore, President; Back 
Row: Roberto Guerrero, Secretary, Beverly 
Robinson, Sponsor, Not Pictured: Liza 
Burton, Vice President 

(Honor Society) 

Officers: Jerod Holloway, President, Sherian 
Dulan, Vice President, Samuel Boynton, 
Secretary, Lloyd Holder, Treasurer, Nicole 
Tucker, Public Relations,Ty-Ron Douglas, 
Assistant Public Relations 

Organizations 221 

International Students 

Officers: Melissa Morrison, President. Ty- 
Ron Douglas, Vice-President, Vanessa 
Henry, Secretary, Maxine Brown, Assistant 
Secretary, Linda Skeete, Social Vice 
President, Lee Kimani, Chaplain, Jestan 
Sands, Parliamentarian, Antoine Bowe. 
Treasurer, Ezra Todd, Public Relations 

Junior Class 

Front Row: (1 to r) John-Michael Johnson, 
Vice-President, Jarren Thurman, Chaplain, 
Jasmine Bartholomew, Honorary Ojficer, 
Amma Griffin, President, Cristal James 
Assistant Secretary; Second Row: ( 1 to r) 
Nathalie Jean-Philippe, Secretary, Dana 
Turner, Social Vice President, Melissa 
Mallett, Sgt-at-Arms, Nicole Knight, Public 
Relations; Back Row: (1 to r) Diane Rugless, 
Sponsor, Jennifer Alford, Assistant Trea- 
surer, Jorge Bartholomew, Sponsor, Derrick 
Bramble, Parliamentarian; Not Pictured: 
Michelle Pullman, Assistant. Public Rela- 

Wade Hall Dorm Club 

Officers: Courntney Weston, President, 
Jonae Jackson, Vice President, Amber Willis, 
Parliamentarian, Shayla Montgomery, 
Social Vice President, Adrianne Jones, 
Chaplain, Nicole Barron, Secretary, Rosalind 
Dyson, Treasurer, Christina Jefferson, 
Assistant Treasurer 

Spreading Oak 

Editorial Board: Joelle LaGuerre, Editor-in- 
Chief, Lakeisha Bonner, Campus News 
Editor, Jonise Caleb, Copy Editor, Eric Grant, 
Photography Editor, Elaine Guiness, Health 
Editor, Terrence Harrison, Religion Editor, 
Vinson Jones, Feature/Opinion Editior, 
Jerita Maddox, Office Mcmager, Simone 
Morgan, U.S./World News Editor, Marnel 
Niles, Advertising Manager, Fredric Nozil, 
Layout Editor, Natasha Smith, Assistant 
Editor, Jody Jones Stennis, Advisor, Natalie 
Weekes, Sports Editor, Erica Wesley, 
Academic Editor 

222 Organizations 

Organization in Action. . . 

Top Left: Look out, Boston! Here comes 
Voices of Triumph! 

Below: ''Every va - ally..." extolls Aeolian 
tenor, Joel Boyce 

Above: Taking time out from their busy, 
pre-med schedules, these SNMA members 
hold a car wash to raise funds. 

Left: These senators look through the im- 
portant documents passed out to them at 
each meetinc. 

Left: These members of Dynamic Piaisc 
can't hide their excitement, knowing that 
after a "short" flight they'll be in England 
on tour. 

Organizations 223 


Left: Deep in llKuiglil, llie exceutivc dITiecrs ol' Ihc USM 
ponder weighty seiiool issues. 

fic/oir.Newly inducled Aiph;i Chi ineinher Cherie Colbert 
looks over the Alpha Chi principles which she now is 
responsible for upholding. 

Above: The Psychology Club listens intently to the words 
of wisdom from guest speaker Dr. Danny Blanchard. 

Above /e/i.-These aspiring authors got a chance to learn 
the tricks of the trade from Penny Wheller, editor of 
Women of Spirit magazine, during the Literary Guild's 
Writers' Workshop. 

Left: Not to be forgotten. Anointed Voices of Praise has 
an important place in the musical tradition of Oakwood 

Organizations 225 

Uivinij B.i\lL'i-Si bililni 

Ramttna Hyman-Advisoi 

Olakemi SobonichTn- Student Lite Editor 
' Olawunmi Sobomehin- Student Life Assistant 
' Triciana Loftman- Student Life Assistant 
I Tiffany Taylor- Organizations Editor 
I John Michael Johnson- Organizations Assistant 

Pendc/a Green- Sports Editor 

Jennifer Gray-Copy Editor 

Natsha Betts-Copy Editor 

Dianna Moseley-Copy Editor 
' Tara Carmen- Layout Editor 

Shantil Turner- Layout Assistant 
I Natasha Smith-Directory Editor 
I Andrea Gilkey-ldentification Editor 

Photographers-Will Thomas, Juleun Johnson, Olivia Elliot, Toussaint 

Williams, Lavinia Baxter, and Byron Philips! Senior Portraits and 

Pageant 201101 

126 Our Turn 


usta note... 

i\s I had at my high school graduation, I've 

once again been afforded the opportunity to wax 
eloquently. However, those of you who attended 
know what happened; I preached. When I reflect 
on how I got over, I can't help but praise the 
Name. This year has truly been a turning point in 
my life for a variety of reasons, but working on 
the yearbook was a critical factor. I learned a lot 
about the way I managae time, stress, people, 
deadlines, money, crisies, papers due, and author- 
ity. I also learned that patience is a virtue, sleep is 
my favorite pastime, everyone is a resource for 
information, Y2k is a just beginning, spelling is critical, deadlines are not your worst nightmare, 
everyone wants to be in the yearbook, computers get tired too, suggestions are really demands, 
humor eases tension, laughter is the best medicine, Mr. Harbin and Ms. Hyman were always 
there, friends are priceless, prayer changes things and Jesus really cares about the Acorn. 

This was worth every bump along the seemingly endless road of this school year. I hope 
that you can appreciate the time and effort put into producing this book We proud of it! 
Thank you, Byron Philips, for your expertise and patience through this project. Mr. PuUins 
thank you for all those mug shots you took despite not feeling well some days; God Bless you. 
We couldn't have done this without you. These results would not have been possible without 
extra special people who were dedicated to its cause: Olakemi Sobamekin, Wumi Sobamekin, 
Tiffany Taylor, John Michael Johnson, Tara Carmen, Triciana Loftman, Juleun Johnson, Andrea 
Gilkey, Belina Buisson, Diana Mosley, Jennifer Gray, and Pendeza Green.. Special thanks to 
Robert Walker and Enoch Baker for helping me keep my wig on when I wanted to deconstruct 
the computer. Words fail to convey my love to those who kept me going ; so thank you, Kim, 
Nicole, my big sister Trish, Monique, Joelle and my second mother Louis Belgrave. Mommy 
and Daddy, thank you for your daily powerful prayers that penetrated God's throne room. 

Congratulations seniors: the fun is just beginning(yeah, right). It won't be long juniors, 
those of you on the four year plan. Sophomores, step up and take your place. Freshmen hang 
in there, just three more years. No one knows how much longer this world will go on, and 
truthfully, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we have a blessed assurance of salvation in the 
one thing that remains constant while people and situations change: God's Word. My encour- 
agement to you, Oakwood woman or man, is to live for the present like never before, and live 
for the future like never again. 

Living in Anctipation, 

Lavinia Baxter 

Our Turn 227 

"I will never forget my time at Oakwood. Each one of you 
taught me as much about myself and about Christ as you did 
about yourselves, and for that I am forever indebted to you. 
NAPS , I'll love you always. One semester was simply to 
short.but the memories are being treasured. Pray that my inin- 
istry to others is as colored with life as yours has been to me." 

-Micheal Messervy 


"My ciimpalnalcs at Oakwood College made me a more com- 
plete, complex and caring person." 

-Loran Haughsted 

I enjoyed getting acquainted with many of 
Oakwood's cool students. 1 will miss seeing 
you'll. Come see me sometime. 

-George Fuller 

228 DEEP 

s»WAmto:^'; l^^^v■«'*mM■M 




77?^ Diversity Education Exchange Program allowed seven 
students from Southern University, to exchange places with 
seven Oakwoodites for the fall semester, becoming the sec- 
ond group to participate in the PROGRAM. George Fuller, 
Amberly Howe, Lora , Loran Haugsted, David Collins, 
Micheal Messervy, and David Dickerson left undeniable 
marks on our lives and on this campus. It is safe to say that 
they are all now ''seasoned'' Oakwoodites. The Southern 
crew became apart of our campus family involving them- 
selves in everything: L>ynamic Praise, theAeolians, NAPS, 
Public Relations, the Science Club, and other organiza- 
tions. We have all benefited as a result of this program. We 
have grown together spiritually as well as academically, 
and we are forever changed. It has been a deep experi- 

ence, one we will never forget. 







DEEP 229 

bo VDouid b{f)f>e imagined that a former skflpe plantation could 

metamorphose into a unhersity-status bound institution 'Witb a 
graduating class of olper 300 future physicians, lawyers, ministers, 
business professionals . . .the list goes on and on. O^er the past ten 
decades the little fledgling school has stretched its 'mngs to transform 
into the makings of an eagle educational facility, yphich still contin- 
ues to groVp and reach nevp heists. 

lAin?iig||,.. ^ 


While Oa^ood is 'Writing a nesm history for itself 'mil 'Vpe 

^er relhe the moments that has made this school 'Pohat it is 

today? Well, the ansvoer to that question is . . . 



FOUNDED ^ 18% 


U 4^ 









- Dixon, Minneola. "One 
Hundred Brief Facts About 
Oakwood College. Adventist 
Heritage. March 1996. 
Issue 17.1 

- Warren. Mervyn. Oakwood! 
A 1 ision Splendid. 
Collegedale: The College 
Press" 1995. 

"^--iii-SE - Personal Interviews of Alumni 

U^^erzAgain 231 




inadequate facilities, shortage of necessary supplies . . .yes, the 
early forerunners of OaJ(990od bad it rough at times. ^o'Vo^er, 
they made the best ofyphat they bad and during this time 
0a^ood continued to prosper, gr(mingfrom Oa^ood "fecbnical 
^cbool into Oa^ood Junior College 




232 J^eriAgain 


J^ed up yvitb some of tbe practices 
of the college that tbey deemed 
ineffecthe and, on some occasions, 
outri^t prejudiced, tbe students of 
Oa^ood opened tbe 1930s Vpitb a 
stril(e. iM^atters ^entually "foere 
resohed, and, as an answer to 
some of tbe concerns, J.jC 
z^Xtoran 'Was installed as 0ai^ 
'Wood's first blacl^president.. This 
generation also g(i\>e birtb to tbe 
first student newspaper and tbe 
official scbool colors of blue and 

U^<(^er '^gain 233 

ibe 1940s brou^t 
Oal(9i>ood the designation 
of a senior college and the 
Ipery first of the baccalau- 
reate degrees 'Vnere con- 
ferred in 1945. Jt "ppas 
also in this time that the 
loery first issue of the 
yearbook the ^Acom, ypos 

234 :j\(fver'-Jlgain 


li^itb the 1950s ushering in 
Oa^ood's 6d^ annhersary, the 
school continued to maJ^ neV9 
strides, recehing its accreditation 
by the Southern ^Association of 
(Colleges and (^chools. 

tSCQer <iAgain 235 


r> . 

\\. , 







7i^ i^^/7// <?//^^ cMl rights molpement sur- 
rounded OaJ(^ood during the 1960s. Un the 
meantime, Oal^ood ^oas expanding more and 
more. The institution began its union 'foitb 
UlhCQJ^in this decade. 







I \i\r 






236 ^^(^er -ytgain 






04«»<tx>B CO! net 1 


^?T fin 

1 •.^•^.'■«»»^ 

'iAfros, bell-bottoms, 
dasbi^s . . .yes, these things 
could be seen in abundance 
around Oa^ood during 
the 70s. The building of 
the Oal(99ood C^^llege 
Qhurch 'W/Zf also completed, 
mth eider Sric Q "^ard 
presiding as senior pastor, 
and WOQQ '^ent on the 
air as "the light of the 
'Tennessee Ualley 'for the 
first time. 

U^>(^er <iAgain 237 


"Precious memories, bcm tbey linger. . ." Jn 
the heyday of^lma "^Ma 'Blacl^on's 
^eolians, a "Special "Blend' (yes, W are 
coining the name of^Meft>yn Warren, 
^Mar]^ Nibble, zAhnn Qbea, and C^ude 
zMc'JQiigbt's original group) of Oa^ood's 
musical talent bit an all-time bi^ in tbe 80s. 
zMany of tbe 'Various cboirs began regular 
touring and a Ipariety of students began to ta^ 
seriously going into music as a professional 


238 7^{^er^gain 


"The 'Po'Vper Qeneration. " 
On the brin^ of a nevp 
millenium, the 90s fpere an age 
^bere Oa^ood began to 
reach nevp horizons. 'The 
school celebrated its centennial 
mnfpersary. <iAlso, Iparious 
technological advances "Vpere 
made, such as the establishment 
if an offical general school 
omputer lab ypith internet 
iccess and an e-mail system 
^or faculty and students. 
Computers became more 
plentiful on campus than ^er 

What is in store for the school of 
the prophets this next millenium? 
Only time '^ill tell, but since the 
beginning Qod has been ypith this 
school, bringing it through turbu- 
lent times as yuell times of prosper- 
ity, and, 'Vpithout a doubt, Qod 'fvill 
continue to lead Oa^ood doys>n 
the road it needs to taJ^ in the 
future. ^0, in closing here W<? 
present to you Oal^ood 2000 in 
its entirety . . . n^er before, ntper 

J^er^Again 239 


Below: The eat is on! No sooner than the aroma hits the air, the ever -prese 
question arises: "How many may I have?" 


On Saturday, February 19, 2000, the International 
Food Fest was held, to the delight of many Oakwood 
College students. Everyone knows that wherever free 
food is, you are hound to have a good time. Organized 
by Ms. Theresa Allen and the United Student 
Movement's (USM) social Vice President, Orlando 
Jobson, it was truly a memorable time. The various 
types of food served included: hidian, Carribean, Mexi- 
can, Oriental, Italian, and American cuisine. The very 
entertaining group Jaballa originally from Nigeria, sang, 
danced, and flexed their muscles for the crowd. A good 
time was had by all. 

Above: Music, munchies. and memories, what more is %^^ 
there to the collece life? 

Above left: A sandwich and a smile; freshman Jillian 
seems to be enjoying an edible evening. 

Right: Caught with his hand in the cookie jar! More 
like in the face, Touissant Williams is not ashamed at 
his appetite. 


You are now about to enter the 
Oakwood College Directory Zone 

Please proceed with Caution. ^^^ 

All Violators who fall to ^helrbusy ^ 
schedules and stay In contact with their friends 

will be prosecuted. 
You have been warned. 

T^e oe z^*«^ 


QZ. Pirectory 241 


Follow the signs and pictures closely to safely make it through 
THE OC Zone* The purpose of your experience is to provide 
YOU with the necessary tools to help you commuicate better 


with great people. 
Good Luck! 

Allen Ineke 

360 West 29th Street 

Riviera Beach FL 33404 

Allen Jaymie 

3227 Westheimer DR 

Apt 1 

Huntsville AL 35805 

Allen Kevin 

5802 Green Springs 


Warrenton VA 35896 

Allen Kevin 

7320 Crimson Drive 

Highland CA 92346 

Allen Lloyd 

5518 Belva Street 

Lanham MD 20706 

Allen Sylvester 
20 Willow Lane 
East Lyme CT 06333 

Allen Yanis 

5 Crown Heights Cres. 


Ontario L4J5T8 


Allers Otero 
12 Spicery Road 
Wanwick WK02 

Alleyne Keisha 
4015 Cedar Gate Rd 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Alleyne Marixa 

2528 Wekiva Walk Way 

Apopka FL 32703 

Alleyne Marx 

2528 Wekiva Walkway 

Apopka FL 32703 

Allsop Talitha 
609 Maple Street 
Reading PA 19602 

Allston Thomas 

5047B Faculty Road, 


Huntsville AL 35896 

Ambroise Annerose 

1420 N.W. 20 Ct. 

Ft. Lauderdale FL 3331 1 

Ambrose Amanda 
1969 Addison Road, S. 
District Heights MD 

Aaron Rhianna 
4256 Ogden Drive 
Fremont CA 94538 

Abney Adrienne 
1906 Thornhill Place 
Detroit Ml 48207 

Abrams Mark 

2165 Rolling Brook Lane 

East Lansing Ml 48823 

Acoff Samuel 

1802 Bienville Street 

Selma AL 36701 

Adams Evelyn 

181 Marshall Terrace 

Danville VA 24541 

Adams Kimberly 

1822 Robert Lewis 


Upper Marlboro MD 


Adams Sarah 

181 Marshall Terrace 

Danville VA 24541 

Adams Tenesha 
10292 Maria Avenue 
Cincinatti OH 45231 

Adams Travia 
4060 Oaklawn Drive 
Jackson MS 39206 

Adderley Larrita 
1 Bay Estate Road 
St. David's DD01 

Albury Anthony 
218 S.W. 14th Avenue 
Boynton Beach FL 

Albury Kyna 

242 0£. U\r&aory 

1131 N.W. 18th Court 
Ft. Lauderdale FL 33311 

Albury Toni 

218 S.W. 14th Avenue 

Boynton Beach FL 


Alcock Claudia 
1 54 Briargate Lane 
Madison AL 35758 

Alexander Everett 
202 Waters Edge Lane 
Madison AL 35758 

Alexander Lance 
P.O. Box 396 
159 Bangor Trail 
Bangor CA 95914 

Alexander Olivia 
P.O. Box 166 Stake Bay 
Cayman Brae 
Cayman Islands 

Alexander Pauline 
P.O. Box 166 Stake Bay 
Cayman Brae 
Cayman Islands 

Alexis Gian 

256 Old Kensico Road 

White Plains NY 10607 

Alford Jennifer 
25899 Brick Road 
South Bend IN 46628 

Allen Andrea 

20 W. Mosholu Pkwy, 

Apt 26-a 

Bronx NY 10468 

Allen Corey 

5802 Green Spnngs 


Warrenton VA 20187 


Ampadu Eric 
7612 Leclerc 
Ouebec H8R2X3 

Amponsah Charity 
6207 Rime Village Dr 
Apt 204 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Amponsah Daniel 
6207 Rime Village Drive 
Apt 204 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Anderson Chantel 
25 Woodsedge Drive 
Asheville NC 28803 

Anderson Chhstine 
5806 Bonna Avenue 
Cleveland OH 44103 

Anderson Jeremy 
1013 Sherwood Drive 
Burlington NC 27215 

Anderson Kimberly 
212 Juniper Street 
Mansfield TX 76063 

Anderson Lorraine 

837 East 22nd Street, 4E 

Brooklyn NY 11210 

Anderson Sheneeka 
1350 Buckingham Road 
Winter Park FL 32789 



PO Box 22651 

Huntsville AL 35814 

Andre David 

1175 Walton Avenue 

Bronx NY 10452 

Andrews Gladson 
5587 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Anilus Eriine 
3188 Nw 41 Street 
Lauderdale Lakes FL 

Anosike Ugonna 
1358 Blue Diamond 
Missouh TX 77489 

Anthony Damon 

4420 Terrance Drive 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Antonio Duriel 
41 Mount Royal 
Nassau Bahamas 

Arceneaux Burton 
2115 Sunswept Circle 
Lancaster CA 93536 

Archer Lenis 

1219 Maybrook Street 

Apopka FL 32703 

Armbrister Tenera 
P.O. Box Gt-2052 
Malcolm Road Est. 

Armstrong Melissa 
P.O. Box 621 
Vernon AL 35592 

Arons Allyson 

6516 Green Meadow 


Huntsville AL 35810 

Arthur Jonette 

12237 Sw 195 Terrace 

Miami FL 33177 

Asekomeh Victoria 
9387 Us 31 Lot 52 
Bernen Springs Ml 

Ashe Stephen 

1617 Brook Hollow Circle 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Ashmeade Dwayne 
74 Coppard Avenue 
Ontario L3S2R2 

Asomugha Chinwe 
8811 Boone Road #1010 
Houston TX 77099 

Atkinson Orian 
8602 Dover Street 
Fort Washington MD 

Atolagbe Tosin 

3043 Canyon Vista Dr. 
Colton CA 92324 

Atolagbe Toyosi 

3043 Canyon Vista Drivt 

Colton CA 92324 

Auguste Evrance 
1861 North Glades 
Drive, Apt-10 
North Miami Beach FL 

Ault D'elazah 

1058 Rosedale Road 


Bagambiire Ssanyu 
113-135 Bleecker Street 

Ontario M4X1X2 

Baham Justin 

28 Belle Grove Drive 

Destrehan LA 70047 

Bailey Chantel 
286 Prince Street 
Freeport NY 11523 

Bailey Christopher 
3873 Forsythe Drive 
Lexington KY 40514 

Bailey Colin 

131 Torresdale Avenue, 
Apt. 601 
Ontario M2R3T1 

Bailey Nicole 

286 Phnce Avenue 

Freeport NY 11520 

Bain Monalisa 
P.O. Box SS-5026 

Baly Usha 
P.O. Box 8836 
St. Thomas 00801 
US Virgin Islands 

Banfield Kenrick 
40 Sweet Oak Court 
Ontario L6Y3S4 

Banfield Kevin 

40 Sweet Oak Court 


Ontario L6Y354 


Banks Keith 

7618 Somerset Lane 

Highland CA 92346 

ii H; 

Banton Delioy 

2 Neville Crescent 
Ontario L6S4Z6 

Barker Kimberly 
2281 Hunters Court 
Lithonia GA 30058 

Barnes Byron 
4969 Appian Way 
Berrien Springs Ml 

Barnes Mellonie 

24091 Madeiros Avenue 

Hayward CA 94541 

Barnes Sherrene 
4110Triana Blvd. 
Huntsville AL 35805 

Barnes Trevor 

24091 Madeiros Avenue 

Hayward CA 94541 

Barnum Joy 

3 Loyalty Drive 
Sandy's MA01 

Barnum Ruth 
7 Upper Apt- North 
Sandy's MA01 

Barrett Corey 

6824 Pomeroy Circle 

Orlando FL 32810 

Barron Keondra 
1779 Madrona Street 
Atlanta GA 30318 

Barron Nicole 

1 779 Madrona Street 

Atlanta GA 30318 

Barrow Delicia 
3601 -c Patton Road, 
Huntsville AL 35805 

Barrow Rene 

3601 -C Patton Road 


Huntsville AL 35805 

Batista Lilian 

614 West 157th Street 


New York NY 10032 

Batiste Brent 
5670 Argyle Way 
Riverside CA 92506 

Batiste Gamaliel 

2417 Stephen Lee Drive 

Ft. Worth TX 76119 

Batiste Keith 
5670 Argyle Way 
Riverside CA 92506 

Baxter Lavinia 
226 Vine Street 
Harrisburg PA 17104 

Baxter Nicholas 

3605 Portsmouth Circle 

Lithonia GA 30038 

Bean Corey 

4005 Meadow Hill Drive 

Nashville TN 37218 

Beard Patricia 
5014 Oakwood Road #8 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Beason Tracey 

4726 Blood Hound Street 

Orlando FL 32818 

Beaulieu Leon 
1441 Harvest Road 
Harvest Al 35749 

Beck Danielle 
P.O. Box 254 
Pine Forge PA 19548 

Belgrave Cariela 
P.O. Box 22357 
Huntsville AL 35814 

Belgrave Christopher 
101-D Sunshine Drive 
Harvest AL 35749 

Bell James 

100 Metropolitan Drive 

Rochester NY 14620 

Bellerand Monique 
4304 Shaw Farm Circle 
Greensboro NC 27406 

Benson Kenneth 
2255 Stadium Road 
Sumter SC 29154 

Best Jimmy 
Savannah G A 31401 

Best Margaret 
320 Beverley Street 

Manitoba R3G1T7 

Betts Latasha 
1811 Jefferson Ave. 
South Boston VA 24592 

Bevel Justin 

129 Grenada Avenue 

Roosevelt NY 11575 

Biggs Ramona 
2916 Danforth Dr. 
Orlando FL 32818 

Billingy Shana 
1 7936 Pond Road 
Ashton MD 20861 

Bishop Roberta 
1401 Crag Burn Lane 
Raleigh NC 27604 

Black RaeShawnda 
2195 Morris Avenue 
Clovis CA 9361 1 

Black Terverius 
60 Highland Avenue 
Sumter SC 29150 

Blackburn Keisha 
1203 Regents Park Ct. 
Desoto TX 75115 

Blackmon Rebecca 
1435 Broad Street 
Oriental NC 28571 

Blackwood Andrew 
5030 Wayne CT. 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Blake Marcus 
8584 Whitehorn 
Romulus Ml 48174 

Blanchard La'shanice 

1 155 Old Monrovia Road 


Huntsville AL 35806 

Blankenship Armand 
1321 Julia Street 
Huntsville 35816 

Blay David 
3025-B Autumnwood 
Huntsville AL 35817 

Blay Kykinda 

257 Washington Drive 

Camden AL 36726 

Blevins Candice 

924 Carlyle Way West 


Mobile AL 36609 

Blunt Nyasha 

550 W. 125 Street Apt- 


New York NY 10027 

Boatright Marvin 
2244 Norwood Dr. 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Bobb Sherwin 
21 Walker Lane 
Bloomfield CT 06002 

Bodley Kitti-Kaye 

18 Chatterton Avenue 

White Plains NY 10606 

Bonaparte Andrew 
6444 Jackwood Court 
Orlando FL 32818 

Bone Candace 
2710 West Mcnichols 
Detroit Ml 48221 

Boney Crystal 
2347 Hillwood Drive 
Maplewood MN 55119 

Bonner Lakeisha 
4400 Tuskegee Place 
Clinton MD 20735 

Bonnick Michelle 

5017 Galaxy Way, #712 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Boone Bryan 
P.O. Box 1173 
Summerfield FL 34492 

Boone Dewayne 
14409 Danube Lane 
Mitchellville MD 20721 

Boothe Karen 

16111 S.W. 102 Avenue 

Miami FL 33157 

Boozer Brandon 

7105 Cipriano Springs 


Lanham MD 20706 

Boseman Charita 
1068 Oxford Road 
Cleveland Heights OH 

Boseman Frederick 
1068 Oxford Road 
Cleveland Heights OH 

Boulin Hakeem 
1 1 35 Armada Dr 
Pasadena CA 91103 

Bowe Antoin 
P.O. Box N-318 

Bowman Tanya 

117 Harpers Hop Drive 

Madison AL 35758 

Boyce Joel 

63 Golf Club Drive 

Langhorne PA 19047 

Boyce Yuel 

880 Ocean Avenue 

Brooklyn NY 11226 

Boyd Orlando 
3404 Milstead Court 
Waldorf MD 20602 

Boyd Toccara 
3404 Milstead Court 
Waldorf MD 20602 

Boynton Elayna 

16143 Regency Ranch 


Riverside CA 92504 

Boynton Samuel 

16143 Regency Ranch 


Riverside CA 92504 

Bracken Meki 
1762 Iroquois Street 
Detroit Ml 48214 

Bradley Valencia 
1230Cheri Lane N.E., 
Apt- 12 
Fridley MN 55421 

Bradshaw Niyrai-Daun 
132 Horlon Avenue PI. 2 
New Rochelle NY 10801 

Brady Michael 

3056 S. Chicago Street 

Seattle W A 98108 

Brady Patricia 

4433 Torrance Drive, 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Bramble Derrick 
4044 Dereimer Avenue 
Bronx NY 10466 

Branch Joseph 
5014 Oakwood Road, 


Huntsville AL 35896 

Branch William 
4043 Crest Drive 
Dayton OH 45416 

Brandon Devon 

6204 Cedar Point Drive 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Brandon Nigel 
1401 Sterling Place 
Brooklyn NY 11213 

Brewer Carl 

75 Casarow Drive 

Bridgeton NJ 08302 

Brewer Troylando 
8710 N. Hamlin 
Portland OR 97217 

Bridgeforth Lorian 
17491 Bridgeforth 
Tanner AL 35671 

Bridges Victor 
222 Kyser Blvd. 
Apt. 174 
Madison AL 35758 

Bright Troy 

3401 Gaylord Street 

Denver CO 80205 

Brinkley Tekira 
446 Spratley Circle 
Newport News VA 23602 

Brizard Neilla 

1061 S.W. Alexandria 


Port St. Lucie FL 34953 

Brookins Phillip 
171 Parkway Drive 
Fort Worth TX 76134 

Brooks Ede 
133 Southview 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Brooks Kamica 
12991 Acacia Avenue 
Desert Hot Spring CA 

Brooks Sharon 
150 Verobeach 
North York 
Ontario M9M IRI 

Brown Andell 

36 St Paul Place 

Mt. Vernon NY 10550 

Brown Aquila 

14515 Shepard Drive 

Little Rock AR 72223 

Brown Desiree 
454 Cypress St. 
Altamonte Springs FL 

Brown Eric 
10900 Ashford Ct. 
Upper Martboro MD 

Brown Eric 
P.O. Box 15923 
Sacramento CA 95852 

Brown Jayson 
12 Catlin Avenue 
Roosevelt NY 1 1 575 

Brown Jonathan 

17700 N.W. 20th Avenue 

Miami FL 33056 

Brown Joycelyn 

17700 N.W. 20th Avenue 

Miami FL 33056 

Brown Maxine 
P.O. Box N-571 

Brown Qiana 

8257 Russell Road, Apt- 


Alexandria VA 22309 

Brown Sarah-marie 
132-3 Golden Rod Ln 
Rochester NY 14623 

Brown Shonet 
31 Hart Street 

Brown Tiffany 
3330 Zuni Street 
Denver CO 8021 1 

Brown Ulanda 

1545 Armistead Drive 

Clarksville TN 37042 

Browne Daleon 

8042 South Prairie, Apt 


Chicago I L 60619 

Browne Linbert 
403 Halsey Street 
Brooklyn NY 11233 

Browne Noel 

O.C. Directory 243 

8042 South Prairie 
Chicago IL 60619 

Browne Racquel 

6575 West Oakland Park 

Lauder Hill PL 33313 

Browne Verdine 
1107 Cooper Avenue 
Teaneck NJ 07666 

Bryan Klossmeryl 
4441 N.W, 13th Street 
Lauderhill PL 33313 

Bryant Tiffany 

3631 Greenbriar Dr. Nw 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Buckley Capri 
3132 Touchwood Dr. 
Harvey LA 70058 

Bucknor Simone 
5367 Randal #5 
Quebec H2V 

Bulgin Lee 

5 California Road 

Mt. Vernon NY 10552 

Bullen Kaho 
29 Duffy Court 
Central Islip NY 11722 

Burden Takesha 
1346 Singer Place 
Pittsburgh PA 15221 

Burks April 

703 Yorkhaven Rd. 

Cincinnati OH 45246 

Burns Demisha 
215 Cairo Road 
Oakland CA 94603 

Burris Juanita 

9005 Fir Avenue 

Los Angeles CA 90002 

Burrows Inga 
P.O. BOX N-3714 

Burrs Terrance 
526 Crescent Drive 
Lake Park PL 33403 

Burton Andrea 

405 Grenock Drive 


Ontario L6A1M6 


Burton Liza 

152 Suburban Terrace 

Stratford NJ 08084 

Burton Noelle 

4082 Amundson Ave. 

Bronx NY 10466 

Burton Tiffany 
5037 N. 9th. Street 
Philadelphia PA 19141 

Butler Predra 
1054 W.Williams 
Banning CA 92220 

244 O.C. Directory 

Byars Camille 

1234 Greenbriar Street 

Jackson MS 3921 1 

Byfield Maya 
142-11 130 Ave 
Jamaica NY 1 1436 

Cadet Joelle 

396 N.E. 87th Street 

El Portal PL 33138 

Caesar Candice 

8107 15th Avenue, Apt. 


Hyattsville MD 20783 

Caldwell James 

4122 S. Memorial Pkwy., 

Apt. H 

Huntsville AL 35802 

Caleb Andrea 
9463 Dunkik Road 
Spring Hill PL 34608 

Caleb Jonise 

740 Hancock Street 

Brooklyn NY 11233 

Caleb Joseph 

740 Hancock Street 

Brooklyn NY 11275 

Callender Ian 

4109 Belvedere Square, 

Apt. H 

Decatur GA 30035 

Callies Chasta 

9819 Delta Ridge Drive 

Converse TX 78109 

Calliste Nicole 
12508 Marie Court 
Silver Springs MD 

Cameron Howard 

2 Rockwood Crescent 


Ontario L4J7T2 


Cameron Orville 

2 Rockwood Crescent 


Ontario L4J7T2 


Cameron Richard 

2 Rockwood Crescent 


Ontario L4J7T2 


Campbell Andrew 
1341 Midgreen Lane 
Ontario L5V2E5 

Campbell Kenroy 
3382 Nutcracker Dr. 

Ontario L5N6E6 

Campbell Leo 
3307 Grechen Road 
Ontario L5C1X8 

Campbell Shayla 

6002 Spanish Oak Drive 

Greensboro NC 27409 

Campbell Valene 
3205 Colonial Drive 
Ontario L5L5K9 

Cancel Gina 

4021 Hartwick Court 

Florissant MO 63034 

Cann-Ellis Kim 
10 Middle Road 
Sandy's SB01 

Canson Earl 

1931 Country Club Drive 

Bakersfield CA 93306 

Cantrell Donald 

3773 Walnut Creek Drive 

Columbus OH 43224 

Cargill Kevin 
2205 Apache Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Cartyle Morris 

6470 Oakthorpe Road 


Thornville OH 43076 

Carmen Darcy 

3680 Woodcutter Lane 

Columbus OH 43224 

Carmen Tara 

3680 Woodcutter Lane 

Columbus OH 43224 

Carrington Alysande 
1430 N.W. 207 Street 
Miami PL 33169 

Carrington Haniffe 
1507 Hickon/ Valley 
Apt B-12 
Chattanooga TN 37421 

Carrington Kevin 

5982 Pairiield Estates 


Lithonia GA 30058 

Carryl Nicole 

6801 Lakewood Drive 

Mason OH 45040 

Carter Christopher 
900 Frost Hollow Drive 
Desoto TX 75115 

Carter Quantrilla 
6040 Harlow Blvd. 
Jacksonville PL 32210 

Carter Senecia 

5075 St. Ferdinand Dr. 

New Orleans LA 70126 

Cartwright Cheyenne 
Sea Breeze Estates 
Nassau N9722 

Carty Hopefull 
4004 Harvest Run 
Clarkston GA 30021 

Cassimy David 

33 Cohill Road 

Valley Stream NY 11580 

Cassimy Lavona 

33 Cohill Road 

Valley Stream NY 1 1 580 

1407 River Rock Drive 
Missouri City TX 77489 

Cephas Tyisha 
400 35th Street 
West Palm Beach PL 

Chandler Damian 
5036 Seven Pine Circle 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Chandler Danica 

12 Deerford Road Apt 



Ontario M2J3J2 


Chapman Kita 
3112 Gardenia Drive 
Fort Worth TX 76119 

Charles Bernadin 
431 NW 39 Street 
PomPano Beach PL 

Charles Dean 

15 Jonathan Circle 

Windsor CT 06095 

Charles Julie 
P.O. Box 984 
Prederiksted VI 00841 

Charles Kenny 

1010 Henderson Rd., 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Charles Krista 

22 Englewood Avenue 

West Hartford CT 061 1 

Charles Martial 
4528 Bonnell drive #B 
Huntsvlleal 35816 

Charles Toya 

32 Pine Street Studios 



Norwalk CT 06854 

Cheatham Jonathan 
6218 Black Cherry Cirle 
Columbia MD 21045 

Checkley Zoe 
1644 Ellington Rd. 
Conyers GA 3001 3 

Chen Adrian 

7784 Kittridge Drive 


Ontario L4T3J6 


Chery Joseph 
7000 Adventist Blvd. 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Chester Qurentia 
2045 Countydown Lane 
Stone Mountain GA 

Chiles Michael 

1 North Brookwood 


Montclair NJ 07042 

Chin King Joseph 
3510 Fairlane Ct. 
Atlanta GA 30331 

Choyce Monique 

710 Adelaide Avenue ic 

Bakersfield CA 93307 

Christmas Enjoli 
76 Johnson Avenue 
Hackensack NJ 07601 

Cinous Brunelle 
435 HW 133rd Street 
North Miami PL 33168 

Cinous Kesnel 

435 NW 133rd Street 

North Miami PL 33168 

Clairvil Elta 

820 NW 48th Terrace 

Plantation PL 33317 



Clark James i i 

1530 Garywood Avenue 
Columbus OH 43227 

Clark Priscilla 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Clark Victor 
6819 Flame St. 
Orlando PL 32807 

Clarke Michele 

3247 B Glen Park Drive 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Clarke Rosey 
9704 34th Avenue 
Corona NY 11368 

Clarke Yannique 
5055 NW 36th Street, 
Apt F-307 

Lauderdale Lakes PL 

Claxton Darien 
715 Cox Avenue 
Hyattsville MD 20783 


Clay Jacqueline 
107 Candlelight Lane 
IrondaleAL 35210 

Clayton Denise 

4401 Spartacus Drive #9 

Huntsville AL 35805 

demons Joshua 
4301 Evanston Avenue 
Indianapolis IN 46205 

Cleveland Paul 
J5209 Goldmar Drive 
Birmingham AL 35210 

Clisby Kerry 
ko Wood Street 
ISylacauga AL 351 50 

Clisby Tyrice 
i40 Wood Street 
jSylacauga AL 35150 

Cochran Camille 
140A Wade Hall 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Cochran Cheryl 
31 Jones Street 
Newnan GA 30263 

Cochran Kenneth 

Luckie Street 
Newman GA 30263 

Cochran Letitia 
2865 Lakeland Drive 
Berrien Springs Ml 

Codling Cassandra 
6123 85th Avenue 
New Carrollton MD 

Colbert Cherie' 

6726 Tara Blvd. Apt. 27A 

Jonesboro GA 30236 

Colin Johanne 

20 East 18 Street Apt. 


Brooklyn NY 11226 

Collier Jordan 
1216 Powell Ct. 
Atlanta GA 30316 

Gollins Marsharee 
2048 Marshall Place 
Jackson MS 39213 

Collins Nathan 
709 Wigmor Drive 

Ontario M4A2G1 

Compton Jennifer 
P.O. Box 234 
LeCompte LA 71346 

Conwell Alton 

3700 Williamsburg Drive 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Cook Jessica 
P.O. Box 278 
Ferrum VA 24088 

Cooper Krista 

20 Chatham Street 

Hartford CT 06112 

Cort Lee 
16571 Princeton 
Detroit Ml 48221 

Cox Karin 

324 Rolling Oaks Ridge 

CedarhillTX 75104 

Cox William 

1 322 Stone Ridge Drive 

Apt. C 

Columbus OH 43213 

Craig Anthea 

7007 Cardinalwood 


Orlando PL 32818 

Craig Jason 

2407 Greeley Place 

Landover MD 20785 

Grain Crystal 
8912 Yadak Rd 
Dallas TX 75249 

Crawl Demarest 
2447 N. 56th Street 
Philadelphia PA 19131 

Crichton Diallo 
40 Liberty Drive 
Shrewsbury MA 01545 

Crockett Mckinley 

2756 Whitney Drive 


Tallahassee PL 32308 

Crowell Nicole 

8749 Section Road 
Port Allen LA 70767 

Crump Paula 

6201 Friar Tuck Dr. Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35806 

Cuen Vara 

221 1 Verde Street 

Bakersfield CA 93304 

Cumberbatch Kimberly 
P.O. Box 340179 
Brooklyn NY 11234 

Curry Matthew 
3701 Paxmore Court 
Upper Marlboro MD 

Cush Yolenne 
9414 Van Nuys Blvd. 
Apt. 110 

Panorama City CA 

Cush Yonelle 

4049 Braeswood Dr. Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35802 

Cyril George 
33 B Race Street 
Charlestown SC 29403 


Daley Sherine 

28 Hendricks Crescent 


Ontario L6Y4L2 


Dammier Jennifer 
1701 Yellowstone Street 
Cocoa FL 32922 

Damon Angela 
3209 Buttrey Dr. NW 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Dandridge Kendrick 
5 East Geeter Road 
Memphis TN 38109 

Daniel Darrel 
Caribbean Union College 
Maracas, St. Joseph 
Port of Spain 
Trinidad And Tobago 

Daniels Daniel 
1025 Darwick Ct. 
Olivette MO 63132 

Daphnis Ivan 
1320 Nw 200th St. 
Miami FL 33169 

Daphnis Ricardo 
1320 N.w. 200 Street 
Miami FL 33169 

Darby Krystal 

231 Pine Forge Road 

Douglassville PA 19518 

Darby Reginald 

120 Beach 19th St. Apt- 


Far Rockaway NY 


Danville Chantell 
P.O. Box N-3714 
Nassau Bahamas 

David Robert 

3601 Patton Road Apt D 

Huntsville AL 35896 

Davidson Julie 
5428 Farmhill Road 
Flint Ml 48505 

Davidson Yasmin 
100-24 221st Street 
Oueens NY 11429 

Davis Aaron 

5201 Meding Street 

Savannah GA 31405 

Davis Amanda 
53 Sand Street 
Massapequa NY 11758 

Davis Cedric 
15823 N. 57th St. 
Phoenix AZ 85254 

Davis Chelise 

10617 Nebraska Avenue 

Omaha NE 68134 

Davis Dixie 

1202 Locust Avenue 

Huntsville AL 35801 

Davis Don 

4156 South Memorial 
Parkway,* E 
Huntsville AL 35802 

Davis Edwin 
5462 Oakbranch 
Lakeworth FL 

Davis Jamaine 
Route 3 Box 780 
Ouitman GA 31643 

Davis Jamie 
Route 3 Box 780 
Quitman GA 31643 

Davis Jeremiah 
841 1 N. 9th Street 
Tampa FL 33604 

Davis John 

841 1 North 9th Street 

Tampa FL 33604 

Davis Justin 
1462 Ferry Park 
Detroit Ml 48208 

Davis Preston 
7400 Trimble Drive 
Fort Worth TX 76134 

Davis Rochelle 
1500 Sparkman Drive 
Apt. 29 H 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Davis Tranteegus 

2303 Clifton Springs 


Decatur GA 30034 

Davis Willena 
4110Triana Blvd. 
Huntsville AL 19150 

Daye Sekenah 
90 E. Marion 
Youngstown OH 44507 

De La Vega Victoria 
1 1 965 Davis Street 
Moreno Valley CA 92557 

De-Graff Devaun 
52 Roberts Avenue 
Devonshire West HM15 

Dean Andrea 
1 17 N. Delaware 
San Mateo CA 94401 

Debardelaben Antony 
5587 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Debellotte Kathyann 
447 Schuykill Avenue 
Reading PA 19601 

Denard Shavon 
P. O. Box 2224 
Whiteville NC 28472 

Denham Andre 
223 Meridith Lane 
West Hempstead NY 

Dennis Alton 
1943 McDaniel 
Evanston IL 60201 

Dennis-Drigo Marva 
4917 Cotton Row Apt. B 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Derrick-Griffith Alan 

L.P. #31 Piarlo Old Road 

Red Hill 


Trinidad And Tobago 

Desarme Edner 

3621 Knollwood Drive 


Huntsville AL 35810 

Deschamps Darion 
Route 2 Box 391 
Pinewood SC 29125 

Desilier Thamar 
170Southfield Drive 
Brockton MA 02402 

Dewindt Kimra 
4515 Bonnell Drive 
Apt 1 0B 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Dickinson Oian 
2 Camp Lane 
Warwick WK 02 

Diggs Elliott 

8 Shepard Court 

New Orleans LA 70114 

Dixon Ewan 

4603 Wellington Pt NW 

Huntsville AL 35816 

O.C. Pirectory 245 

Dizard Erica 

23 Sharrow Court 

Baltimore MD 21244 

Doepke Sarah 

5587 Oakwood Rd, NW 


Huntsville AL 35806 

Doggette Shawn 
103 Windingham 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Dormer Rhodeanith 
116 Edgebrook 
Houston TX 77034 

Dorsey Lawrence 
2816 Cora Hill Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Dorsey Shavonne 
1301 Forest Drive 
Louisville KY 40219 

Dossman Caleb 
5150 Inwood Drive 
Jackson MS 39206 

Dossman Cari 
5150 Inwood Drive 
Jackson MS 39206 

Dotson Petra 

4510 Mastin Lake Road 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Dottin Andrew 

5014 Oakwood Road, 


Student Housing, Apt. 23 

Huntsville AL 35896 

Dottin Garth 

49 Peterborough Ave. 


Ontario M6H2K9 


Dottin Juel 
7000 Adventist Blvd. 
Student Housing Apt. 23 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Douglas Benjamin 
1111 Chestnut Road 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Douglas Caroline 
13940 Sherman Way, 
Apt. -11 
Van Nuys CA 91405 

Douglas Terry 
1111 Chestnut Drive 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Douglas Ty-ron 
19 Ord Road 
Paget PG03 

Douglas Virginiah 
13940 Sherman Way 
Apt. 1 1 
Van Nuys CA 91405 

Dowe Landon 

1 765 Laurel Brook Lane 

Birmingham AL 35215 

Doyling Steven 
51 Cedar Hill 

Wanwick WK05 

Drew Lacresha 
1186 Creston Street 
Muskegon Ml 49442 

Drew Twila 

1 1 86 Creston Street 

Muskegon Ml 49442 

Duberry Dudley 
4939 Connaught 

Ouebec H4V-114 

Dudley Albert 
12005 Ishtar Street 
Ft. Washington MD 

Dudley Gian 

5682 Baldwin Avenue 

Riverside CA 92509 

Dudley Gilian 

5682 Baldwin Avenue 

Riverside CA 92509 

Dudley Kahlima 
5009 Pasture Court 
Ellicott City MD 21043 

Dudley Kareema 
5009 Pasture Court 
Ellicott City MD 21043 

Dukes La-tonya 
104 Sylvester Street 
Rochester NY 14621 

Dulan Alison 

4861 167th Avenue S.E. 

Bellevue WA 98006 

Dulan Sherian 

5523 Oakwood Road 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Dulan Stacia 

5523 Oakwood Road 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Dulan Tywana 
2610 Clemson Ct. 
Bakersfield CA 93306 

Dummett Skyra 
7 Hegeman Avenue 
Apt. 4C 
Brooklyn NY 11212 

Dunbar Rowandalla 
1979 West 10th Street 
Jacksonville FL 32209 

Duncan Howard 
5014 Oakwood Road, 
Apt. 24 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Duncan Keith 

1010 Henderson Rd. 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Duncan Keitron 
8319 Mill Race Drive 
Ooltewah TN 37363 

Dunchie Charmaine 
77 Ashurst Cres. 

Ontario L6V3N7 

Duncombe Dwayne 
10026 Coyle 
Detroit Ml 48227 

Dunlap Rodney 
3720 Creekland Court 
Nashville TN 37218 

Dunn Irby 

4060 Lakeland Hill Dr. 

Douglasville GA 30134 

Dunning Lashawnna 
5007 Elmer Avenue 
Baltimore MD 21215 

Dunson Amber 
19002 Harian Avenue 
Carson CA 90746 

Dupree Anita 

95 El Molino Drive 

Sparks NV 89436 

Dupree William 

1004 Stone's Throw 


Huntsville AL 35806 


Earle Jordan 

1614 S Houston School 


Lancaster TX 75146 

Eatman Anedra 

936 Temple 

Grand Rapids Ml 49507 

Edwards Arlene 

5938 Greensboro Drive 


Ontario L5M5S5 


Edwards Averil 
906 E. Victoria Ave. 
Thunder Bay 
Ontario P7C1B4 

Edwards Brian 

20 Litchfield Cres, #120 


Ontario M9V2A8 


Edwards Celeste 
116-32 132 Street 
South Ozone Park NY 

Edwards Donna 

2151 Desoto Way South 

St. Petersburg FL 33712 

Edwards Kimberly 
320 28th Avenue East 
Tuscaloosa AL 35404 

Edwards Marcus 
2009 58th Circle South 
St. Petersburg FL 33712 
Edwards Samuel 

1 1 6-32 1 32nd Street 
Queens NY 11420 

Edwards Warren 
376 Berkeley Road 
Orange NJ 07050 

El-amin Jihad 
85 First Street 
Albany NY 12210 

Eli Moses 

1108 Lakeshore Drive 

Camden NJ 08104 

Ellerbe Shelton 
499 Atwood Street 
Atlanta GA 30310 


15 Fountain Ridge Circle 

Baltimore MD 20134 

Elliott Lesley 

3-404 Carpathia Road 


Manitoba R3N1Y4 


Elliott Lester 

205 Live Oak Court 

Lake Man/ FL 32746 

Elliott Olivia 
1205 Camden Rd. 
Wadesboro NC 28170 

Elliott Raoul 
205 Live Oak Ct. 
Lake Mary FL 32746 

Ellis Almeta-Maria 

246 O.C. Pirectory 

872 Lane Avenue 
Jackson TN 38301 

Ellis Maya 
14550-56 Street 
Alberta T5A3R1 

Ellis Stacey 

1869 N,w. Illfh Avenue 

Plantation FL 33322 

Ellis Tamara 

8501 Brookridge Drive 

Oi<lahoma City OK 


Elysee Jonathan 

480 St. Nicholas Ave. 


New York NY 10030 

English DeAnna 

940 Southern Oak Lane 

Apopka FL 32712 

English Marian 

3960 1/2 S. Crenshaw 


Los Angeles CA 90008 

Epps Adrian 

201 Wilson Hill Drive 

Madison AL 35758 

Esters Charis 
6623 Hopper Road 
Houston TX 77016 

Esters Kirestin 

4515 Bonnell Drive Apt 


HuntsvilleAL 35816 

Ettinoffe Sharna 
5 Woodsend Run 
Ontario L6Y4G8 

Evans Aliethia 

6646 Willow Pointe Dri#C 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Evans Jason 
120 Aldrich Street 
Bronx NY 10475 

Evans Joseph 

553 Northwest 87th 


Miami FL 33150 

Evans Ryan 

409 North Ridge Street 

Danville VA 24541 

Evans Tannysha 
26433 Norfolk Street 
Inkster Ml 48141 

Eversley Jude 
3613 Galaxie Drive 
Garland TX 75041 

Ezzard Angela 
1684 Lee Street 
Decatur GA 30035 

Fair Haven 

3780 North Mountain 


San Bernardino CA 

Fluellen Angel 
3795 Brainard Road 
Woodmere Village OH 



Farrell Enaame 

67 Secroft Crescent 


Ontario M3N1R5 


Farrior Adaire 
5020 Kingsley Street 
Montclair CA 91763 

Fatoma Amos 
12819 Sycamore 
Grandview MO 64030 

Faulkner Rebecca 
P.O. Box 3102 
St. Thomas 00803 
US Virgin islands 

Felix Darnelle 
4950 Sanoma Vill 
Orlando FL 32808 

Felton Marc 

29351 Crest View Lane 

Highland CA 92346 

Ferdinand Alva 
Caribbean Union College 
Port of Spain 
Trinidad And Tobago 

Ferguson Hermena 
809-10 Tapscott Road 
Ontario M1B3L9 

Fields Jeleania 

5014 Oakwood Rd. #6 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Fields Russell 

116 Sugarbluff Lane 

Madison AL 35757 

Figueroa Mauricio 

1 1 430 Doverwood Drive 

Riverside CA 92505 

Fils-aime Paula 

10745 Southwest 146th 


Miami FL 33176 

Finn Gretchen 
783 Line Street 
Evansville IN 47713 

Fleurimond Georges 
13730 SW 112th Court 
Miami FL 33176 

Flowers Schari 
676 West Mariposa 
AltadenaCA 91001 

Flynn Sara 

3815 S.W. 10th Street 

Lehigh Acres FL 33971 

Fonseca Akeem 

77 Locust Hill Ave. Apt 


Yonkers NY 10701 

Fontil Valy 

H37 Los Altos Way Apt. 


Altamonte Springs FL 


Ford Adaira 

7212 South Ridge Trail 

Fort Worth TX 76133 

Ford Marea 

200 South Elton Circle 

Meridianville AL 35759 

Forde Wade 
10589 Poplar Street 
Loma Linda CA 92354 

Foreman Nesbit Priscilla 

400-B Dallas Avenue 


Huntsville AL 35801 

Fort Christopher 
3580 Steamtown Road 
Ashley OH 43003 

Fort Jeremiah 
3580 Steamtown Rd 
Ashley OH 43003 

Foster Karen 

8718 N.E. 29th Avenue 

Vancouver WA 98665 

Fountain Eric 

35 Pebbleview Drive 

Rochester NY 14612 

Fountain Powell Tykisha 

95 Indian Creek Rd # 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Fouozing Gaetan 
107 Abby Lane, Apt. A 
Madison AL 35758 

Foust Tameka 
1510 Ascent #C 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Fowler Danita 
P.O. Box 5881 
Huntsville AL 35814 

Fowler Renee 

4417 Roundtree Lane 

Lithonia GA 30038 

Fox Theresa 

3 Anchorage View Lane 

St. George's GE01 


Francis Eriouse 
632 W Ave. A, Apt.2 
Belle Glades FL 33430 

Francis Jared 

100 Spurcewood Ct. 


Ontario M1W2P2 

Francis Letitia 
7816 Priory Ores. 
Ontario L4T3H6 

Francis Natasha 
11738 Mosscrest Drive 
Houston TX 77048 

Francois Dominique 
1183 NE 91st Terrace 
Miami Shores FL 331 38 

Francois Jacques 
320 A Lane 
Cocoa FL 32926 

Franklin Cherisa 
P.O. Box 558 
Wanwick WKBX 

Franklin Dorian 
3902 Mcewen Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Franklin Lisa 

5806 Windermere Court 

Lithonia GA 30038 

Eraser Trevor 
10005 KodiakDr. 
Huntsville AL 35803 

Frazier Katrina 
3305 Kapral Way 
Bakersfield CA 93309 

Frazier Shelea 
201 El Paso Street 
Bakersfield CA 93312 

Fubler Chima 

22 Mountview Road 



Fubler Sharon-anne 
P.O. WK 579 
Wanwick WK10 

Fubler Talitha 

48 Par-la-ville Rd., Suite 


Hamilton HM11 


Fullwood Andrea 
588 Parkdale Dr. 
Memphis TN 38109 

Furlow Tyree 
3495 Wilson Woods 
Columbus OH 43204 


1102 Tyler Road 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Gage Shana 

923 East 102nd Street 

Brooklyn NY 11236 

Gaines Maurice 
2217Clift#C Rd 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Gaines Ryan 
4305 Audubon 
Detroit Ml 48224 

Gaiter Julienne 
521 Hardwick Drive 
Knoxville TN 37923 

Gaiter Roy 

521 Hardwick Drive 

Knoxville TN 37923 

Gallon Danielle 
6 Price Lane 
Sicklerville NJ 08081 

Gardner Charies 

651 1 N. Kings Highway 

Texarkana TX 75503 

Gardner Kevann 
31940 Sibley Road 
Romulus Ml 49103 

Garnett Tiffany 
6503 Woods Lane 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Garnett Tina 

3012 Autumnwood Drive 

HuntsvilleAL 35816 

Gaskin Lequitta 
100 Candlewick Road 
Altamonte Springs FL 

Gaspard Natrice 
1619 Isia Maria Circle 
Moreno Valley CA 92551 

Gates Steven 
3611 21st Street 
Gulfport MS 39501 

Gatzow Lindsey 

21660 Fondant Avenue, 


Forest Lake NM 55025 

George Nicole 

2263 Coronet Way NW 


Atlanta GA 3031 8 

Georges Prad 

1186 NE 111th Street 

Miami FL33161 

Germain Patrice 
3801 N.e 4th Ave. 
Pompano Beach FL 

Germany Antione 

6010 Rutland Drive, Apt- 


Carmichael CA 95608 

Germany Kietrich 

6010 Rutland Dr. Apt. 


Carmicheal CA 95806 

Gage Sean 

Gervais Amy 

6 Knollwood 
Flossmoor IL 60422 

Gibb (Gabriel) Akua-Nia 
23 Wheatland Avenue 
Dorchester MA 02124 

Gibbons Devalie 
144 Strong Mill Road 
Meridianville AL 35759 

Gibbons Sevonne 
26 Cavendish Road 
Pembroke HM19 

Gilbert Makese 
41 Sousa Estate 
Devonshire FL01 

Gilchrist Freddie 
P.O. Box 610736 
Birmingham AL 35261 

Giles Crystal 

11 9-20 Springfield Blvd. 

Cambria Heights NY 


Gilkey Andrea 
639 Cecil Avenue 
Louisville KY 4021 1 

Glover Sharanda 

1 300 Cynwyd Club Dr. 

Apt 6 

Wilmington DE 19802 

Glover Terrell 
102-45 62 Rd #2-b 
Forest Hills NY 11375 

Goins Chay 

7 North Cote Road 
Pembroke HM01 

Golding Kerrianne 
1454 Stoneleigh Circle 
Stone Mountain GA 

Golson Kyle 
3267 Atlin Avenue 
Dublin OH 43017 

Goodin Tiffany-Lynn 
101 Ce-Lee Circle 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Goodine Bryant 
6014 Griffith Drive 
Camp Springs MD 70746 

Goodridge Alethea 

9748-137 B Street 


British Columbia V3T 



Goodson Stephen 
842 West Cedar Street 
Compton CA 90220 

Gordon Arika 

1725 Gaty Ave. 

East St, Louis IL 62205 

Gordon Cynthia 
407 Fernside Place 

OL Pirectory 247 

Far Rockaway NY 

Gordon Natalie 
78 Ayers Court 
Apt. 2-A 
Teaneck NJ 07666 

Gordon Robert 

20 Coronation Circle 


Ontario L6Z4A7 


Gosling Keicha 

192 Northampton Ave 

Springfield MA 01 109 

Graham Jessica 
2616 Otto Drive 
Stockton CA 95209 

Graham Sonjanae 
221 Siegel Street 
Westbup/ NY 11590 

Graham Winston 
741 Dover Glenn Dr. 
AntiochTN 37013 

Grant Ehc 

3415 Darlene Circle 

HuntsvilleAL 35810 

Graves Tiah 
109 Highway 533 
Laurel MS 39440 

Gray Jakoa 
P.O. Box 1372 
Gadsden AL 35902 

Gray Jennifer 

4168 East Shawnee Rd. 

Berhen Sphngs Ml 


Gray Leonard 
615 Glenmore Ave. 
Brooklyn NY 11207 

Gray Liana 

615 Glenmore Avenue 

Brooklyn NY 11207 

Gray Patricia 
1459 Hillcrest 
Youngstown OH 44505 

Greaves LaKeila 
6 Scenic Lane 
Southampton SN04 

Green Arnold 
3102 Dyas Dr. NW 
HuntsvilleAL 35810 

Green Laura 
3409-a Glen Park 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Green Michael 
230 N.E 

Deerfield Beach FL 

Green Pendeza 

143 Bright Wood Ave. #A 

Chula Vista CA 91910 

Greene Alfonzo 

5860 Grand Canyon Dr. 
Orlando FL 32810 

Greene Donna 

5860 Grand Canyon 


Orlando FL 32810 

Greenidge Michelle 
1500 Sparkman Drive 
Apt. 10J 
Huntsville AL 

Gregory Melainie 

622 Van Courtlandt Park 


Apt. 4E 

Yonkers NY 10705 

Gregory Melbourne 
622 Van Cortlandt Park 
Ave.# 4E 
Yonkers NY 10705 

Grey Melissa-Kay 
1303-1 University Village 
East Lansing Ml 48823 

Griffin Amma 
31 Topcliff Ave. 
Ontario M3N1L6 

Griffin Natalie 

21 Lakeland Crescent 


Ontario M1G 2L4 


Griffin Reuben 
11025 Rockcliff Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Griffin Sharhonda 
1 1 965 Davis Street 
Moreno Valley CA 92557 

Griffin Shawanda 
5050 Kennedy Street 
Columbus GA 31907 

Griffin Terry-ann 

21 Lakeland Crescent 


Ontario M1G2L4 


Griffin Troy 

35 Evansville Rd 


Ontario M1V1L4 


Griffin Vandeon 
318 E. Orlando St. 
Apt. E 
Greenville MS 38701 

Griffith Kyna 
5024 Brettshire Way 
Oklahoma City OK 

Griffith Michelle 
15019 Holleyside Drive 
Montclair VA 22026 

Griffiths Chevon 

54 John Stoner Drive 


Ontario M1B3A3 


Grissom Robert 
1108 Main St. #12, 

P.O. Box 403 
Buffalo NY 14211 

Guerrero Roberto 

26381 Salem-Minor Hill 


Lester AL 35647 

Guiness Elaine 
229-14 144th Ave 
Rosedale NY 11413 

Gunn Paul 

107 Deer Meadow Circle 

Toney AL 357736944 

Gunn-Price Desiree' 
240 Martin Road, #1805 
Huntsville AL 35824 

Guy Bruce 

1332 South 9th Street 

Noblesville IN 46060 

Gwebu Nomalanga 
103 Foxboro Place 
Huntsville AL 35806 

1043 Wagner Ave. 
Philadelphia PA 19141 

Hamer Genevieve 
188 B Poorhouse Road 
Taft TN 38488 

Hamilton Kristy 
P.O. Box N-7051 

Hamilton Lisa 

702 West Maple Avenue 

Pine Forge PA 19548 

Hannah Victoria 
Route 6 Box 26 
West Point MS 39773 

Harden Naomi 

524 West Wilding Drive 

Montgomery AL 36116 

Hardware David 
9025 Ottawa Place 
Silver Spring MD 20910 

Harrigan Velia 

1503 Sparkman Drive, 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Harris Akilal 

115 Sam Quarterman 


Fleming GA 31309 

Harris Andrea 

1909 Ontario Avenue 

Dayton OH 45414 

Sterling VA 20164 

Hardy Simone 

Harris Cory ' 

5500 Armstrong Rd. 

3629 N. 12th Street C 

Hamilton Michael 


Milwaukee Wl 53206 ; 

5563 Oakwood Road 

Battle Creek Ml 49015 

1 " 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Harhs Jamila i 67 

Harkins Dorian 

2261 Woods West ; La 

Hamilton-adams Nkecha 

8357 South Constance 

Flushing Ml 48433 2t 

652 South 7th Avenue 

Chicago IL 60617 

Mt. Vernon NY 10550 

Harris Makeda H 

Harriel Christopher 

16612 S.w. 101 Ave. ]< 

Hammond Pamela 

12 Sunset Court 

Miami FL 331 57 E 

18283 N.I.-12 Service 

St. Louis MO 63121 


Harris Tracy H 

Hammond IL 70403 

Harrigan Cherene 

4619 Dietrich Rd, Apt-5G 'i 

105 Clearbrook Ct 

San Antonio TX 78219 1 

Hampton Darryl 

Madison AL 35758 


P.O. Box 172 

Harrison Caron 

43 Shademaster Court 

Habtemariam Roma 
669 East Starr Avenue 
Columbus OH 43201 

Hairston Gelyce 
2609 W. 134th Street 
Los Angeles CA 90059 

Hall Courtney 
149 Apache Trail 

Ontario M2H2J1 

Hall David 

1500 Sparkman Dr. Apt- 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Hall Ellen 

613 Woodall Drive 

Woodstock GA 30188 

Hall Eugene 

29824 Matthew Drive 

Westland Ml 48185 

Hall John 

734 Park Road 

Lansdale PA 19446 

Hall Michelle 

3936 West 1 68th Place 

Country Club Hills IL 


Hall Monique 

3936 West 1 68th Place 

Country Club Hills IL 


Hall Octavia 

1043 Wagner Avenue 

Philadelphia PA 19141 

Hall Syrita 

248 O.C. Pirectory 


Ontario M1B1Y5 

Harrison Shanna 
:':'7-16 139th Avenue 
Laureiton NY 11413 

Harrison Tasheima 

: 227-16 139th Avenue 

Laureiton NY 11413 

Harrison Terrence 
43 Shademaster Court 

Ontario M1B1Y5 
' Canada 

Harrod Lloyd 
6704 Munsey St 
Landover Estates MD 

Harvey Anthony 
122Wintish Road 
Etienville NY 12428 

Hatcher Carress 

4515 Bonnell Drive Apt 


Huntsville AL 48834 

Haughton Adoree 
8 Crystal Ct. 
Sfct<;leville NJ 08081 

Haw!<ins Jason 
1912 Vineyard Way 
Tallahassee FL 32311 

Hawkins Robyn 
437 Arrowteaf Court 
Montgomery AL 36117 

Hawthorne Demetrious 
7815 Green Street 
New Orleans LA 70118 

; Hayes Robert 

i 15800 Bunche Park East 


! Miami FL 33054 


Haynes Stephanie 

106 S. Walnut Street 

South Bend IN 46601 

Heartley Caron 
6939 Nashville Road 
Lanham MD 20706 

Hedman-baker Melissa 
4309 Dufferin Street 

Ontario M3H5S3 

Hendrieth Sharonica 
10438 Waterford Drive 
ipensacoia FL 32514 

Henley Darrell 

10430 S.W. 17th Court 
! Miramar FL 33025 
i Henry Christina 
1 1022 West Rose Street 
I South Bend IN 46616 

' Henry Elisha 

j P.O. Box 7266 

I Riverside CA 92513 

Henry Henderson 

493 Luzon Crescent 
Ontario L5B-3W9 

Henry Leslie 
12445 Pulaski Pike 
Toney AL 35773 

Henry Lorraine 
9606 Blackwillow Ct. 
Dallas TX 75249 

Henry Michelle 
1842 South Fountain 
Springfield OH 45506 

Henry Nasheba 
493 Luzon Crescent 
Ontario L5B3W9 

Henry Pamela 
2615 Skyline Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Henry Richard 

1 1 946 Honey Hollow 

Riverside CA 92557 

Henry Vanessa 
23 Moffatt Court 
Ontario M9V4E2 

Herard Paul 

5245 Jog Lane 

Delroy Beach FL 33484 

Hervey-jumper Shawn 
73 Chester Street 
Winchester MA 01890 

Hetsberger Allison 
9308 Worrell Avenue 
Lanham MD 20706 

Hewitt Andre' 
86-C Dubois Court 
Englewood NJ 07631 

Hewitt Charles 

1536 Laramie Avenue 

Redlands CA 92374 

Hickerson Lavar 
301 North Alves 
Henderson KY 42420 

Hicks Tori 

787 Florecita Lane 

AltadenaCA 91001 

Hicks William 

104 Lost Tree Drive 

Huntsville AL 35824 

Higgs Levar 

P.O. Box EE-17182 



Hill James 

1505 Sparkman Drive, 


Huntsville AL 35810 

Hill James 

6820 Cherokee Drive 

Fairfield AL 35064 



Hill Kina 

4 Capilano 

Knapton Estate Road 
Smith's FLOS 

Hill Marlon 

805 Rose Street 

Greenwood MS 38930 

Hill Mycah 

1015 Forest Overlook 


Atlanta GA 30331 

Hillard Orlando 
4409 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Hinds Erika 
10026 Coyle 
Detroit Ml 48227 

Hinds Kareem 
147 Drift Avenue 
Trenton NJ 08648 

Hodge-stoutt Surbhi 

P.O. Box 591 

West End 


British Virgin Islands 

Hodnett Loren 
7900 Old Madison Pike 
Road #5009 
Madison AL 35758 

Hodnett Martin 

1444 North Chestnut 


Rialto CA 92376 

Holder Clement 
2009 Colony Drive #p 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Holder Laurence 

5 Cottage Hill Lane 
Hamilton Parish CR02 

Holder Loderick 
2 Farm Lane 
Wanwick WK05 

Holder Loderika 
2 Farm Lane 
Wanwick WK05 

Holiday Tracey 
1106 Julia Street 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Roll Genevieve 

44 Ridgeway South 



Zimbabwe, Southern 


Hollier Brandon 
10924 Mendoza Road 
Moreno Valley CA 92557 

Hollingsworth Erika 
71 Harold Avenue 
San Fransico CA94112 

Holloway Jerod 

Rt 9 Box 2228 -m^mm 

Lake City FL 32024 

Holloway Vernika 
1065 Charlney Avenue 
Norfolk VA 23502 

Holmes Larry 

2201 Buckingham Drive 

Huntsville AL 35803 

Holt Shannone 
526 Manor Place 
Birdsboro PA 19518 

Hope DeMar 
1926 Dunning Rd. 
Columbus OH 43219 

Horton Jerry 

3121 Crepe Myrtle Road 

Albany GA 31201 

Houston Aleesha 

223 South Pontiac Street 

Denver CO 80231 

Houston Klevon 

9346 Rue D'Eastman 


Quebec H8R2K8 


Howard Brian 
664 Park Avenue 
Cincinnati OH 45246 

Howard Dorns 
3229 Jamaica Road 
Atlanta GA 30318 

Howard Litchfield 
1609 Brooklyn Avenue 
Brooklyn NY 11210 

Howard Margaret 

1828 Rideout Drive, N.w. 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Howard Regrick 

391 Village Crossing Ln. 


Winston Salem NC 


Howell George 
834 N Avenue 63 
Los Angeles CA 90042 

Howell Runako 
8122 South Peoria 
Chicago IL 60620 

Howson Monica 

P.O. Box 22 West End 


British Virgin Islands 

Hubbard Lemuel 
840 Gaston St. Sw 
Atlanta GA 30310 

Hubbard Sharelle 

6212 Rime Village Dr. 


Huntsville AL 35806 

Hudson Kristen 

55 Macdonald St. 

Hempstead NY 11550 

Huggins Jeff 

25 Sunnyside Dr. Apt-ID 

Yonkers NY 10705 

llll l lllllllllll l lll l llill 

Huggins Stanley 
4528 Bonnell Dr. Apt. B 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Hughes Chericia 

South Hill 


British Virgin Islands 

Hughes Georgette 
7838 Dalton Avenue 
Los Angeles CA 90047 

Humphrey Myla 
5052 Faculty Road 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Hunter Nigel 

4 Litchfield Ct Unit 102 


Ontario M9V2A8 


Husbands Lydia-Anne 
65 Littleleaf Drive 
Scarborough MIB 14F 

Hutchinson Daryl 

1 1 8 B Westscott Drive 

Madison AL 35758 

Hutton Antionette 
3935 NW 176th St. 
Miami FL 33055 

Hyde Natalie 

4515 Bonnell Drive #13G 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Hygrant Carl 

1398 E. 52nd Street 

Brooklyn NY 11234 

Ifill Christopher 

3259 Green Lakes Drive 

Virginia Beach VA 23452 

Iheanacho Akunna 
2608 Rita Lane Nw 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Ijeoma Uchenna 
Bristol Street, Blair Est 
Nassau N-4144 

Ingham Tanaeya 
20 Ingham's Vale 
Pembroke HM04 

Innocent Eleanor 
2039 Bent Pine Court 
Jacksonville FL 32246 

Israel Evens 

5014 Oakwood Rd. #12 

Huntsville AL 35896 

Jackson Brian 

8109 New Riggs Road 

Adelphi MD 20783 

Jackson Contessa 
209 Binford Drive, Apt. H 
Huntsville AL 35805 

Jackson Damon 
3784 University Dr. 
Apt. 122 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Jackson Erica 
1255 Gulledge Circle 
WedgefieldSC 29168 

Jackson llori 

1711 West Creeke Way 


Louisville KY 40242 

Jackson Jermaine 
13209 Matador Drive 
St. Louis MO 63141 

Jackson Jonae 
1601 Roberts Dr. 
Mableton GA 30126 

Jackson Latoya 
1813 Somerset Ave. 
Dallas TX 75203 

Jackson Robert 
1813 Somerset 
Dallas TX 75203 

Jackson Ronald 
206 B Binford Drive 
Huntsville AL 35805 

Jacobs Bron 

2901 Falling Waters Way 

Tallahassee FL 32308 

Jacobs Sonja 
51864 Portage Rd. 
South Bend IN 46628 

Jacobs Sonya 

2261 NW 178th Street 

Miami FL 33056 

Jacques Dominique 
440 Lenox Rd., Apt-3D 
Brooklyn NY 11203 

James Christal 

929 Crestview Avenue 

Ada OK 74820 

James Glenette 
544 Kay Street 
Forest Park GA 30050 

James Kaamilya 

2006 South 10th Avenue 

Maywood I L 60153 

James Leora 
P.O. Box 10624 
St. Thomas 00801 
US Virgin Islands 

James Lloyd 

3340 Hyder Avenue 

Deltona FL 32738 

James Prisca 
241 1 Cardinal Ave. 
Huntsville AL 35816 

u.u. QiiGLiory 249 

James Tanish 

233 Robert Hicks Drive 

North York 

Ontario M2R3R3 


James Tiffanie 

6226 Rime Village Dr. 


Huntsville AL 35806 

Jean-Francois Luckson 
Peterson Hall #104 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Jean-Philippe Nathalie 
2315 18th Street South 
St, Petersburg FL 33712 

Jean-Philippe Tahisha 

3185Clopton Street, Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35805 

Jean-Simon Wileine 
5200 N.W. 19th Street 
Lauderhill FL 33313 

Jefferson Christina 

1101 Buckhorn Bend Rd. 


Monroe LA 71202 

Jeffery Ryan 

9121 Helaine Hamlet 


Columbia MD 21045 

Jeffery Tia 

9121 Helaine Hamlet 


Columbia MD 21045 

Jeffries Deondria 
2 Berry Ave. 
Newnan GA 30363 

Jenkins D'juan 
12088 Auburn 
Detroit Ml 48228 

Jenkins Daniel 
7978 Siskin Avenue 
Jacksonville FL 32219 

Jenkins Michael 
3629 Chasewood 
Huntsville AL 35805 

Jennett Joanne 
14615 London Lane 
Bowie MD 20715 

Jinadu Babalola 
2508 Dover Hill 
Bakersfield CA 9331 1 

Jobson Orlando 

2010 North West 86th 


Miami FL 33147 

Jobson Synanda 
2010 Nw 86th Street 
Miami FL 33147 

Jocelyn Esther 

600 Robert E. Lee Pkwy 

Jonesboro GA 30238 

Jocelyn Rose-Nadelle 
600 Robert E. Lee Pkwy 

250 O.C. Pirectory 

Jonesboro GA 30238 

John Kent 
P.O. Box 982 
Carver MA 02330 

John-lewis Dalila 
3500 Nw 83rd St. 
Miami FL 33147 

John-Lewis Rashida 
3500 N.W. 83 Street 
Miami FL 33147 

Johns Candice 

590 Red River Circle 

Walnut CA 91789 

Johnson Alexander 

4428 Bonnell Drive Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Johnson Alisha 
1512 Woodside Ave, 
Baldwin NY 11510 

Johnson Attalie 
729 Shenwood Road 
Fairfeild AL 35064 

Johnson Bernard 
2124 Medaris Road 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Johnson Brian 
6904 Vallery St, 
Riverdale MD 20737 

Johnson Cory 
6904 Vallery Street 
Riverdale MD 20737 

Johnson Damien 

555 Executive Dr. Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Johnson David 
6904 Vallery Street 
Riverdale MD 20737 

Johnson Donovan 
8280 E. Capt Dreyfus 
Scottsdale AZ 85260 

Johnson Gemycah 
5510 Jackson 
Kansas City MO 64130 

Johnson Gerald 
10206 Ostend Avenue 
Cleveland OH 44108 

Johnson Gregory 
291 East Scott Street 
Rialto CA 92376 

Johnson Jenean 
3524 Rippling Way 
Laurel MD 20724 

Johnson Jerahmeel 
2918 Sunset 
Texarkana TX 75503 

Johnson John-Michael 
1239 Ellis Road 
Hogansville GA 30230 

Johnson Joseph 
3919 Neptune Dr. 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Johnson Juleun 
3542 Rippling Way 
Laurel MD 20724 

Johnson Lindsay 
8336 S, Throop 
Chicago IL 60620 

Johnson Marcus 
51700 Trowbridge 
South Bend IN 46637 

Johnson Michelle 
2 Fallway Road 
Ontario L6V3H2 

Johnson Robert 
2918 Sunset Road 
Texarkana TX 75503 

Johnson Robert 

3254 Covered Bridge 


Montgomery AL 36116 

Johnson Rodriguez 
2918 Sunset Road 
Texarkana TX 75503 

Johnson Rommel 
60-26 Smith Bay 
St. Thomas 00802 
US Virgin Islands 

Johnson Samuel 
977 Haller Avenue 
Dayton OH 45408 

Johnson Tiffany 
4105 Darby Court NW 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Johnson Vern 

1724 Cummings Avenue 

Willow Grove PA 19090 

Jones Adrianne 
76 Azalea Drive 
Columbus MS 39701 

Jones Angela 

1023 Chestnut Street 

Waukegan IL 60085 

Jones Celestine 
3427 Glen Park Drive, 
Apt. B 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Jones Darrin 

20213 Amantha Avenue 

Carson GA 90746 

Jones Desmirra 
824 Paul Street 
Dover DE 19904 

Jones Desmond 
3904 Blackburn Lane 
Burtonsville MD 20866 

Jones Gary 
76 Azalea Dr. 
Columbus MS 39701 

Jones Graylan 

4418 Angeles Vista Blvd. 

Los Angeles CA 90043 

Jones Kendra 
4708 Balfour 
Detroit Ml 48224 

Jones Leatha 
PO Box 161254 
Alamonte Springs FL 

Jones Michael 

P.O. Box 285 

Pine Forge PA 19548 

Jones Paul 
214 Warfe Court 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Jones Ronald 

1500 Sparkman Dr. Apt 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Jones Tia 

14605 East Walsh Drive 

Aurora CO 80012 

Jones Veronica 
1200 RaydaleCt. 
Hyattsville MD 20783 

Jones Vinson 

2261 West Lake Miramar 


Miramar FL 33025 

Jordan Ernie 

1 3936 SW 1 76th Street 

Miami FL 33177 

Jordan Isariah 
105 Donegal Lane 
Summerville, SC 29483 

Joseph Aukea 
Sutherlands Develop- 
ment House 99 
St. John's 

Joseph Janique 
238 Annas Retreat 
St. Thomas 00801 
US Virgin Islands 

Joseph Niyiere 
6233 Geronimo Circle 
Anchorage AK 99504 

Josey David 

19 Garden Street 

Teaneck NJ 07666 

Jouett Adoraeu 

4412 Birmingham Way 

Raleigh NC 27604 

Jouett Brandi 

105 High Meadow PI 

Charleston SC 39445 

Jouett Gary 

105 High Meadow Place 

Goose-Creek SC 29445 

Julien Caulette 
Smoked Tree Drive, #6 
Well Road, Cole Bay 
St. Maarten 
Netherlands, Antilles 


Kabongo Misenga 
195 Wilkenson Drive 
Huntsville AL 35811 

Kelly Andria 

109 Central Lake Drive 

Griffin GA 30223 

Kelly Shaunda 

5920 Long Peak Drive 

Orlando FL 32810 

Kendrick Ralph 
2110 Red Bud Court 
Marietta GA 30060 

Keogh Jeanine 

999 Nottingham Drive 

Corona CA 91720 

Kerr Charmaine 
886 Camellia Drive 
Royal Palm Beach FL 
33411 \ 

Kerr Mario 

18 Rockwood Crescent 


Ontario L4J7T2 


Kimani Lee 

116 Heartford Way 

American Canyon CA 


King Craig 

4709 Grantland Drive 

Huntsville AL 35810 

King Natesha 
8639 W. Weldon 
Phoenix AZ 85037 

King Raymond 

321 1 Woodlea Drive 

Greensboro NC 27406 

King Shasone 
1126 Sheridan 
Chico CA 95926 

King Stacy 

9300 Walnut Street #2 

Oakland CA 94603 

King Tamiya 

5540 Haverhill Rd. #75 

West Palm Beach FL 


King Terri 

4823 Brinker Avenue 

Ogden VT 84403 

King-Sharif Aginah 

3610 McVay Street Apt, 


Huntsville AL 35805 

Kinley Sharita 

2518 12th Street Sw#E 

Huntsville AL 35805 

Kinlock Kamillah 

717 Stonebridge Park 


Lithonia GA 30058 

Kitching Brian 
5100 Linden Street 
Lincoln NE 68516 

Kitching Julian 
5100 Linden Street 
Lincoln NE 68516 

Knight Dejuan 

9030 Hawley Gibson 


Crestwood KY 40014 

Knight Derrick 

306 Holly Springs Drive 

Madison AL 35758 

Knight Joel 

161 Cartmel Drive 


Ontario L3S-1W6 


Knight Michael 

1580 Sandhurst Circle, 

Apt, 1609 


Ontario MIV2L3 


Knight Nicole 
161 Cartmel Drive 
Ontario L3S1W6 

Knight Shaldea 

4515 Bonnell Drive Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Knight Warren ' 

Sandhurst Circle Apt. 


Scarborough ' 

Ontario M1V2L3 

Canada ' 

Knotts Han/ey 
Claytown Bailey's Bay #8. 
Hamilton Parish 
Bermuda CR03 ; 

Bermuda i 

Kutebwa Kanyeba 
4113 Nelson Dr. 
Huntsville AL 35810 


Detroit Ml 48219 

Miami FL 33056 

Lester Stefanie Lewis Roosevelt 

906 East Cynthia Trail 5600 Silver Star Road, 

Goodletttsville TN 37072 #1 00 

Orlando FL 32808 

Labady Anthonyl 
6221 Kaieteur Lane 
! Orlando FL 32808 

LaBorde Michael 
3204 Millbrook Drive 
HuntsvilleAL 35810 

Labossiere Michel 

5014 Oakwood Road, 


Huntsville AL 35896 

Lackey Enjoli 

1 390 Jackson Road 

Norwood GA 30821 

Lacount Shayla 
P.O. Box 1112 
Chandler AZ 85244 

Laguerre Joelle 
19920 Franjo Road 
Miami FL33157 

Lamand George 

1752 North East 144th 


Miami FL 33181 

Lamar James 
2 Jumor Ct. 
Mesconset NY 1 1 767 

Lambert Collin 

Batavia I L 60510 

Lambert Natasha 
1650 Kent Street 
Columbus OH 43205 

Lang Robyn 
6507 Greenmeadow 
Road N.w. 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Langford Janelle 
802 Longleaf Drive 
Desoto TX 75115 

Langhorn Carlyle 
1035 Catalpa Drive 
O'fallon IL 62269 

Langhorn Crystalle 
1 035 Catalpa Drive 
O'fallon IL 62269 

Langley Winston 

261 1 Trail Ridge Road 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Laster Quincy 
10840 SW 222 Drive 
Miami FL 33170 

Latham Kenyatta 
9960 Patton 
Detroit Ml 48228 

Lathon Henrietta 

29897 Andrea Lane 
Madison AL 357563403 

Laurent Claudisson 
124 N.W. 5th Avenue 
Hallandale FL 33009 

Lawrence Sonita 
95 Shepard Avenue 
Brooklyn NY 11208 

Laws Lahdianya 
1130 North Dearborn 
Chicago IL 60610 

Leblanc Samantha 
P.O. Box 1767 
Kankakee IL 60901 

Lee Barbara 
4308 Chalet Circle 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Lee James 
1905 W. 137st 
Compton CA 90222 

Lee Kelly 

4308 Chalet Circle 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Lee Larry 

2403 W. Jefferson Street 

Louisville KY 40212 

Lee Princess 

1611 Kingsport Drive 

Riverside CA 92506 

Lee Rebecca 

2403 West Jefferson 


Louisville KY 40212 

Lee Rose 

2203 North Paulsen 


Compton CA 90222 

Lee William 

830 Mineral Avenue 

Benton Harbor Ml 49022 

Legall Cory 

2253 S.W. Fort King 


Ocala FL 34474 

Legall Natalie 

179 Parkside Drive 


Barbados, West Indies 

Leiba Deidra-Ann 
815 Hendrix St 
Brooklyn NY 11207 

Lennard Andrea 

10 Humberline Dr. #1205 


OntarioCanada M9W6J5 

Leonard Herve' 
20278 Avon Street 

Levy Carletta 

120 Kenilworth Place, 


Brooklyn NY 11210 

Levy Lenrica 

120 Kenilworth Place 

Brooklyn NY 11210 

Lewis Antwann 
3824 W. VanBuren 
Chicago IL 60624 

Lewis Colleen 

24 Whiteram Close, N.E. 


Alberta T1Y5X8 


Lewis Dionne 

95 Indian Creek Road 


Huntsville AL 35806 

Lewis Eugene 

346 South 302nd Place 

Federal Way WA 98003 

Lewis James 

1311 Cotton Wood Drive 

Lewis Denter OH 43035 

Lewis Joseph 

105 St. Johns Drive 

Lynchburg VA 24503 

Lewis Kami 

10 Bon Accord Road 



Trinidad And Tobago 

Lewis Kathleen 
1008 Cedar Lane Ct. 
Lynchburg VA 24503 

Lewis Kellee 

168-14 127th Avenue 


Jamaica NY 11434 

Lewis Lauren 
CA 91010 

Lewis Prince 

3430 Nw 176th Street 

Lewis Simone 

95 Indian Creek Road, 


Huntsville AL 35806 

Lewis Tameka 
19 June Street 
East Hartford CT 06118 

Lewis Xavier 

701 NW 207th Street 

Miami FL 33169 

Lewis Yuki 

5025 Blue Spring Road 


Huntsville AL 35810 

Lewis-Partlow Claudisha 
1761 Sundale Drive 
Lawrenceville GA 30045 

Lewis-reese Antoniah 

3824 West Van Buren 


Chicago IL 60624 

Lezama Xernona 
17444 Sw 108th Court 
Miami FL33157 

Liburd Edison 
255 E 176 Street 
Brooklyn NY 10450 

Lightbourne Marie 
368 Little Lones Rd 
Huntsville AL 35811 

Lightbourne Tino 
Maple Street 

Undo Olive 

12173 88th Place N 

Royal Palm Beach FL 


Lindsay Joseph 
2264 Governors Bend 
Huntsville AL 35801 

Lister Rolanda 

1309 Shadey Creel Drive 

Euless TX 76040 

O.C. Pirectory 25 1 

Washington DC 2001 1 

Loftman Triciana 

175 Cedar Avenue, Apt. 


Richmond Hill 

Ontario L4C3T6 


Logan Heather 
23441 Sussex Avenue 
Oal< Park Ml 48237 

Loiten Andrew 
P.O. Box 22304 
Huntsville AL 35814 

Long Gentry 

7546 Deer Creek Dr. 

Worthington OH 43085 

Long Maurice 

3760 N.w. 197 Street 

Miami FL 33055 

Long Zsa-nai 

3760 North West 197 


Miami FL 33055 

Lonnon Johnny 
2115 Hagood Street 
Savannah GA 31415 

Lonnon Tiffani 
2115 Hagood Street 
Savannah GA 31415 

Lottie Christina 

930 N. Niles 

South Bend IN 46617 

Lottimore Khomisha 
36 Bobs Valley Lane 
Sandys MA04 

Loveday Tanya 
105 Tappscott Street 
Brooklyn NY 11212 

Lowe Jevon 

7 Ocean Lane, Langton 


Pembroke HM13 


Lowery Rise 
P.O. Box 212 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Lubega Daniel 

2720 Monticello Drive 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Lubin Odette 

140 N.W. 102nd Street 

Miami Shores FL 33150 

Luciano Raquel 
1997 Grasmere Dr. 
Apopka FL 32703 

Lucombe Eddison 
2430 Vining Avenue 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Lumsey Cameron 
664 Park Avenue 
Springdale OH 45246 

Lyons Gina 

1708 Allison St Nw 

Mabandia Mlibazisi 

60 Grimston Road 


Nottingham NG7GQW 


Mackey Kyle 

1 254 West 84th Street 

Los Angeles CA 90044 

Mackey Stephen 
1809 Whispera/oodway 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Maddex Nackesha 
99-20 24th Avenue 
East Elmhurst 
New York NY 11369 

Maddix Rochelle 
6136 Karendavie Drive 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Maddox Jerita 

3784 University Drive, 

Apt. 122 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Magee Torey 

1278 Casa Calvo Street 

New Orleans LA 70114 

Mahanga Mwaka 
c/o Baraka K Senzira 
4917 Cotton Row 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Major Rory 
Knollwood Drive 
P.O. Box N-8750 

Mallett Melissa 

2088 Martingrove Rd. 



Ontario M9V3T3 


Malone Dammeon 

20154 Northwest 12th 


Miami FL 33169 

Mann Jason 

3507 Mona Lee Lane 

Houston TX 77080 

Mann Jonathan 
3507 Mona Lee 
Houston TX 77080 

Manning Neil 

1585 S.W. Andalusia 


Port St Lucie FL 34953 

Manning Ryan 

1585 Sw Andalusia Rd. 

Port St. Lucie FL 34953 

Manning Wilfred 
1503 Sparkman Drive 
Apt. F47 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Maragh Alvin 

1226 Haverhill Road 

Apartment 1 

West Palm Beach FL 


Maragh Kevin 

1226 Haverhill Road Apt 


West Palm Beach FL 


Marcellin Francis 

22 Keeble Crescent 


Ontario L1T3R7 


Marcellin Osmund 

22 Keeble Crescent 


Ontario L1T3R7 


Maria Nidia 
114-38 127th Street 
Jamaica NY 11420 

Marquez Joyceline 
240 Crown Street #4-U 
Brooklyn NY 11225 

Marr Naema 

4015 #11 Hunters Ridge 


Huntsville AL 35820 

Marr Nerissa 
3030 Evergreen Dr 
Fairfield CA 94533 

Mars Villot 

1752 Ne 144th Street 

Miami FL 33181 

Martin Danielle 

1549 Greer Dell Road 

Indianapolis IN 46260 

Martin Edward 
4427-C Torrance Drive 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Martin LaTisha 

3335 Dunn Street #98 

Huntsville AL 35805 

Martin Ons 

1278 Mohave Street 

Colton CA 92324 

Martin Pamela 
37 Pilot Street 
Ontario MIE204 

Martin Sireasa 

3840 West 1 78th Street 

C C. Hills IL 60478 

Massey Devaki 
217-F Binford Drive 
Huntsville AL 35805 

Mathis Dwayne 

105 W. Inwood Circle 

Madison AL 35758 

Mathis Shavonne 

17647 Southwest 32nd 


Miramar FL 33029 

Matiwaza Mthulisi 
2210 Dogwood Lane 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Matthews Annell 
115 Fairington Road 
Huntsville AL 35806 



4 Overbrook Parkway 

Wynnewood PA 1 9096 

Maundy Aswad 
15 Skyline Drive 
Jersey City NJ 07305 

Maxis Sophie 
1851 19th Street 
Sarasota FL 34234 

Maycock Adam 
2613 Trail Ridge Road 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Maycock Antoine 
2613 Trail Ridge Road 
Huntsville AL 35810 
Mayes Charles 
6404 Cedar Point Dr. 
Huntsville AL 35810 

McBean Kendra 
16206 Braesgate Drive 
Austin TX 78717 

McCalla Devon 
16723 Sw 78th PI. 
Miami FL 33157 

McCarthy Damian 
4280 NW 3rd Street 
Gresham OR 97030 

McCarthy Dananai 
207 Oakhill Road 
Keene TX 76059 

McCleary Douglas 
7427 Kathydale Rd. 
Baltimore MD 21208 

McCullough Mykeetah 

16840 Stout 

Old Redford Ml 48219 

McDole Brenee 
5585 Royal Hill Drive 
Riverside CA 92506 

McDonald Alison 
74 Forster Avenue 
Mt. Vernon NY 10552 

McDonald Philip 
74 Forster Ave. 
Mt. Vernon NY 10552 

McDowell Urvia 
501 D Laurel Drive 
Huntsville AL 35811 

McDuffy Vivian 
5014 Oakwood Road, 
Apt. 19 
Huntsville AL 35896 

McFarland Justin 
3912 Stilton Dr. 
Nashville TN 37207 

McFarlane Dianna 
1306 Gabes Place 
Landover MD 20785 

McFarlane Ingrid 
3201 Gayhart Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 

McFarlane Nicole 
16111 Sw 104 Ave. 
Miami' FL 33157 

McGinnis Nathan 
300 North F Street 
Pensacola FL 32501 

McGoodwin Candace 

1309 Lancewood Dr Apt 


Huntsville AL 35816 

McGowens Joseph 
1758 Dailey Terrace 
Huntsville AL 35816 

McGriff Jamie 
500 Ripple Ln. 
Hampton Cove AL 35763 

McKenzie Edd 
9 Lightwood Drive 

Ontaho M9V2Z1 

McKenzie Johnny 
3636 N. Crestview #2 
Huntsville AL 35816 

McKenzie Laurence 
1 Ramers Way Apt. 12 
Ontario L3P5J7 

McKenzie Zahair 
982 Farragut Drive 
Teaneck NJ 07666 

McKinney Dennis 
386 Stevenson Road 
Ardmore TN 38449 

McLaughlin Richard 
25 Cobden Street 
Boston MA 02121 

McLean Kay-ann 
11850 S.W. 175 Terrace 
Miami FL 33177 

McLean Lindel 
52 Morado Court 

Ontario L6S4H7 

McLean Marvin 
1681 Walker Avenue 
Union NJ 07083 

McLean Peta-Gaye 
454 South 6th Avenue 
Mount Vernon NY 10550 

McMiller Lainisha 
3743 NW 207 Drive 
Miami FL 33055 

McMiller Sukari 
3743 N.W. 207 Drive 
Miami FL 33055 

McMurray Rebecca p 
1502 19th Ave. SE. #22 

Decatur AL 35601 (, 

McNeil Amy p 

8359 Greenham j 
San Antonio TX 78239 

McNeil Betina ' j 

14724 54th Way North j 
Cleanwater FL 33760 

McNeil Jonathan 
512 Portchester Court 
Columbia SC 29203 

McNeil Melinda 
14724 54th Way North 
Clearwater FL 33760 

McNish Franz 

2331 NW 43rd Terrace 

Lauderhill FL 33313 

McNish Kerri Ann 
2331 Nw 43rd Terrace 
Lauderhill FL 33313 

McPherson Llewelyn 
Peterson Hall Rm. #342 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville AL 35896 

McPherson Morris 

6405 Old Madison Pike, 


Huntsville AL 35806 

McPherson Noyle 
21 56 Fulton Street 
Brooklyn NY 11233 

McRoy Carl 

3636 chasewood dr apt2 

Huntsville Al 35805 

252 O.C. Pirectory 

McTier Syteeta 
3536 Burton Ave 
Lynwood CA 90262 

Meadows Gerald 
3040 Sunlake Blvd 
Huntsville AL 35824 

Meadows Larry 

4515 Bonnell Drive Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Medley Ernest 
305 Northside Drive 
Nashville TN 37115 

Melbourne Launice 
8121 Lockney Avenue 
Takoma Park MD 20912 

Melton Melvanie 
109 East Cato Street 
Fitzgerald GA 31750 

Mendinghall April 
5344 St. Martins Ct. 
Mableton GA 30059 

Mentor Franz 
'24081 Jerome Street 
Oak Park Ml 48237 

Merriweather Marcus 
808 N. Merrimac Dr. 
lApt. 14 
Fitzgerald GA 31750 

Metcalfe Melanie 

13881 Phares Hinton 


Tuscaloosa AL 35405 

;Michell Muggins 
J367 East 51 Street 
Brooklyn NY 11203 

|Miles Dawn 

'2810 Broadview Drive 

'Huntsville AL 35810 

Miles Demedro 
i 2810 Broadview Dr 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Miles Fayth 
3812 Cedar Drive 
iBaltimore MD 21207 

Miles Jerome 

2810 Broadview Drive 

JHuntsvilleAL 35810 

|Miles Melody 
J3812 Cedar Drive 
Baltimore MD 21207 

Miller Bonita 

11A Shatten Street 

Dorchester MA 

Miller Brian 

2134 Quail Hollow 

Grand Prairie TX 75052 

Viiller Candace 

1 1 784 Mt. Wilson Ct. 

'MtaLomaCA 91737 

Viiller Crystal 
=.O.Box 123 

Pine Forge PA 19548 

Miller Leah 

16312 Barna Drive 

Granger IN 46530 

Miller Tabitha 
11784 Mount Wilson 
AltaLomaCA 91737 

Milligan Tamara 

3636 Chasewood Dr. #6 

Huntsville AL 35805 

Mills John 

P.O. Box 1263 Glover 


Ridgeland SC 29936 

Mills Stephen 
200 Angelo Circle 
Whiteville NC 28472 

Minor Gregory 
8521 Grandhaven Ave 
Upper Marlboro MD 

Minors Kim 

95 Indian Creek Road 
Apt. 286 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Minott Andre' 

49 Tamarack Drive 

Windsor CT 06095 

Mitchell Abdul 
1217 Plant Rd. 
Charleston MO 63834 

Mitchell Henry 
37 Graeler Drive 
Creve Coeur MO 63146 

Mitchell Lisa 

P.O. Box 10693 

St. Petersburg FL 33733 

Mobley Angela 

915 S.E. 19th Terrace 

Gainesville FL 32641 

Modeste Martina 
3010 Joe Louis Dr. 
Orlando FL 32805 

Moffett Catrice 
273 Shasta Drive 
Pittsburg PA 15239 

Mondesir Edhyson 
57 Ford Street, Apt-1 
Brockton MA 02401 

Mondestin Jacqueline 

96 Torrey Avenue 
Brockton MA 02301 

Monroe Candyce 
404 South Park Rd Sw 
Birmingham AL 3521 1 

Monroe Cara 

404 S Park Road SW 

Birmingham AL 3521 1 

Monroe Donald 
3201 Rita Lane 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Monroe Tina 

235 South Adams Street 

Daytona Beach FL 

Montague Arnett 
2135 Dowdy Road 
Somerville TN 38068 

Montgomery Brian 
P.O. Box 352 
Metcalfe MS 38760 

Montgomery Fredrick 

6405 Old Madison Pike, 


Huntsville AL 35806 

Montgomery Shayla 
300 Seguayah Dr. 
Dothan AL 36303 

Montoute Kerlene 
89 Louis Avenue 
ElmontNY 11003 
United States 

Montoya Jonathan 
289 Laurel Lane 
Gurley AL 35748 

Moore April 

9403 Vera Jones Lane 

Charlotte NC 28213 

Moore Bradley 

4039 Hunters Ridge 


Huntsville AL 35802 

Moore Britney 
233 Day Drive 
St. Louis MO 63135 

Moore Dennis 
11636 Drumcastle 
Germantown MD 20876 

Moore Hadassah 
100 Meadowlark 
Greenwood MS 38930 

Moore Jamar 

200 E. Schykill Rd. Apt. 


Pottstown PA 19546 

Moore Shannan 
2807 Highway 20, 
Conyers GA 30012 

Morgan Darius 
100 Suzanne St. 
Bakersfield CA 93309 

Morgan Simone 

705-35 Fountainhead 



Ontario M3J2V7 


Morris Althea 

16420 SW 107 Avenue 

Miami FL33157 

Morris Christopher 
P.O. Box 2128 
Kankakee IL 60901 

Morris Priscilla 
808 Oakhill Drive 
Killeen TX 76541 

Morris Renee 
808 Oakhill Drive 
Killeen TX 76541 

Morris Rodney 
808 Oakhill Drive 
Killeen TX 76541 

Morrison Melissa 
7765 Wildfern Drive 
Ontario L4T3P8 

Morton Sarah 
Box 121 Wade Hall 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Moseley Dianna 

2451 Cricket Wood 


Apopka FL 32703 

Moten Shayla 
1336 Draper Road 
Talladega AL 35160 

Murphy Frederick 
4112 Fieldway Road 
Rex GA 30273 

Murphy Jennifer 
1215 Ellen Court 
Apopka FL 32703 

Murray Diane 

1131 Carding Mill Place 


Ontario L5W1C4 


Murray Meredith 
3354 Monaco Pkwy. 
Denver CO 80207 

Murray Quintin 
1325 N. 59 St. 
Philadelphia PA 19151 

Mwesigwa John 
2403 Barney 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Myrtil Nathalie 
16262 Peachway 
Delray Beach FL 33484 


Nabors Erica 
46 6th Ave. South 
Birmingham AL 35020 

Nazaire Judith 
451 5 Bonnell 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Ndukwe Tekila 

4932 Cotton Row, Apt. B 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Neal Kelle 

4200 Grandville Blvd 

Nashville TN 37207 

Nelson Angela 

217 Cedar Lake Road, 


Apt. 37 

Decatur AL 35603 

Nelson Gregory 
35 Keegan Street 
ElmontNY 11003 

Nembhard Daliah 
1 09 Colton Street 
Windsor CT 06095 

Newton Angela 
461 1 Governor's House 
Drive Apt. #912 
Huntsville AL 35805 

Newton David 

461 1 Governor's House 


Apt. #912 

Huntsville AL 35805 

Newton Esther 
461 1 Governor's House 
Drive Apt. #912 
Huntsville AL 35805 

Newton Shawnika 
24115 Citrus Avenue 
Perris CA 92570 

Neymour Lavaughn 
West Bay Street 

O.C. Directory 



Niles Marnel 
2310 Bryn Marwr 
Philadelphia PA 19131 

Nixon John 

2629 Gawain Road 

Huntsville AL 35803 

Nixon Paul 

2629 Gawain Road 

Huntsville AL 35803 

Norman Gianna 
1245 Shawnee Rd 
Madison TN 37115 

Norris Myisha 

2100 South 260th Street, 


Des Moines WA 98198 

North Jason 

1508 Halston Circle Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Norwood Leslie 

232 E. Urner Street #172 

Pottstown PA 1 9465 

Nozil Aimee 

42 French Ridge 

New Rochelle NY 10801 

Nozil Fredric 

42 French Ridge 

New Rochelle NY 10801 

Nozil Laura 

730 Voluntown Road 

Jewett City CT 06351 

Nurse Tesa 
#27 Kendal Hill Park 
Christ Church 
Barbados, West Indies 

O'Connor Xavier 
301 Se 7th Street 
Delray Beach FL 33483 

O'Giste Keotisha 
209 Beau Tree Drive 
Wilmington DE 19810 

Oakes April 

39 South 3rd Avenue, 


Mt, Vernon NY 10550 

Oates Parrie 

11621 N.W. 17th Avenue 

Miami FL 33167 

Oatez Kiyomi 
1442 W. 83rd Street 
Los Angeles CA 90047 

Ogbonna Susan 
2728 Holland Avenue 
Bronx NY 10467 

Okike Tochi 
PO Box 161143 
Altamonte Springs FL 

Ola Oluwatosin 
512 Gooch Lane 
Madison AL 35758 
United States 

Olagundoye Damaris 
733 East 42nd Street 
Brooklyn NY 11203 

Olatunji Mahalia 
4722 12st. N.e. 
Washington DC 20017 

Olibris Irmide 
1218 NW 11th Place 
Ft. Lauderdale FL 3331 1 
United States 

Oliver Tony 

106 Park Circle 
Fitzgerald GA 31750 

Onwere Christopher 
1296 Prospect Drive 
Pomona CA 91766 

Opoku-boateng Adwoa 

2918 West Locust 


Fresno CA 93711 

Opoku-boateng Akosua 
2918 W. Locust Ave 
Fresno CA 9371 1 

Orgill Loumeeka 
28 Railway Trail 
Loyal Hill 
Devonshire DV01 

Osborne Susan 
10501 Salt Aire Road 
Theodore AL 365802 

Osborne Susanne 

16283 79-A Avenue 


British Columbia V3S7C9 


Osbourne Cheryl 
78 Cortland 
Quebec J6J1V4 

Osi Sara 

1151 SW Collins Avenue 

Topeka KS 66604 

Osiris Josue 

53 Maverick Street 

Dedham MA 02026 

Otey Katrina 
1067 Waterloo Rd 
Westpoint TN 38486 

Ottley Jeuelle 

7405 Lake Glen Drive 

Glen Dale MD 20769 

Otto Natasha 

19 Peachtree Path 


Ontario M9P3T6 


Outerbridge Denielle 
8 Constance Crescent 
Wanwick WK06 

Owens Frederick 
174 Moosup Pond Rd. 
Danielson CT 06239 



490 Claremont Parkway 

Bronx NY 10457 

Pace Tanya 

1705 West 14th Place 

Chicago IL 60608 

Paige Dolores 

1412 Arcadian Street 

Savannah GA 31405 

Palm Fredrick 
2240 Edison Street 
Santa Ynez CA 93460 

Parham Darnell 

5684 County Road 387 

Hillsboro AL 35643 

Parham Mattisha 
98 Limerick Lane 
Rochester NY 14606 

Parker Sonya 

1050 Anderson Ave, Apt. 


Bronx NY 10452 

Patrick Kara-shelley 
17 Whiteleas Avenue 
Ontario MIB1W8 

Patrickson Jason 
170 Victoria Drive 
Fayetteville GA 30214 

Patterson Esther 
9405 Walhampton Drive 
Louisville KY 40242 

Patton Anna-gayle 
1347 Marlborough Ave 
Plainfield NJ 07060 

Patton Jason 
1347 Marlborough 
Plainfield NJ 07060 

Paul Donald 

2421 NE 3rd Avenue 

Pompano Beach FL 


Paul Mytonia 

699 Carters Gin Road 

Toney AL 35773 

Paul Natasha 

2792 West Fairview Dr. 

Rialto CA 92377 

Paul Shona 

2240 N. Pacolet Rd. 

Campobello SC 29322 

Paulino Belkis 

261 1 Trailridge Road 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Payne Daniella 

58 Wegman Parkway 

Jersey City NJ 07305 

Pearce Nadia 

2209 Main Street, C52 

Bridgeport CT 06606 

Pernberton Shukura 
161 Lakeside 
Newburgh NY 12550 

Peoples Raymond 
9015 Midway, #1 
Berrien Springs Ml 

Percy Hugh 
1830 W Finland Dr 
Deltona FL 32725 

Perkins Allen 
340Gillepsie Road, #122 
Huntsville AL 35758 

Perry Erika 

2439 Newgate Drive 

Decatur GA 30035 

Perry Walter 

P.O. Box 214 

Pine Forge PA 19548 

Person Schennia 

1505 Sparkman Dr. Apt, 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Phillips Janelle 
2603 Hoffman Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Phipps Wintley 


6428 Four Foot Trail 
Columbia MD 21045 

Pierre Ange 

208 Monitor Street 

Westbury NY 11590 

Pierre Jerrald 

3751 Mansfield Avenue 

New Orleans LA 70131 

Pierre Nurise 

464 West Melrose Circle 

Fort Lauderdale FL 3331;: 

Pierre-louis Nicole 
245 Locust Drive 
Bay Shore NY 11706 

Pile Victor 

1812 Metzerott Rd #46 

Adelphi MD 20783 

Pinney Melissa 
P.O. Box 10127 
St Thomas 00801 
US Virgin Islands 


Pitcher Marvin -P" 

#4 Olive Lane, Cooks Hil 
Sandys MA05 

Pitter-Horton Valerie 

5014 Oakwood Road, Af 


Oakwood College 

Huntsville AL 35896 

Pogue Monique f 

495 Hunter Circle !'- 

Kissimmee FL 34758 L( 

Poole Joyceline ^' 

588 Fremont Avenue ' '' 
Daytona Beach FL 321 1 : Bi 

Pooler John '' 

41 1 Sheila Street '? 

Hope Mills NC 28348 3 

Pough Rokeem ^' 

505 West 143rd SL, Apt- 1 IS 
New York NY 10031 «i 

Powell Anika 
135 Lincoln Street 
Steelton PA 17133 

Powell Duane 

77 Carpenter Avenue 

MtKisco NY 10549 

Powell Edwin 

O.C. Pirectory 

4203 Interiake Drive 
TampiT FL 33624 

Powell Michelle 

77 Carpenter Avenue, Apt- 


Mt.Klsco NY 10549 

Powell Rosalyn 
Route 4 Box 87 
BiakelyCA 31723 

Preddie Antoinette 
1 1 15 N, 5th Street 
Reading PA 19601 

Prescott-crewe Melissa 

4983 Rathkeale Rd. Unit 



Ontario L5B2B3 


Pressley Kimberly 
|1425 34th Street, Se 
Washington DC 20020 

Preston Beverly 
6215 Cedar Point Dr. 
HuntsvilleAL 35810 

'Preston Brian 
331 Beechwood Lane 
Stone Mountain GA 30087 

Preston Gilbert 
j6215 Cedar Point Drive 
HuntsvilleAL 35810 

='rice Cariton 
WOO 11th Avenue 
.OS Angeles CA 90043 

^rice Sara 
=.0. Box 8964 
={ichmond VA 23225 

rice Torrey 
7920 South Prairie 

'rofitt Tiffany 
J 196 Stone Valley Drive 
Huntsville AL 35806 

^rosper Evanson 
3036-8 North Main Street 
Berrien Springs Ml 49103 

'rovost Angel 

)010 Westknoll Drive 

3rand Blanc Ml 48439 

ullins Alysia 

15 Hightower Rd. 

larvest AL 35749 

^ullman Marshall 
18996 Mitchell Place 
)enver CO 80249 

] [ 

^ Delta Cifcle' 
Savannah GA 31406 

Quinnie Kristi 
305-58th Street 
Fairfield AL 35064 

Rahming Tangle 

631 NW 3rd Street 
Florida City FL 33034 

Rainey Evette 
7062 Waveriy Court 
Kansas City KS 66109 

Ramphal Dayanand 
6933 Cottonwood Trail 
Riverdale GA 30296 

Rayboume Anthony 
187-05 Nashville 
Jamaica NY 11413 

Reade Devin 

475 Cariton Ave, Apt-3H 

Brooklyn NY 11238 

Reece Ebony 

3784 University Drive #925 

HuntsvilleAL 35816 

Reed Shalon 

1242 East Mckool Circle 

Carson CA 90746 

Reel Brenard 
3333 Fish Avenue 
Bronx NY 10469 

Reese Charies 

737 W. College St. #203 

Athens TX 75751 

Reevers Jowanna 
1 244 Stonehedge Drive 
Birmingham AL 35235 

Reeves Richard 
208 Windy Hill Rd 
Coatsville PA 19320 

Regis Marcellinus 
4522 Bonnell Drive 
HuntsvilleAL 35816 

Reid Erin 

95 Indian Creek Road #40 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Reid Kacy 

286 East 40th St. 

Brooklyn NY 11203 

Reid Kanika 

P.O. Box 30 
Davidsonville MD 21035 

Reid Marion 
16035 Circle Drive 
Mart<ham IL 60426 

Reid Natalee 
640 Barretto Street 
Bronx NY 10474 

Remy Marsha 

3025 Credit Woodlands 



Ontario L5C2V3 


Rhodes Angela 
5730 Nw 54th Terrace 
Gainsville FL 32653 

Richards Paul 
24561 Barton Road 
Loma Linda CA 92354 

Richards Winston 
81 1 Via Concepcion 
Riverside CA 92506 

Richardson Erik 
18 Hill Famn Road 
Bloomf ield CT 06002 

Richardson Henry 
8081 Battin Howell 
South Charieston OH 

Richardson Kyrinda 
18 Hill Farm Road 
BloomfieldCT 06002 

Richardson William 
8081 Battin Howell Road 
South Chariston OH 45368 

Rickman Joyce 
3784 University Drive, 
HuntsvilleAL 35816 

Rideout Mari< 
1815 Bethany Lane 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Riley Nicholas 

2953 Avenue W, Apt-3e 

Brooklyn NY 11229 

Roache Kymberiee 

P.O. Box N-8662 

New Providence Bahamas 


Roberts Apryl 
110 Sorrel Way 
Alvarado TX 76009 

Roberts Ayinde 
1 1 5 Dunsfold Drive 

Ontario M1B1T5 

Roberts Kevin 
4504 Medley 
Montreal Canada 
Quebec H9G2N8 
Roberts Loma 
P.O Box 953 

Fedricksted 00841 
US Virgin Islands 

Roberts Tionnae 
7 Bushy Park Drive 
Sandys MA02 

Roberts William 
908 Circle View Dr 
Dothan AL 36301 

Robinson Bree 
25043 Kay Avenue 
Hayward CA 94545 

Robinson Calvin 
231 Wright Street 
Westoury NY 11590 

Robinson Erin 

1926 Pomona Avenue 

Memphis TN 381 16 

Robinson Mary-ann 
1026 Harvard Avenue 

Quebec H4A2U7 

Robinson Reginald 
7000 Adventist Boulevard 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Robinzine Meyassar 
1 6 Michigan Court 
Valley Cottage NY 10989 

Roddy Carie 

Box 122 Oakwood College 

Huntsville AL 35896 

Rodgers Camillia 
P.O. Box 564 
Reynoldsburg OH 43068 

Rodriguez paul 
Roland Robert 
17003 122nd SG 
Ronton WA 98058 

Rolle Donald 

2543 D Frederick Douglas 

New Yori< NY 10030 

Remain Richard 

548 Louisiana Avenue, 


Brooklyn NY 11239 

Rosemond Steven 
143-63 249th Street 
Queens NY 11422 

Ross Larissa 

661 1 Shindler Drive 

Jacksonville FL 32222 

Royal Latoya 
620 NW 5th Street 
Boynton Beach FL 33435 

Royer Janice 
P.O. Box 12304 
St. Thomas 00801 
US Virgin Islands 

Rucker Kori 
460 Nellie B Avenue 
Athens GA 30601 
Ruff David 

557 East Tower 
Fresno CA 93706 

Ruff Eunice 
557 E Tower 
Fresno CA 93706 

Ruff Gabrielle 
P.O. Box 702738 
Tulsa OK 74170 

Ruff Hananiah 
9549 Eastview Drive 
Hanford CA 93230 

Ruff Natalie 
557 E. Tower 
Fresno CA 93706 

Ruffin John 
2501 Trailridge 
HuntsvilleAL 35810 

Rugless Tiffany 
2549 Oakforest Drive 
AntiochTN 37013 

Rushing Iva 
5642 Elm Tree 
Houston TX 70848 

Russell Courthney 
1512 Foxhall Lane 
Atlanta GA 3031 6 

Ryce Samara 
2889 Knollview Drive 
Decatur GA 30034 

O.C. Pirectorv 


5069 Woodstone Circle 


Lake Worth FL 33463 

Saint-Elie Daniel 
6038 Colt Ridge Trail 
Masleton ga 30126 

Saint-Val Fraritzo 

5014 Oal<wood Road, 


Huntsville AL 35896 

Salii Caria 

419 Keoniana Street 

Honolulu HI 96815 

Salter Richard 
1901 Sparkman Drive 
Apt 1102 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Salter Robyn 

178 Grandview Ave. 

Bridgeport CT 06606 

Salter Tiffanie 

1901 Sparkman Drive 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Sampson Anika 

8841 Young Sea Drive 

Columbia MD 21045 

Sampson Sabah 

19559 East Miraloma 


Walnut CA 91789 

Samson Chantal 
6015 Rickwood Dr. 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Samuel Angelique 
142-43 Glassboro 
Jamaica NY 11435 

Samuels Abijah 

#1 Fork Lane Camp Hill 

Southhampton SN04 


Samuels Andrea 

256 O.C. Pirectory 

2039 Sturgeon Street 
Springfield OH 45506 

Samuels Heather 
2039 Sturgeon St. 
Springfield OH 45506 

Samuels Saran 

5037 Galaxy Way #3R 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Sanchez Joseph 

100 West Chestnut 


Chicago IL 60610 

Sanders Alfredneitta 
2615 17th Ave. South 
Minneapolis MN 55407 

Sanders Stephen 
2348 Westmere St. 
Harvey LA 70058 

Sanderson Keisha 

3406 Chelsea Cove 


Hopewell Junction NY 


Sands Jestan 
P.O. Box F-40174 
Freeport G.B. 

Sanford Darryl 
3094 Flint Dr. 
Memphis TN 38115 

Saunders Amber 
1047 Ascot Court 
Riverdale GA 30296 

Saunders Sherri 
1123 Randolph 
Leavenworth KS 66048 

Saunders Utundee 
2068 Bluffton Way 
Decatur GA 30035 

Sayles Latoya 
4237 Angeloni Drive 
Ontaho L4Z8702 

Scarlett Kevin 
4182 SW Memorial 
Huntsville AL 35802 

Scarlett Shanna 
10507 Repose Drive 
St. Louis MO 63137 

Scott Andrea 
126 Liberty Drive 
Madison AL 35758 

Scott Cordell 

1012 Highway 25 South 


Starkville MS 39759 

Scott Duane 
9939 South Perry 
Chicago IL 60628 

Scott Horace 
34 Laurier Court 
Ontano L6Z1J5 

Scott Jonathan 
20626 S.W. 120 Ct. 
Miami FL 33177 

Scott Leslie 

3706 Valleydale Road 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Scott Luwanda 
3610 Williamsburg Dr 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Scott Michelle 
3112 Lewisburg Dr. 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Scott Shawn 

32 Sheppard Drive 

Asheville NC 28806 

Seale Jason 

2014 US 31 North, Apt-4 

Niles Ml 49120 

Sealey Lloyd 

4813 Church Avenue, 

Apt. 3F 

Brooklyn NY 11203 

Sease Allison 

444 Miramar Avenue 

Claremont CA 91711 

Selassie Sirach 
3722 Battlefield Drive 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Sellers Maria 
50 Sixth Ave S. 
Birmingham AL 35205 

Semakula Katherine 
6001 North 41st Street 
Tacoma WA 98407 

Senghor Jaida 
31 Park Ave. 
Beacon NY 12508 

Senzira Baraka 

4917 Cotton Row, Apt. C 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Sequea Romona 
103 Draper St. #3 
Dorchester MA 02122 

Shakes Coreen 
2693 Bedford Avenue 
Brooklyn NY 11210 

Shakes Eric 

80 Bradbury Avenue 

Medford MA 02155 

Shakes Leighcratt 
5789 Rae Avenue 
West Palm Beach FL 

Sharif Kevin 

2500 Broadmoor Drive 

Elkhart IN 46514 

Sharp Dianne 

3606 Chasewood Drive 


Huntsville AL 35805 

Shaw Herone 

7180 Hilmar Drive 
Westerville OH 43082 

Shaw Rhobert 

3127 Northeast 10th 


Portland OR 97212 

Shepherd Latonya 
Lot 2 Lodge Road 
Chnst Church 
Barbados, West Indies 

Sheppard Shanna-lee 
17 Bostock Hill West 
Paget PG02 

Sherman Sharhonda 
P.O. Box 593 
Senoia GA 30276 

Sherrod Krystal 
200 Andra Street 
Madison AL 35758 

Shorter Scarlet 
1024 19th Place SW 
Birmingham AL 35211 

Shuler LeVar 
109-20 221 Street 
Oueen Village NY 11429 

Shuler Nathan 

3960 NW 193rd Street 

Carol City FL 33055 

Shuman Erica 

443 South Clinton St. 

East Orange NJ 07018 

Shvetson Artyom 
3009 Vanderbilt Drive, 
Apt. 22 
Huntsville AL 35801 

Simmons Dianna 
Middle Road 

Simmons Kianna 
27 Green Acres Road 
Devonshire DV08 

Simmons Lena 

4630 Broadmeadow 


Huntsville AL 35810 

Simmons Shane 
5 Fork Lane 
Southampton SN04 

Simon Carol 

73 Ashby Street S.W. 

Atlanta GA 30314 

Simon Tonisha 
2056 Pulgas Avenue 
E. Palo Alto CA 94303 

Simons Jason 

2603 Del Norte Lane 


Huntsville AL 35810 

Simpson Jesse 
3100 Buttrey Dr. 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Simpson Vinita 

4417 Roundtree Lane 

Lithonia GA 30038 

Sims Anthony 

9726 Slalom Run Drive 

Woodstock MD 21163 

Skeete Linda 
Checker Hall 
St. Lucy 
Barbados, West Indies 

Slosh Uschett 
4840 Kimber Lane #2 
Berrien Springs Ml 

Smart CarIa 
2136 89th St. #4 
Kenosha Wl 53143 

Smart Tanya 
2136-89th St. Apt. 4 
Kenosha Wl 53143 

Smith Andre' 

1500 Sparkman Drive 


Huntsville AL 35816 

Smith Bryan 
Country Route 243 
Box 776 
Greenville FL 32331 

Smith Byron 

1865 Nw 172 nd Terrac 

Miami FL 33056 

Smith Chichota iq 

1113 North 6th Street ' 
Atchison KS 66002 § 

Smith Dionne n 

153-20 109th Road ^ 

Jamaica NY 11433 ;c 

Smith lymarie '5 

1818 Shell Road , 

Hampton VA 23661 5 

Smith Janae' ij 

2832 Carrollton Avenue , 5, 
Indianapolis IN 46205 j 

Smith Jason 

2 Evans Lane 5 

Bloomfield CT 06002 5 

Smith Leon j 

9 St. Annes Road 
Southampton SN01 5 
Bermuda ^ 

Smith Lincoln 

1529 Morris Avenue 5 

Bronx NY 10457 \ 

Smith Megan 
18247 Murray Hill 
Detroit Ml 48235 

Smith Natasha 
100 East 96th St 
Chicago IL 60628 

Smith Natashia 
3017 Teton Circle 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Smith Nikita 
811 Collier Road 


Starkvile MS 39759 

Smith Patrice 

1427 Hopkins Avenue 

Dover DE 19901 

Smith Pettlna 

3037 Liberty Hills Dr. 

Franklin TN 37067 

Smith Ryan 

7406 Lasalle Avenue 

Los Angeles CA 90047 

Smith Stacy-ann 
13131 52nd Court North 
Royal Palm Beach FL 

Smith Steven 

4602 Russell Avenue 

Mt. Rainier MD 20712 

Smith-Tweed Judith 
8 Scenic Heights 
South Hampton SN03 

Smythe Kerryann 
5046 A Faculty Road 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Snowden Sherise 
6825S.W. 153rclPIRd. 
Ocala FL 34473 

Sobomehin Olakemi 
519 Loretta Court 
Ontario L5B3S2 

Sobomehin Olawunmi 
519 Loretta Court 
Ontario L5B3S2 

Sotomon Jurelder 
11741 N.W. 35th Street 
Sunrise FL 33323 

Sovory Baron 
5995 Hudson Avenue 
San Bernardino CA 

Sovory Girard 
5995 Hudson Avenue 
San Bemardino CA 

Spellen Brian 

4295 Harvest Hill Court 

Decatur GA 30034 

Spencer Morphia 
3906 Harper Avenue 
Bronx NY 10466 

Spencer Zanel 
P.O. Box 2522 
St. Croix 00841 
US Virgin Islands 

Spooner Nataki 
19 Riverbend Dr 

Ontario K2H5G9 

3t. Felix Rudy 

189-02 64th Avenue Apt 


Fresh Meadows NY 


St. Louis Monique 
223-06 133rd Ave. 
Laurelton NY 11413 

St. Louis Nicole 
223-06 133 Ave. 
Laurelton NY 11413 

St. Louis Sean 
4840 Lake Road 
Dollard Des Ormeaux 
Quebec H9G1GB 

Statlworth Shacy 
2206 Glenn Iris Road 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Stanley Donnie 

5143 Laurelwood Lane 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Steede David 
Box 327 
White's Island 
Paget WKBX 

Steele Miranda 
1342 N. Euclid 
St. Louis MO 63113 

Steele Reuben 
26262 Hopkins St. 
Inkster Ml 48141 

Stephens John 
10266 Moorpark Street 
Spring Valley CA 91978 

Sterling Wesley 
8600 NW 54th Street 
Lauderhill FL 33351 

Stevens Tineke 

650 Wynn Drive Unit 201 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Stevenson Kara 
1615 Beale Avenue 
Bakersfield CA 93305 

Stewart Anitra 
2306 Driftwood Drive 
Fern Park FL 32730 

Stewart Denise 

6108 Sharon Woods 


Columbus OH 43229 

Stewart Elizabeth 
29 Ollerton Road 

Ontario M3J1X9 
Stewart Julian 
6108 Sharon Woods 
Columbus OH 43229 

Stewart Ken 

5652 Kings Highway 

Brooklyn NY 11203 

Stewart Natasha 
2387 Nikanna Road 
Ontario L5C2W8 


Stewart Sean 

506 Lightwood Street 

Durham NC 27703 

Stewart Shelly Anne 
807 Adee Avenue 
Bronx NY 10467 

Stiggers Cyrus 
12118 E. 15th Street 
Tulsa OK 74128 

Stith Lorraine 
243 Intervale Road 
Teaneck NJ 07666 

Stoddart Leeanne 
7531 Swan Point Way 
Columbia MD 21045 

Stokes Courtney 

918 West Stokes Street 

Danville VA 24541 

Storey Danielle 
4 Palanga Road 
Northford CT 06472 

Strogia Vemon 

2708 S.W. 7th Ave. Apt. 


Huntsville AL 35805 

Strong Lathan 

41 13 Blue Spring Road 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Strong Toccara 

1018 South 11th Avenue 

Maywood IL 60153 

Sullivan Shana 
936 Brown Ave 
Westfield NJ 07090 

Sutton Florence 
201 Labonte Dr. 
Pikeville NC 27863 

Swain Melissa 

2090 Tierra Loma Drive 

Diamond Bar CA 91 765 

Swan Sherman 
95 Indian Creek Road, 
Apt. #286 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Swan Yvette 

P.O. Box 825 


St. Croix 

US Virgin Islands 

Swanston Nicole 
P.O. Box 172 
South Lancaster MA 

Sweeney Treva 

4929 Cotton Row Apt. D 

Huntsville AL 35816 

Sylvan Vanessa 

1221 6-1 40A Avenue 




Sylvester Chivohn 

39 Heathcote Road 
Elmont NY 11003 

Symonds Apryl 
24 Warwick Lane 
Warwick WK02 

Symonds Kristina 
24 Warwick Lane 
Warwick WK02 


Tayldr AlejJWder I 
a552TJarawo(ia~Road I 
lluntsvillelAL 65806 I 

Taylor Catherine 
806 Douglass Dr. 
Boyertown PA 19512 

Taylor Demetria 
1 607 2nd Avenue 
Leavenworth KS 66048 

Taylor Dion 

286 Southridge Dr. 

Rochester NY 14626 

Taylor Estus 
1 5 First St. Unit 9 
Stamford CT 06905 

Taylor Michael 

1023 Bellemeade Ave. 

Evansville IN 47714 

Taylor Monica 
29084 Capshaw Road 
Harvest AL 35749 

Taylor Nicole 
1603 Lee Rd. 
Fort Washington MD 

Taylor Raymond 

9766 Rosehill Road, Ap. 


Berrien Springs Ml 


Taylor Reginald 
1023 Bellemeade Ave 
Evansville IN 47714 

Taylor Shawanna 

2219 Baker Terrace 


Atlanta GA 3031 8 

Taylor Tiffany 
P.O. Box 10543 
San Bernardino CA 

Taylor Winston 

95 Indian Creek Road 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Terrill Keith 

4131 North 43rd Street 

Omaha NE 681 1 1 

Thomas Cielita 

1601 Dunn Avenue #303 

Jacksonville FL 32218 

Thomas D'jahna 
520 South LaSalle St. 
Aurora IL 60505 

Thomas Dillon 
409 Spruce Court 
Herndon VA 20170 

Thomas Frank 

41 13 Powder Mill Rd. 

Beltsville MD 20705 

Thomas George 
130-41 233rd Street 
Laurelton NY 11413 

Thomas Jason 
61590 Brittany Dr. 
Lacombe LA 70445 

Thomas Jonathan 
2940 47th Ave. South 
St, Petersburg FL 33712 

Thomas Jorhena 
520 S. Lasalle 
Aurora IL 60505 

Thomas Josian 
LB. Scot Road, Cul-de- 

St. Maarteen 
Netheriands, Antilles 

Thomas Rajeeni 
209 Peabody Road 
Meridianville AL 35759 

Thomas Robert 
P.O. Box 2287 
Orangeburg SC 29116 

Thomas Tashima 
220B Oakwood Road 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Thomas Valinda 
4422 Torrance Drive 
Apt. 13 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Thompson Anthony 
18 Dansbury Court 
Freehold NJ 07728 

Thompson Brandie 
901 Frost Hollow 
DeSotoTX 75115 

Thompson Christine 
50 Herkley Drive 
Ontario L6V2E8 

Thompson David 

2920 NW 56th Ave. B301 

Lauder Hill FL 33313 

Thompson Derek 
20067 Crescent Avenue 
Chicago Hts. IL 6041 1 

Thompson Jacquelyn 
1275 Old Bay Front Dr. 
Mobile AL 3661 5 

Thompson Kareem 
1615 Peachcrest Cove 

Decatur GA 30032 

Thompson Lavardo 
Eugene/melvern 809-242 
P.O. Box N-4912 

Thompson Marion 
20418 Nw 33rd Avenue 
Miami FL 33056 

Thompson Paula 
9923 Linden Hill Road 
Owings Mills MD 21117 

Thompson Quenesther 
12 Runner Rd 
Savannah GA 31410 

Thompson Sean 
RR 9, Box 2309 
Lake City FL 32024 
Thompson Shelley 
10 Forest Hill Drive 
Wanwick WK08 

Thompson Tammy 
385 North Lind 
Fresno CA 93727 

Thome Lisa 

231-13 131st. Avenue 

Laurelton NY 11413 

Threadgill Letitia 

530 Summit Ridge Drive 

DuncanvilleTX 75116 

Thurman Jarren 
21 Ivy Hall Lane 
Sicklerville NJ 08081 

Tillery Ricardo 
1140W. Maple Street 
Lansing Ml 48915 

Times Jovon 
2201 Shady Lane 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Times Joy 

365 Nw 4th Court 

Deerfieid Beach FL 


Tinsley Teayann 

4494 Macon County Rd. 


Notasulga AL 36866 

Todd Ezara 

69 My Lords Bay Lane 

Crawl CR02 


Tolbert Denise 
12703 Laurie Drive 
Silver Spring MD 20904 

Tolston Demirra 
4041 W. Wheatland 
Suite 156 
Dallas TX 75237 

Torres Hector 
Edwards Hall #D1-4C 
Huntsville AL 35896 

Townsend La'tasser 
3160 Ash Street 
Inkster Ml 48141 

O.C. Pirer.torv 257 

Tramel Bradley 
11603 Waesche Dr. 
Mitchellville MD 20721 

Treasure Molina 

200 Utica Place, Apt #21 

Huntsville AL 35806 

Troupe Devonnett 
98 West Hamilton 
Englewood NJ 07631 

Trusty Alicia 

2617 Sweet Oaks Circle 

Germantown TN 38138 

Tucker Michael 
5550 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville AL 35806 

Tucker Nicole 

44 Southcourt Avenue 

Paget PG06 


Tucker Onel 

993 Carters Gin Road 

Huntsville AL 35773 

Tucker Othniel 

993 Carters Gin Road 

Toney AL 35773 

Tuckett A-kima 

Tuitt Janice 

3572 Palmer Avenue 

Bronx NY 10466 

Tull Reginald 

21 Saford N Unit #45 


Ontario L8L8GS 


Turnbull Courtney 
17 Valley Drive 
Nanuet NY 10954 

Turnbull Tamari 
17 Valley Drive 
Nanuet NY 10954 

Turner Dana 
4815 Simpson Dr. 
Louisville KY 40218 

Turner Haven 

1752 South Grandby St. 

Aurora CO 80012 

Turner Keshia 

147 West 117 Street 

Chicago IL 60628 

Turner Michael 

24429 1 06th Avenue SE 

Kent WA 98031 

Turner Shantil 
12570 Atlantic 
Waukegan IL 60085 

Tutt Keith 

9139 Limecrest Drive 

Riverside CA 92508 

Tutt Kybra 

9139 Limecrest Drive 

Riverside CA 92508 

258 O.C. Pirectory 


650 Wynn Drive #285 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Umez Chinwe 
13531 La Concha 
Houston TX 77083 

Underwood Corzetta 
302 B Gale Avenue Nw 
Huntsville AL 35801 

Urena Michelle 

25 Sunnyside Drive 


Yonkers NY 10705 

Ussery Tuwan 

3117 Old House Circle 

Charlotte NC 28105 


Vcinjiii nciuiifciic! 

173 Nw 108th Street 
Miami FL 33168 

Valcourt Valerie 
445 N.e. 111st Street 
Miami FL 33161 

Valentine Karis 

6251 SW 63rd Avenue 

Miami FL 33143 

Van Putten Alana 
Estate Constant 263 
P.O. Box 304912 
St. Thomas 00803 
US Virgin Islands 

Vassell Conrad 

94 Torrance Woods 


Ontario L674L7 


Vaughan Tamara 
12916 Mccubbin Lane 
Germantown MD 20874 

Vaught Seneca 
134 N. Arbor Trails 
Park Forest IL 60466 

Venter Jamaal 

6306 Branderham Drive 

MemphiaTN 38134 

Vergnac Laurent-Daniel 

Maison d'Arthur- 


Le Lamentin 97232 


Verneus Cassandre 
1 7 Annadea Road 
Brockton MA 02302 

Victor Faith 
1202 Julia Street 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Victor John 

4116 Newson Road 

Huntsville AL 35805 

Von Stitt Valerie 
1 904 Brewton Steet 
District Heights MD 

Wade Gartheil 
2112 Cedarway 
Memphis TN 38116 

Wagner Jessica 
2319 Carleton Dr. S.W. 
Decatur AL 35603 

Walbrook Ronald 

1419 Shakespeare Ave, 


Bronx NY 10452 

Waldon Katisha 
4556 Woodmere Lane 
Lantana FL 33463 

Waldon Kawaisha 
4556 Woodmere Lane 
Lantana FL 33463 

Walker Anthony 
148 Torrance Woods 
Ontario L6y4L3 

Walker Daniel 
838 Maple Street 
Brooklyn NY 11203 

Walker Darryl 
57 Maple Drive 
AmityvilleNY 11701 

Walker Lanair 

5846 N. Farhill Street 

Philadelphia PA 19120 

Walker Lettica 
88 Elton Street 
Brooklyn NY 11208 

Walker Monique 
11973 E, Canal Drive 
Aurora CO 8001 1 

Walker Pauline 

2995 Willowwood Drive 

Erie PA 16506 

Walker Robert 
4415E. Street SE,Apt-1 
Washington DC 20019 

Wallace Keisha 

1 072 Timber Trace Road 

Powhatan VA 23139 

Waller Ferrald 
7800 North Victor 
Sperry OK 74073 

Ward Ericka 

27395 Cottonwood 


Moreno Valley CA 92555 

Warden Angela 


1722 Via Alegre 
San DimasCA 91773 

Ware Anjanene 

440 Lawer Oak Drive 

ApopkaFL 32712 

Ware Kevin 

427 Oakland Road 

Madison AL 35758 

Warfield Brenda 
219 Grubb Road 
Newfield NJ 08344 

Warfield Melvyn 

903 Valley View Avenue 

Red Oak TX 75154 

Warren Allyson 
2242 West 67th Street 
Indianapolis IN 46260 

Warren Anthea 
249 Danzig Street 
Ontario M1E2L5 

Warren Joseph 
508 N. Bluff 
Berrien Springs Ml 

Warren Lawanza 
9004 S. Albany 
Evergreen Park IL 60805 

Warren Lisa 
9004 S. Albany 
Evergreen Park IL 60805 

Warrick Kerron 
1 1 59 E. 38th St. 
Brooklyn NY 11210 

Washington Autumn 
2809 Kirtland Avenue 
Forestville MD 20747 

Washington Collas 
2830 Nw 172nd Terrace 
Miami FL 33056 

Washington Donovan 
3007 Boyle Avenue 
Greensboro NC 27466 

Washington Jabari 
579 Martha Drive 
Newbury Park CA 91320 

Washington Khari 
579 Martha Drive 
Newbury Park CA 91320 

Washington Noah 
2809 Kirtland Avenue 
Forestville MD 20747 

Washington Perry 
1133 East San Mudele 
Fresno CA 93710 

Washington Regina 

203 Marshall Phelps 


Windsor CT 06095 

Waters Aaron 
P.O. Box 1012 
Gresham OR 97030 

Waters Andrea 

1500 Sparkman Drive 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Watkins Holly 

2028 Rosewood 


Huntsville AL 35810 

Watkins Jennifer 
2028 Rosewood Circle 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Watkins Katara 

3834 Gateway Terrace 

Burtonsville MD 20866 

Watkins Kelly 

5846 Mcbryde Avenue 

Richmond CA 94805 

Watkins Myecha 
4040 Big Valley Trail 
Stone Mountain GA 

Watlington April 

1401 Sherrod-watlington 


Greensboro NC 27406 

Waugh Khandie 
3728 N. Monitor Circle 
Stockton CA 95219 

Webb Norton 

6102 Rickwood Drive 

Huntsville AL 35810 

Weekes Jhamillia 
853 Laguna Dr. 
Simi Valley CA 93065 

Weekes Natalie 

912 Hamilton Place Dr. 

Lakeland FL 33813 

Wells Bruce 
P.O. Box 338 
South Lancaster MA 

Wells Byron 

515 Briarwood Ct. 

Altamonte Spring FL 


Wells Royal 
949 Athens 
AltadenaCA 91001 

Wesley Erica 

98 Rangeley Avenue 

Brockton MA 02307 

West Jovonne 
403 Pesca Court 
Spring Valley CA 91977 

Weston Courtney 
2921 Revere Court 
East Point GA 30344 

Wharton Terissa 

1912-10 Markbrook 



Ontario M9V5E3 


Wheatley Ricardo 
P.O. Box 355 
„.BritishVitgia Islands 

Whemys Stephanie 
#18 Orleander Ave 

Whitaker Tameka 
2358 Stratford Rd #4 
Winston Salem NC 

White Angella 
306 Poplar Street 
Athens AL 3561 1 

White Denry 

343 St. Nicholas Ave. 


New York NY 10027 

White James 
12727 Overhill Road 
Grandview MO 64030 

White Jeffeory 
207 Ella Lane 
Dalton GA 30720 

White Sharon 
203 Poplar Place 
Neptune NJ 07753 

White Staci 
8942 Cypress C-1 
Fontana CA 92335 


White Trina | 

20666 Mesa Oak Drive • f 
Riverside CA 92506 jl 
Whitter Trida 'i- 

10751 Shedden Drive 
Loma Linda CA 92354 : 1' 
, 5 
Wilbon Hassan F 

5401 Norris Road 
Apartment 39 i I 

Bakersfield CA 93308 ] 

Wilder Kali 

366 Ridge Avenue I 

Lakewood NJ 08701 


Wiley Angelette 

1534 Lafayette Way ,1 

Blue Bell PA 19422 'l 

Wilkerson Renee' 
39 S. Third Ave. #6 
Mount Vernon NY 105P 

Williams Annalisa 
591 E. 109th Street 
Cleveland OH 44108 

Williams Audley 
45 Millstone Drive 
Ontario L6Y2P4 

Williams Carlton 
16 Friswell's Hill 
Pembroke HM15 

Williams Chantay 
4876 Peace Street 
Memphis TN 38109 

Williams Daniel 
1504 Robert Lewis 


Upper Marlboro MD 


Williams Danique 
8681 Sunset Strip 
Sunrise FL 33322 

Williams Deroyce 
808 Penny Place 
Valdosta GA 31601 

Williams Derrick 
11064 Engleside 
Detroit Ml 48205 

Williams Donna 
8681 Sunset Strip 
Sunrise FL 33322 

Williams Dulani 
8 Mount Hill 
Pembroke HM14 

Williams Ellen 
234 Pineridge Rd. 
Madison AL 35758 

Williams Joshua 
714 Kilkenny 
HuntsvilleAL 35816 

Williams Kamaria 

1505 Sparkman Dr. Apt. 


HuntsvilleAL 35816 

Williams Kinara 

1 500 Sparkman Dr. Apt. 


HuntsvilleAL 35816 

Williams Kwame 
6980 Cabral Street 
Pensacola FL 32503 

l/Villiams Latesha 

570 Silver Course Circle 

Ocala FL 34472 

lA/illiams Latoya 

10418 Woodridge Drive 

Jttle Rock AR 72209 

A/illiams Monique 
141-21 255th Street 
=iosedale NY 11422 

A/illiams Orlyn 
16 Friswells Road 
embroke East 

Williams Rashida 
3727 Jamestown Drive 
HuntsvilleAL 35810 

Williams Regina 
0507 Seaview Avenue 
Brooklyn NY 11236 

Williams Stephanie 
^078 Wheeler Drvie 
lio Ml 48420 

^/illiams Stephen 
505 Grand Avenue 
Charleston MO 63834 

Villiams Tarkyshia 
i918 Clarendon Road 
3rooklyn NY 11203 

Williams Tomika 
202 Ruth Circle 
Greenwood MS 38930 

Williams Toussaint 
7607 Summer Glen Lane 
Houston TX 77072 

Williamson Antweyne 
13812 Melzer 
Cleveland OH 44120 

Williamson Keturah 
4054 Midland Rd. 
Riverside CA 92505 

Willis Amber 
2806 39th Ave. 
Tuscaloosa AL 35401 

Willis Rebekah 

23040 Eastbrook Drive 

Sauk Village IL 6041 1 

Wilson Alexsandria 
45 High Street 
Elyria OH 44035 

Wilson Dana 

130 Waterbury Drive 

Harvest AL 35749 

Wilson Derrica 
731 South 55 Street 
Philadelphia PA 19143 

Wilson Granville 
4409 Oakwood Road 
HuntsvilleAL 35810 

Wilson Larry 
12131 Kilbourne 
Detroit Ml 48213 

Wilson Luisa 

1342 S. Paxton Street 

Philadelphia PA 19143 

Wilson Michael 
3409 Leroy Drive 
HuntsvilleAL 35810 

Wilson Norma 

1200 Grandeview Blvd. 


Huntsville AL 35824 

Wilson Robert 
P.O. Box 11992 
Huntsville AL 35814 

Wilson Victor 

6300 Old Canton Rd. Apt 


Jackson MS 3921 1 

Wimbish Brennan 
3438 Cherry Hill Court 
Beltsville MD 20705 

Wimbley Johnny 
P. O. Box 5854 
Huntsville AL 35814 

Windham Tiffany 
6584 Coventry Point 
Austell GA 30001 
Windham Todd 
6584 Coventry Pt 
Austell GA 30168 

Wingate Brandi 
1503 Sparkman Drive, 
Apt. T-159 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Winston Jeremy 
1735 Dorham Ct 
Blue Bell PA 19422 

Winston Juliette 
2606-b Klondike Street 
Huntsville AL 35816 

Wisdom Airrion 
1 Sagamore Circle 
Pomona NY 10970 

Wisdom Ysaak 
4320 Midway Dr. 
Douglasville GA 30134 

Wise Janet 

2412 11th Street, Apt-C 

Huntsville AL 35805 

Wiseltier Aaron 

385 Grand Street, Apt 


New York NY 10002 

Witherspoon Tomeka 
109 Magnolia Street 
Hot Springs AR 71901 

Woodard Keith 

136 Southern Plaza 


Dudley NC 28333 

Woods Emmanuel 
1810 South Cecil Street 
Philadelphia PA 19143 

Woods Trishonda 
9008 Meadow Lane 
Berrien Springs Ml 

Woolcock Ricardo 
P.O. Box 1403 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Wooley Benne 19 Elise 


Nanuet NY 10954 

Works Annamarie 
6027 Lincoya Dr. 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Wright Bertram 

4405 Oakwood Road, 


Huntsville AL 35810 

Wright Courtney 

5609 S. Arch Bridge 


Arlington TX 76017 

Wright Craig 

614 Little Wekiva Road 

Altamonte Springs FL 


Wright Juannette 
6490 Saddleback Circle 
Memphis TN 38141 

Wright Ravida 

1474 N Holliston Avenue 

Pasadena CA 91104 

Wright Shaina 

3314 Cherrybrook Drive 
Jamestown NC 27282 

Wright Stephen 
614 Little Wekiva Road 
Altamonte Springs FL 

Wright Teleitha 
11470 Galonsville Rd. 
Ruther Glen VA 22546 

Young George 
P.O. Box 7334 
Riverside CA 92513 

Young Mario 
Dover Avenue #14 
Nassau NP 

Young Vivian 
P.O. Box 7334 
Riverside CA 92513 

2520 Aspen Avenue 
Huntsville AL 35810 

Zeigler Eric 

2818 Vine Yard Avenue 

Los Angeles CA 90016 

^ , 











260 Ne\/er Again 

Nei^er Aaain 261 

\' I 







Cassius Clay became the "Heavy Weight 
Champion" of the world. 

Alex Haley's "ROOTS' 
became an epic. 


Jonestown, Guyana, 900 people 

died in the mass suicide. 

Neil Armstrong 
1 St man to 
on moon 


Patricia Harris 
1st Black woman 
in U.S. cabinet/ 
Watergate Alex Haley's 
Scandal " ROOTS" 



\-\ ■ 

1968 1971 1974 1978 

OClst 0C8th Nixon Jonestown 

Alumni President 1st President incident 

weekend/ Calvin Rock to resign/ 

Dr. Martin King 

Hank Aaron 
hits 7 1 5 home runs 

seize U.S. 


attempt on 




Fall of the 
Berlin Wall 





U.S. boycott 


Ben Carson 






Siamese Twins 

Iran released 

U.S. hostages 


The O. J. Simpon murder trial 

captivated the world. 


Oakwood College became a 

historical landmark. 


Researchers from the Roslin Institute near 

Edinburgh, Scotland cloned an ewe from a 

cell in an adult ewe's mammary gland. 



5 0578 01012948 8 


The world tradgically watched "The 
Challenger" exploded in midair. 

Nelson Mandela 
was released from prision. 


War in Sudan has exemplified the true 

meaning of "hell on earth." 

Bill Clinton O.J. Simpson 

Star and Venus 


brought back trial/ 


Wade Hall opened/ 

Democrats into Oklahoma 

Scientists clone "Queens" 

Persian Gulf War 

the White House Bombing 

ewe of tennis 


1993 1995 

1997 1999 



1994 1996 


Nelson Mandela 


Nelson Mandela OC 100th 

Monica Lewinsky 

is freeded from 


1st Black President Birthday!/ 



Mae Jemison 

of South Africa OC 10th 

1st Black female 



Delbert Baker 

"T'he setting sun and music at dose 

^s the last taste of ^eet 
is the sr9i>eetest last 

"V^rite in remembrance more 
than things long past " 

— William ^haJ^phcare